About Me


I’m Dinesh. Welcome to my blog DailyBlogMoney.com. I’m a part-time blogger who earns few thousands of dollars every month by blogging and online business.  Every day is interesting and challenging.

I created this blog to share my experience and lessons in blogging with simple the format which everyone can understand and  follow to increase the earnings and blog traffic.

Professionally I’m an IT infrastructure specialist and working in one of the middle-east country. Other than full time job and blogging, my life goes with my wife and kids.

My Story

I registered my first domain back in 2007 without knowing what I’m doing ( Still I remember that was the my first purchase from first Credit Card). I thought making money especially from Google Adsense was very easy and quick, but that was not the case. I started with Blogspot free website creator and my second website was a static site with Adsense blocks to make money. Nothing worked for me as expected.

Then started a new website called www.Sysprobs.com in June 2009. Believe me, I was not aware what was WordPress or CMS that time. Sysprobs was made by XsitePro, a web designing software and I was breaking my my head to add comments area and RSS feeds by the software I used.

I had tough time earlier and almost left the online. Again I started concentrating in blogging by March 2010 and experienced good period by my hard work and learned lessons.  Finally I STARTED MAKING MONEY on internet.

It took two years and five months to earn my first 100 $ from Adsense. Do not worry, if you follow me and my blog, you can make your first 100$ much quicker. Things have changed, and my strugglings and the effort I put on my blogs paying good income nowadays. I randomly share my monthly income here ( you can check the stats here).

Contact Me

You can email me to dinesh at sysprobs dot com