2011 August Blog Income Report – More Income Sources

Another month is over, this time it passed so quickly to this blog because I have not published any articles (except one) in August. In fact, I planned to avoid this month income report because it should not make my readers to think that I’m publishing only blog income reports here rather than writing something useful for them. Later, I decided to publish because it may give some motivation, ideas and trust in blogging that making money is possible by blogging. Here is my August blog income report.

If you compare with my previous income reports, you could see the increase in number of income sources for August 2011. Some of the new sources started to provide extra money. This 2011 August blog income report is from my two blogs, one of my main tech blog (www.sysprobs.com) and this blogging blog (www.dailyblogmoney.com)

august adsense earnings

Compared to previous month (July 2011) income $1536.29, I managed to get total of $1756.59 in this month with 14% growth rate.  The growth rate is quite OK and I have to accept it because I was on vacation for half of the August month and rest of the month gone with same holiday mood and home country sick 🙂


OK, Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense –     889.78

Infolinks –                    86.82

Contextweb CPM –   276.51

Technorati CPM –        36.66

Amazon Associate –   120.14

Pixazza –                  103.20

ShareASale Affiliate –    87.48

Hostgator Affiliate –      50

BuySellAds            –       56

Blogging Service  (Half Payment) – 50

Total –                      1756.59



Things I wanted to Share

Compared to main tech blog, this blog is getting very less traffic but it managed to make $ 212.48 ( 25$ – Adsense, Sharasale and Hostgator affiliate, blogging service) in August. This is a good conversion rate and I’m happy with that.

Sysprobs crossed 500,000 page views this time too, so I’m thinking to join some more money making programs which requires 500,000 page views.


Blogging Service

Yes, I got my first client (in fact second also later). I have not started any promotions or separate blog page for this purpose. This client reached me after checking my articles, knowledge (I hope…) and my achievements. Its really a great feeling to get clients like this and work with them. In fact, he is a nice person too.

My second client also very interesting, but I work with her for FREE. Because of she bought hosting package in Hostgator via my affiliate link and discount coupon GIVE25DISCOUNT which gives 25% discount in your total bill.

Also, I can work with you for free to start your new blog or re create your existing blog if you purchase hosting package at Hostgator. For more information contact me immediately.



Finally one of my ad slot is sold in BuySellads. Earlier I started with low price and after the recent traffic increase my CPM rate went further down. So, it would have been the best deal for advertisers. That’s why my ad slot was sold out. Anyhow, I’m happy to get 56$ from that ad place where I never utilized before.


Other All Networks

Fluctuated as usual.I think I have to play around with some ads and its positions which I will be doing in coming days.


How much You have Made?

Its your turn now to share your income, traffic or any great achievements in August 2011. I could not publish any useful articles in August, but I promise, September will not be the same.

By the way, if you have any questions and doubts but never found the answer in internet, please ask here. Let me see whether I can answer your blogging and money making questions.


Good luck friends..

48 thoughts on “2011 August Blog Income Report – More Income Sources”

  1. It’s really a big achievement ! $1756.59 is awesome. As you said that your site has crossed 500,000 pageviews, you can apply for the Tribal Fusion Publisher account.

    • That’s great Priyangshu.
      Whats your page view? I think you have over priced your ad slots, and you do not need to show all ad slots in one time. Just a suggestion if you don’t mind.

  2. Hi Dinesh!,

    Excellent stuff mate, as always :D.

    As you suggested in the previous income article, I too added a link unit to my blog which makes few dollars per month (very little but $$ is $$s :P). But the overall traffic is just the same for me (about 1800-2000 uniques) but the problem is the earnings.

    My blog makes about $150-180 per month (had $200+ months too) but I see a bit of a drop in the CPC too. But then after following your advice, I though, to heck with it!. And as a result, I’m starting to write about KW that are related to my niche (+ KW that has a decent CPC, I usually write about anything that has a CPC of $1 or more).

    Can’t say much since it’s like 8-9 days since I started that… but I think I’m already seeing some positive results (in terms of traffic)… Anyhow… again it’s really nice to know that you’re doing extremely well. Thought I should drop by and SPAM the heck out of your Comments! lol.


    • Hi Gayan,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, for some reasons tech blog’s CPC slightly went down.
      Just I want to know, are you seeing an drop in CTR of your main ad block after implemented ad units?

      What I have noticed is, if you write too much tech stuff, then that page will not bring much earnings, at the same time if you write some basic tech stuff which will be searched by ordinary home or office users- that will bring more money. I can feel that in my tech blog.

      Always targeting and writing about high paying keywords will pay you much.
      Good luck friend.

      • Dinesh,

        Well i don’t think I can feel any huge difference in the CTR (perhaps a slight difference almost unnoticeable) . Thanks for the suggestion… for some-reason, past months CPC went down a bit (hard actually!)

        I also added section targeting and add-double click in my Adsense, have you tried Chitika? if so, after adding then in your site, do you know how much time their bot takes to display the related ads?.

        Thank Dinesh, added by site to the comments section so you can have a look at the add placement 😛

        • Gayan,

          Thanks for the response.
          You did two good things to improve adsense earnings. No, I never tried Chitika, so no idea about the time it takes.

          Yes, checked your blog. Its very clean and nice. I feel you could slightly enlarge the logo and place something is header. It looks like very plain white sheet blog. Also, you can move the side bar little down but make sure still it remains above the fold. These are just my personal opinions. 🙂
          Good luck mate.

  3. Dinesh,

    Congratulations!! You have proved that one can make serious money online and that’s a big motivation for all of us. We all want you to succeed and be our teacher, friend and philosopher in our journey.

    14% increase in income is quite encouraging and I hope you maintain this rate throughout.

    Wish you all the luck!

    • @Avadhut, thanks for the comment.
      The comments like these motivate me more.

      I’m trying my best to help everyone around this blog to make a better future in online.
      Good luck for you specially.

    • @Michael,
      But you are making great income with 100,000 pageviews. Well done.
      If you increase to 500,000 then the earnings will be much much more.
      Try and get, good luck mate.

  4. Hello Friend

    Need a bit help

    Kindly tell what’s the Funda behind Contextweb CPM? I mean how it actually works

    Help appreciated

    Thanks 🙂

  5. It’s been a while since I check out your blog dinesh, awesome going with the results. If you remember I started by Thai blog about 5 months ago and now I’m getting 800 visits a day and last month I crossed the $1500 dollar mark including ebay sales. Though my other blogs they didn’t work out. Just wanted to say thanks again for being an inspiration and helped with your advice I was able to achieve similar results. Thanks again mate.

    • @Zack,
      Yes, I experienced it.
      According to my knowledge and what I learned from other sites, these clicks mainly comes from two ways.
      1) Google served some public service ads. These ads do not give any income for publishers.
      2) Google detects click fraud. So, they treat as a click but do not pay.

      If you experience this issue very often, then you have to look this issue seriously.

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