An Useful Infographic To Launch Your WordPress Website Efficiently

Developing and launching a WordPress website is not a cakewalk. If you have ever worked on WordPress, we are sure you may have found yourself getting stuck on a problem and then trying to find a solution about the same, at least once. And then after searching for a long time when you do find an answer, you realize there are several others that you missed before! At such a time, you wish there was a complete solution for WordPress which would list down all the details regarding the development and running of a WordPress website. The good news is, one such solution exists! And it is called The Killer WordPress Checklist. The following infographic was created by team at Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP.

As regular WordPress users, when we were looking for an ultimate solution that will solve all our needs, we came across this extensive WordPress Infographic! These 101+ steps cover everything from the pre-development and development stages, launching and SEO details, to security and maintenance aspects, of creating a WordPress website. The reason behind sharing this checklist with you is to provide you with a one stop solution to all your WordPress problems! So, say goodbye to all your WordPress development woes, with this amazing WordPress checklist!.

It’s highly recommended to read and go thorough each step on below checklist for your new or existing WordPress blog. You might have missed something important here, so fixing it may boost the SEO or other performance of your WordPress blog. I have earlier mentioned why you have to start a new blog every year and find the new topics, this will lead you to get passive income. If you are setting up your new blog, then you must read this check list. Also, I have published another SEO check list you must check and fulfill before pressing Publish button on every page and post. In that post, I have mentioned where all you have to mention the targeting keyword on each post and still its applicable in current SEO trend. Setting up the new blog properly, following SEO rules and building backlinks will make your new blog success, also it needs little time to show up on Google search results.

seo check list

Enjoy the below 101+ WordPress checklist!

wordpress checklist infographic

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