July 2011 Blog Income Report – Eventful Month

July 2011 was an eventful month for me. I achieved two of my blogging targets and currently enjoying my vacation which is fully sponsored by blog income. Getting money, replying to interesting comments and emails, reading appreciative emails from readers are really cool feeling in blogging.

Making money from blog is not a rocket science factor. It is a simple theory with hard working attribute. There are plenty of full time and part time (including myself) bloggers making quite reasonable income from online. You need to find out the product or topic which you know to write and demand is available on internet. You will meet the lucky and turning point one day, once you meet that day, just turn and drive your blogging towards that direction. But, most of us fail and quit blogging before find out the correct turning point, because we just want to make everything easily and quickly.

I’m happy by sharing two achievements in July 2011.

1) I crossed $ 1500 monthly income target.

2) Crossed 500,000 page views per month. (Its a surprise hike from June 385,939 PVs, I’m not sure how this will be stable in future)

This July 2011 blog income report is from my two blogs sysprobs.com and dailyblogmoney.com.  This dailyblogmoney.com contributed in this report by adding few bucks in Google adsense and Hostgator affiliate.


Crossed $ 1500 Monthly Mark

Its a great achievement for me as an part time blogger. I crossed $ 1000 by March 2011 end, it took another 4 months to get extra $ 500 and reach 1500$ mark. In fact, the total earning should have been more than this amount while comparing with traffic increase. But, I have to accept it since I’m on vacation and have not done anything to improve the earnings.


OK, Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense – 841.98

Infolinks –              109.24

Contextweb CPM – 306.61

Technorati CPM –    11.00

Amazon Associate – 96.96

Pixazza –                    113.00

Google Affiliate –         7.5

Hostgator Affiliate – 50.00

Total –                 1536.29


Things I wanted to Share

I never thought I could get this $ 1500 target, because the earnings from most of the networks were not so impressive till 20th July. But, luckily with sudden increase in traffic, my blogs managed to get this amount. Also, most of the ad networks perform well only in second half in a month.


Google Adsense

Compared to last month revenue, July 2011 was good. But, if I see deeply and compare RPM, CPC and page views, it was very poor.

It did not perform as in June 2011. I have not done any major changes in main ad blocks, but somehow CPC and RPM dropped very much. To boost the adsense earnings I have added adsense ad units below header by 20th July, this unit brought decent amount to me.

I have to wait and see the performance in August, lets hope for the best, otherwise again I will play around with some ads.


Contextweb CPM

The ever highest earning from CPM network, more than 300 $ without expecting any clicks on the ads is really cool and good income.

I’m sure the traffic increase helped me to boost the earnings. 500,000 page views including most of the traffic from USA and Europe helped this increase. I love Contextweb which is having reasonable CPM rate, good support and proper payment too.


Technorati CPM

I’m clueless what happened to this network in July 2011. The last month June earning was $114 and this month is $ 11, which is terrible. They have not paid my missing payment also after I requested several times.

I’m not sure whether I should continue this CPM network in future, anyhow I don’t want to do any changes now because of my vacation with limited time in internet to do modification and monitor.


Pixazza and Amazon Earnings.

Positive results in July. I’m happy with the performance and earnings of these networks with slight increase.


Hostgator Affiliate

My first hostgator sale through DailyBlogMoney blog. Someone used my discount coupon and bought a hosting plan which helped me to earn $ 50. I’m thinking to concentrate on Hostgator affiliate program in coming months and work with my clients for free. Contact me if you are interested.


Expected Traffic Hike

From June 385,939 PVs to July 500,000 PVs is good hike. I expected this increase after the final release of particular product which was covered in my tech blog as a beta product. I’m not mentioning the topic openly here, but can you guess that?.

Anyhow, I will write one more article about how I managed to judge and increase the traffic by  publishing few articles on a beta product.

July 2011 Blog Income Report


What’s your Response?

I’ll be interested to see your comments and sharing about your blog income report and traffic changes.

Once you established your blog to get traffic automatically, mainly from search engines, then I’m sure making money from it very simple and steady.

Good luck friends.


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