5 Powerful Strategies To Overcome Blogging Failure And Earn More Money

Did you start your blog just to make money? Well, there is nothing wrong with that vision but if that’s your motivation, you’re bound to fail. Blogging is more than writing articles and adding affiliate banners on your sidebar. Blogging is serious business.

A lot of people have given up last year, some angrily left blogging last month, and right now, someone is unhappy about this same blogging. What’s happening to all these give-ups?

They fail to see the real picture. They didn’t watch to coordinate their expectations. If only they could earn $1000 monthly for a start, everything would be fine. I want to show you something before I begin…

Why Blogging Is Serious Business

In the offline world, entrepreneurs understand how to treat customers (majority, actually)! Customer service is paramount and packaging is well planned. All these activities are to increase sales and build a huge customer-base for future promotions. So, what’s different with online business?

Nothing! Everything that’s done offline is replicated online. You still have to deliver your products, attend to customers’ technical issues and sell products/services. The only slight different is the channel of distribution.

If you don’t treat blogging as a serious business, like the one offline, you are bound to fail – only time would tell.

1. Stay In Your Field

No business is better than the other. A lot of bloggers have been made to believe that some business models are more profitable than others. That’s a big lie. You can still make money blogging about gift items even though the cost of acquiring those products is less than the price of a digital camera (in most cases).

If you don’t stay in your field, struggling and complaining would set in. What’s your niche, where does your strength lie, aren’t you motivated to teach the same course to some other people? I know successful physics bloggers, science bloggers and career counseling bloggers. “Make Money Online” isn’t the only niche – in fact, it’s the most competitive and 87% failures emanate from there. Stay in your field and scale it through. Period!

2. Master Keyword Research

I’m not talking about the usual Google keyword research, that’s way too competitive to start with. For beginners, you need to dig deeper for more profitable key terms with less optimized web pages on Google. We refer to them as, “long tail keywords.” They are usually 3 – 7 words and are highly targeted.

Keywords still play a vital role in search engine optimization. In fact, it’s the #1 ranking factors. It’s the meal of search engine spiders. It gives them direction on what to do with your content.

A proper mastery of keyword research would help you rank better, attract more paying clients and make money. Think like the customer who is searching for particular information online – how desperate are they for answers?

3. Learn Persuasive Writing

It’s not enough to write articles and blog posts. You need to persuade people to take action. I read a lot of blog posts daily and unfortunately, only few bloggers belong here.

If your readers do not take action on your content, it’s a waste of time and frustration is bound to set in within a short while. To learn persuasive writing, you start by reading posts like this particular one. Ask yourself why you’ve continued up to this level – did I bore you with irrelevant words?

Persuasive writing would help you attract more readers, earn more money and increase your customer-base. Persuasive writing helped my coupon blog to sell like hot burger. Some of my popular product name key terms like sittercity coupon, 6pm discounts performed pretty well.

4. Get On Social Media Train

Social media has come to stay.

It’s come to transform your business and give you an edge in this ever-changing world. You’ve every right to use it to grow your blog. How do you use social media to attract paying clients and readers?

The only recipe to succeed is to “socialize” creatively. So many bloggers who are active users of Twitter and Facebook and not even making a single dime, nor are they driving targeted traffic.

It’s the wrong mentality. Social media networks weren’t created to make sales actually, it came on board to help people connect, share and communicate. But that’s what business is all about. Follow these guidelines today and your social media efforts would yield results.

5. Sell A Service Instead

Yes, you need to sell something before you can make money online. Instead of promoting all those affiliate products you can’t even vouch for, sell your skills for profit. Truth is, thousands of people are looking for you. If you can look within, you would be shocked at what you can do. All credit to the Supreme Being who made it possible.

Why waste time trying to convince prospects to bye that $47 e-book when you’ve not used it. How real are you?

Stop right now and focus on what you’ve within. Can you write simple articles, optimize web pages for search engines, design logos and custom graphic works? Service rendering is the best blog monetization strategy. I’ve been using it for a long time and the paycheck is huge.

Marketing Takeaway

There you’ve it. It’s rare to find such informative posts in today’s blogosphere because everyone is looking for shortcuts. But I’ve laid it out on a platter. But you won’t see a change in your business unless you take the single right step. That’s why I’m living you with these 3 words – go take action!



Michael Chibuzor is a prolific SEO writer. His writing skills extend to viable coupon and discount deals. He contributes on a coupon blog that makes sittercity promo code  and 6pm discount coupon available to online shoppers. These sittercity coupon and 6pm discounts can help you save for your Entertainment, Health and Lifestyle purchases.

  • Thought provoking article and gives the readers a clear vision of the purpose and value of blogging.
    The value of the product depends on the quality and credibility. Informative and well presented articles do have the deserved value.
    Thanks for the article.

  • HI Michael/Dinesh,

    That’s a fantastic article.

    Michael, can you clear my confusion please? I want to be in Career Counseling business, online and offline. Do you know any career counseleros who are doing good online?

    Also, how to find long tail keywords that will ensure good ranking on search engines and bring visitors?

    • @Avadhut,
      Though you didn’t ask me, I know I can clear your confusion. You are thinking of being a career counselor online/offline. Your client targeting strategy would hugely depend on your geographic area of your target market. Being focused with your local market and utilizing Google Places would bring better result. Adword keyword tool would suffice your keyword research needs.

      • Hi Chandan,

        Thanks for your comment.

        As you mentioned, geographic area is Pune, India. But, as per my experience, offline career counseling is not something people pay for here.

        About Adword Keyword Tool, I would like to know how to find long tail keyword which has less competition and moderach search results and less links on Google search engine.

        • I can see good competition in getting listed for Google local listing for the keyword ” Career counseling pune” which ensures money is there. Begin with your main keywords and go for broad match. Look at the list of keywords generated ( you will get to see lot of long tails for your main keyword) and pick the one you think fit.

          You can contact me through my blog itself because our conversation might go off topic here. Thanks.

  • Well written indeed. I disagree with the second sentence of this article. Each and every web properties I made till date, all with a strong intention of making money from the same. I am making money and still in the business. Lack of proper knowledge of internet marketing, information overload, not being focused with a niche, laziness in doing SEO (not doing at all) and expectation of overnight result are the main reasons of failure as long as my personal view is concerned.

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