Dropped But Not As Expected – May 2011 Blog Income Report

May 2011 was the tough month for me, my family and my self felt sick of chicken-pox and took few days to recover. It affected by blogging, I could not publish articles, increase my traffic and monitor some changes in my blog. This monthly blog income report is completely for my main tech blog www.sysprobs.com

The net May 2011 income was 1304.81 $ with 13% drop compared to my previous month (April 2011) earning 1496 $. In fact, 1304.81$ is OK for me when I look back my blogging activities and the time I spent on online, because really I did not do much on internet during May 2011. There was a time I thought my earning will not cross 1000$ in May, but luckily it crossed that mark- thanks to Technorati CPM, Infolinks and Amazon Associate programs for considerable increase.

May 2011 Blog Income Report

What I Learned?

  • We are just human and not sure what will happen tomorrow. If you are very serious about blogging and taking care of readers, then I advice you to keep articles ready for next one week. Upload to WordPress, finish the proof read, complete all SEO steps and schedule them for one week. This helps in stay one week ahead in your blogging activities and reduce the tension. If you fell sick or you can’t access Internet or computer for some reasons then this method will be helpful.
  • Do not depend on specific money making way or program. Whenever you get chance, try few methods and ad networks to make extra money. So, when one program could not perform well in a specific month, the other program will work better and help you to archive the target.
  • Still blogs can work as an automated money making source. Now I got a rough estimate amount that my blog will make monthly without my interaction. Lets say, even if I don’t do anything for next three months, I’m sure my blog will make some decent income monthly. Anyhow, I will not leave like that, but I’m just sharing my experience with you. So, always try your hard to take your blog to this level, then enjoy the additional income.

OK, Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense – 675.20

Infolinks –                 99.42

Contextweb CPM – 189.20

Technorati CPM –   108.91

Google Affiliate Network – 00

Amazon Associate – 142.72

Pixazza –                     89.36

Total –                    1304.81


Things I Wanted to Share


Google Adsense and Contextweb CPM

These two networks did not perform well for me as expected or how it worked in previous month. Google adsense dropped by 187$ (last month was 862.54$) and Contextweb CPM dropped by 100$ (last month was 288.99$). Anyhow, the total lose of these two networks was slightly covered by other ad networks.

Just for testing purpose I removed one adsense ad slot from side bar last month. I did this to see the performance of other two slots and avoid some conflicts with Technorati CPM network which started showing Google ads. Though, Technorati CPM confirmed to me that showing more than three Adsense ads ( 3 adsense slots + Technorati CPM slots with Google adsense) will not violate Adsense TOS, but to be in safe side I did this change.

I kept only two adsense slots and one Technorati slot, so in any case maximum 3 Google ads will be appeared in my blog. But this change affected my Adsense earnings considerably. I lost a good income from side bar ad slot. Due to my sickness I could not monitor this decrease and act accordingly. From June 1st I put back my third adsense slot in sidebar and I can see the good increase.

Also, I think generally there could be a slight drop in Adsense earning for everyone in May 2011 based on the ads I saw in my blogs and CPC I got. I expect your feed back and experience in this !!!!

Contextweb fill rate dropped with big percentage in May 2011, this could be due to some of the ad campaigns got over by April end in my category.

My April and May 2011 traffic is almost same, so I can’t blame the traffic for this drop. Also, when there are less advertisers or ad campaigns in specific ad network such as Adsense, Contextweb and Technorati …etc, as a blogger we can’t do much about it. We should digest the period and hope for the best in next month.

I have reduced my ask price for one ad slot in Contextweb to increase my fill rate and earnings, waiting for the result in June.


Infolinks and Technorati CPM

First time I almost touched 100$ in Infolinks. As I said earlier that PayPal started supporting to receive money in Oman, I changed my payment method to PayPal in Infolinks and I was happy to see the two months pending payment and today they sent the payment for April 2011. Their eCPM for May 2011 is slightly better than ever.

Technorait CPM also crossed 100$ mark first time now. In fact, I reduced their ad slot numbers and currently having only one slot, but it paid me good CPM rate for May. I’m thinking to increase one more slot and see the performance.


Amazon Associate Program

This is one of the cool program I like very much. This is an affiliate program but I never wrote any recommendation or promote any products. I just left two links to amazon products in my top posts and this time it helped to earn 142.72$.

I’m planning to write my working experience and how to make money with Amazon Associate program in a different article in future. Subscribe to this blog and stay tuned with me.


Finally, this is the first drop for me in 2011 but it was not as expected. At the end, I’m happy with the earnings because I didn’t do anything much on my blogs. I have some targets for June in my mind, I will share them once I archive them.

I just want to know about your May earning, traffic stats and the difficulties you face in blogging. Especially, can some one share about your Adsense earnings?


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