2 Lessons I learned When I made $7000 Month Almost

Today I’m going to discuss 2 lessons I learned when I made $7000 (almost) in a month. Since most of us blog for money as an additional or main income, when you achieve a target, it will definitely make you happy and teach you some lessons. I published a post few months ago and mentioned that I made $5000 in a month and targeting $7000/month by Dec 2015. Though that target was in my mind at that time, I never thought I would reach it in 3 months.

Yes, I made around 6800 dollars in December 2015 and my goal for the month was $7000. I achieved it surprisingly. The hike from $5000 on September to $6800 in December came without any extra traffic increase, that’s the beauty.


How I made additional $1800 without Traffic Increase?

                                                     That is what I’m going to explain here.​

Yes, the December (end of year) is always a fruitful month for bloggers since there will be few shopping promotions such as BlackFriday, Cyber Monday deals and most of the advertisers will spend more money on ad networks that usually increase the online earnings. Though I could see the similar impact on my 2015 December income, but still I learned 2 major lessons by this achievement.

What are Those Lessons?

Okay, I know these facts for long time, but never concentrated more on these to increase the earning of my blogs. But this time, I started working on them more and experienced the good result.

Lesson1: Conversion

In simple terms, how are we converting incoming visitors and make money from them? If you are using Adsense, how much we are converting these users to make them click on the ads and make money from Adsense (of course – we can’t directly ask them to click on ads). If you are an affiliate or selling your own product, then what percentage of your visitors actually buy the products you recommend? It defines the success of blogging or online marketing. If 10 people buy your item out of 100 visitors, then your conversion rate is 10%, are you getting that ratio?

End of the day, it doesn’t matter about the page views or traffic stats of your blog, but what matters is, how much really you are making money from your blog/website?

Example: Your friend may make $500 dollars monthly with 5000 visitors and you make $600 dollars monthly with 10000 visitors. Though your monthly earning is higher than your friend’s, but your friend is getting good conversion rate and he is making good money with half of your traffic. This is an important fact every blogger should concentrate. By seeing this setup, your friend may make $1000 dollars with your same amount of 10,000 visitors, that is $400 higher than your current earnings.

I learned the importance of conversion rate in recent time and started converting my readers well to buy items I recommend.

How to Increase the Conversion Rate of a Website?

We can’t directly influence this fact, because it completely depends on the decision of reader, but we can try our best and do some changes to increase the conversion rate. Here are few methods you can try in increasing the conversion rate of your blog.

  •  Get interested visitors to your blog (Get target visits).

Not all users would be interested in buying the items or clicking the ads on our website. But we can target the people who are really looking for some information about the product or issue we describe in our blog. We can use proper keywords, search terms and social media networking (or social networking ads) to target the specific customers/visitors.

  • Website Design

Web site design plays important role in conversion rate and makes our customers to buy the item or click our ads. If you see any e-Commerce system, you will find attractive designs, flashing ads and nice creative ideas to attract more visitors and convert them as sales.

  • Call to Action

Do not be shy in asking the users to do what you want (except clicking the Adsense or any CPC Ads). You can ask them to click the button to purchase item or enter email address in your subscription form. Leave some links, images and cart buttons to increase CTR (Click Through Rate) and sales quantity. We can’t apply this in Adsense, but proper web design with nice ad layouts may intend visitors to click the ads. 

Lesson 2: Utilization

It is a crime if you don’t use the available resources in better way. If you have good knowledge in writing, aged website, good SEO skills, and enough time but still not utilizing them to get more traffic and money, I feel it’s a crime.

I realized that when new websites rank well and make good money when I stay at same place with my 8 years old website and experience. When I started targeting specific users for my affiliate promotions, I found out that some of the new websites (less than 1 year old) are ranking well on specific keywords. It triggered the alarm and I asked my self  ‘then why I can’t rank well?’ That time I realized how I have wasted my experience and power of old website by not utilizing them well.

Though it was my mistake, instead of blaming my self, I stared working on my mistakes. I started utilizing my websites and SEO skills to monetize well with buyer intended keywords and products to sell. That started working well and my conversion rate has increased well.

The Take Away

Nothing is too late in blogging. There are plenty of new opportunities available on Internet. While you are thinking that your late in blogging, someone would build a new website and start making money from somewhere in the world. So, it’s just a simple difference in taking the action, not at the right time but at THIS time. 

Do not wait for the right time, start now and make it as right time.

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If you already have a blog, remember you have higher chances to achieve the success if you work genuinely, because you already have the platform. You have to concentrate more and utilize your blog’s backlinks, PR, DA and the value that was given by search engines to your old blog already.

Final Words

I learned these 2 lessons when I made $7000. Still I feel guilty that I should have done this 2 or 3 years ago. If I were to do them 3 years ago, I might be making $15,000 monthly by now. So, do take things seriously in year 2016. Nothing is late or tough in blogging/online if you work genuinely harder and smarter.

Things take some time to learn, but at the end you will get benefit by the lessons and your hard work. I hope this post would give some ideas and motivation to start a new blog or concentrate more on your existing blog.

Feel free to share your feedback in comments area below. You can contact me with your queries too.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Its good that you are earning $7k. I would like to know how exactly to increase organic traffic and if its a new domain how long it will take to get good organic traffic?

  • Hi Dinesh. back to your blog after 1 year and happy that u are still doing great. Due to lack of technical help i had to kill my blogging plan. Want to restart now following ur advice . thanks

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  • Great post Dinesh. I spent almost an hour and read through all the posts. I am so happy to say that your website is definitely a knowledge base for new bloggers like me.

    I have a question Dinesh and would be glad if you answer that. Like you suggested in one of your article i picked up a keyword and its cpc as per keyword planner tool is 2 usd. Where as i received click on that article but i was paid only 0.16 usd. What is the reason behind this.

    Please explain. Thanks

  • Hey Dinesh,
    You provide a great suggestion for making money.I will use it for my business and I also implement my business strategies.Thank you for sharing such a great blog.

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    You mentioned the great point for marketing. The Conversation is the main the fundamental point for making money from others. Thank you for sharing your experience..

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