Another Month!, June 2011 Blog Income Report

Time to write another month’s blog income report, this time it was for June 2011. This report is completely for my other main tech blog I share my monthly income report with you to give some good impressions and encouragements on blogging. Hope you get some medicine from this for your blogging activities 🙂 , remember ‘I’m just a part time blogger’. If you are serious in blogging and want to be a full time blogger then these earnings will be double or triple (if you do things correctly).

June 2011 Blog Income Report

June 2011 was a okay month for me, nothing excited. In fact, I wanted to touch $1500 mark but felt short. I can’t blame my blogs or ad networks, because I have not spent much time on them and could not complete my monthly blog plans. I was able to publish only very few articles in both blogs  due to different work place in my full time job.

Do you know how to plan monthly blogging activities, check it out here.


The blog income of June 2011 was $1428.71, compared to previous month $1304 earnings, this was with 9.5% growth rate.  My favorite ad networks Google adsense and Contextweb CPM recovered slightly in this month and Infolinks crossed $100 earnings first time for me.

At the end, I’m a happy and satisfied blogger this time. Latest Google PR update gave PR 2 to DailyBlogMoney which is another great news for me.


OK, Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense – 813.00

Infolinks –               121.90

Contextweb CPM –  228.38

Technorati CPM –   114.04

Amazon Associate – 59.04

Pixazza –                   92.35

Total –                   1428.71

Things I Wanted to Share

Nothing much this time.

I can see the reasonable increase in Google adsense and Contextweb CPM compared to previous month.

I reduced number of ad units from 6 to 4 in Infolinks, but that boosted my earnings. $120 from Infolinks is really a great thing.

Amazon Associate earnings dropped very much, but still its like a bonus earning for me without any banners, ad scripts and promotions.


If you ask me ‘Can I make money from blog?’, then this blog monthly income report is the proof. ‘Yes, you can make money from blog’. I do not break my head to find advertisers, sell products, do some big promotions or convince my readers to buy something from my blog. I just make money easily by showing the ads only. As I always say, if you are a full time blogger then you can try these all methods to make more money than this from your blog.

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Good luck friends. Share your blog’s earning, traffic or Google PR update in June 2011. How was the June for you? We have passed exactly half an year in 2011, have you achieved your goals?

35 thoughts on “Another Month!, June 2011 Blog Income Report”

  1. Those are very impressive earnings. How many visits do you have on Sysprob each month to reach that revenue?
    Last month was also a great month for my blog but the revenue is still far behind your blog. I really want to hear more experience from you. 🙂

  2. Excellent earnings ! You have earned this money because of your quality content.

    Keep it up and keep us inspiring by writing monthly income reports on this blog !


  3. One thing I wanna suggest you, in your bio in the right sidebar, change “earning few hundreds of dollar” to “earning few thousand of dollar”.

    Because, you’ve crossed the Thousand mark in Earnings.


  4. Hey Dinesh, June was a great month for me i made over $600 in online income, it’s only my second month, but really only $25 odd dollars from blogging, my goal is still to get to where your at, your an inspiration, i can tell by the length and frequency of your posts that you must be swamped, what you change jobs?

    • Chris, thanks for your words and linking back to my report in your blog.
      I think you can write in this blog about how you are making good money from ebay 😉 . Even I want to learn from you!

      I was assigned to work in Head office which is the busiest place.

  5. Congrats Dinesh.
    Once you reach this height it’s become easy to double the income with less efforts. Just need consistency to see the result.


    • Javin,
      Since you are running a tech blog, then CTR will be less. I think 0.50% to 1% would be a good CTR for tech blogs. Tech people normally do not click ads, they just need your information.
      I suggest to increase the width of your content area in your blog.

  6. Nice earnings report…thanks for sharing! I was wondering why you use InfoLinks instead of just going with AdSense. If your CPM is higher on one over the other, wouldn’t you earn more sticking to the one that’s better? Or do you feel that InfoLinks provides text links and clicks that you wouldn’t have realized, otherwise?

    • Justin,
      Thanks for the comment and good question.
      I used Infolinks with 12, 10,8,6 and June month with 4 ad units. But, I don’t see any major affect in Google adsense earnings or CTR. I agree I’m losing visitors and my bounce rate could be higher by Infolinks. But, still I’m trying to see the impact on adsense CTR or earnings by Infolinks changes, which I don’t see so far. May be I will try with 3 ad units in Infolinks.

      Keep visiting my blog and leave valuable inputs for me and my readers.

  7. I also got dropped on revenue and now under working to get it back. I hate Google Panda that make me lost and take much time to come back.

  8. Hi dinesh!

    These are nice stats. Your earnings are great. Hope to see the increase in the stats every month. Good luck.

    I would like to see a post on how to earn through amazon affiliate and the type of websites it is suitable for? Hope to see it soon.

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