Another Month, October 2011 Blog Income Report – Slight Drop

October was slightly a dull month for me in terms of income and blogging activities. The net income was dropped than previous month and I could not achieve my target.  Normally, the year end October, November and December should be good for publishers, but due to some reasons the October started with less earnings.

Google adsense low earning and Google Panda update can be the reasons for this drop. Anyhow, I’m looking for the great months November and December.

This income is the combination of my both blogs and The total October blog income was $1951.34, which is with 7% decrease rate compared to September earning( $2098.67). The final earning should have been more in order to maintain the same or more net eCPM of my blog, but it dropped and the final effective CPM is reduced.

Anyhow, $1950 is a big money yet. Though this amount is lessor than few hundred dollars I targeted in October 2011.

OK, Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense –     901.85

Contextweb CPM –    374.67

Amazon Associate – 118.24

Luminate (ex Pixazza) – 55.13

Vibrant Media –     351.05

BuySellAds –  78.50

ShareaSale Affiliate – 45.44

Google Affiliate – 26.46

Total –             1951.34


 Things I wanted to Share

Not so disappointed finally, few of the affiliate networks helped to maintain reasonable income.

Before Exactly One Year Ago.

After starting this blog in last year October, I published my first income report for October 2010 income. Do you know how much it was? 637$. Exactly after one year the earning increased three times more. Good growth ah…?

Check my October 2010 blog earning here.


Google Adsense

Around $ 270 less compared to September earning. More than that, the RPM and CPC went down. I’m hoping things will change in coming months. I changed my main ad block size to 336×280 from 300×250 to increase the CTR and it worked too.

If you are using 300×250 ad size, increase the size to 336×280 and monitor the performance (CTR). Surely it will improve the CTR.

Vibrant Media

The new network I used for entire month for first time. It reached the reasonable income level. Usually Contextweb is my second highest paying ad network, now Vibrant media also reaching that state. Anyhow, I expected more earning from Vibrant media. Because I joined this network after seeing one more tech blog which is making more money but having less traffic than mine.

I contacted their support team, let me see the outcome.


Luminate (ex Pixazza)

Normally this network makes around $ 100 for me, but this time their system stopped working by middle of October. Still, they have not fixed the issue and currently they are manually reviewing each websites and approving the website.

I have to wait and see.


What’s Your Say?

I like to know few things from your if you like to share something here.

1) How was the October adsense earning (compared to September)?

2) Is Luminate showing adsense ads on the images in your blog?

3) Is your blog affected by recent Google panda updates (28th/29th September and 13th/14th October)?


I have pointed out my last year October income, so you can see the growth and steady progress. I’m not sure whether you are taking my income growth in one year as faster or slower, but as a part time blogger I’m happy with the performance. Everything is possible in blogging.

Do not try anything very fast in blogging and quit in same speed.

I will be happy to share my next year October 2012 income report as $ 6000…… Smile

44 thoughts on “Another Month, October 2011 Blog Income Report – Slight Drop”

    • @PrIyAnGsHu,
      Thanks for the comment and wishes. To get 6000$ in a year, I think have to do something extra or start some new projects. Lets hope for the best.
      Good luck to you.

  1. Decent earning for a part time blogger. Panda has really affected lots of sites, but continue posting unique and useful articles help to overcome it.

    Good Luck for the future and you’ll certainly reach $6000 in 2012, 😉

  2. Hello Mr.Dinesh,
    nothing to regret. When the income is in $1000s, we can’t say this is bad. A few up or a few down, is not something for concern. Still you inspire us all.
    However, I wish you the best of luck in future.
    As for me, October was better than September. Since I earn in $100s, $30 extra mattered much to me.
    But the beginning of November is neither worse nor better! I have to wait and see!
    wish you good luck!

  3. Hi Dinesh,

    Great report and great income. Nothing to worry. 300% increaase in just 12, you are inspiring all of us.

    Yes, $6000 in October 2012 is quite possible. Wish you all the luck!

  4. My site is affected seriously by recent Google updates, therefore my online earnings have dropped dramatically. Hopefully it will be recovered soon.
    Your sites still have great earnings. Wish you the best in November.

    • @Tuan, Sorry to hear that and I checked a post in your blog regarding the recent Google algo update – well written.
      I’m sure you already know how to recover from these drops.
      Google Panda affects the entire website, not specif posts.
      If you see the Google search traffic drop for all posts, then its panda effect.
      If you see for specif posts only, then its Google’s latest ‘fresh and new topic’ update.

      In long term blogging life, these all are just a matter of ‘bad time and good lessons’ .
      Learn from mistakes and how other internet factors are working, then work according to them.

      Good luck.

    • @PrIyAnGsHu,
      That is a good question.
      Vibrantmedia is having several types of ads and I’m using their in-text ad.
      Their ads do not appear in all countries. They run ad campaigns in USA,Europe and other targetied countries only.
      Even I don’t see vibrantmedia ads in my own website from Oman. But, I have a way of seeing my website as browsing from USA, that time I see them. 😉

      I will write about them once I receive the payment.

    • @Fridha,
      I have three tags per page. 1.5$,1$ and 1$ ask price for them. Somehow, November fill rate is lower than previous month. Let me hope for the best at later part in this month.

  5. Hello Dinesh!

    I always follow your blog and it is really inspiring to read your articles and also your income report. I hope you achieve $6k mark by next year. All the Best!!!

    (personal) Dinesh, i need to talk to you. Can you please add me on gmail?

    Thank you!

    • @Sudheer Ranga,
      Thanks for the wish.
      Sorry to say, due to time zone different and my full time job, its difficult for me to talk or chat.
      I prefer to reply your email (there would be slight delay on it too).

      Please contact me via email.

  6. Looking at your income just gives me the drive to go on with my blog. Sir I just like to ask how can a blogger earn income thru adsense? I love blogging but I do not know the mechanics how a blogger can earn. and Amazon also, please do explain it to me. This would be a great help for me. Sir hope you will help a new blogger like me. I will be back here tomorrow for your reply. Thanks in advance.

    • @danterio,
      How to make money from adsense and amazon is already covered on internet. I understand that you could be a beginner in blogging, but by searching in Google you will find plenty of good articles to make money with adsense and amazon.
      Further more, if you are so serious about these things or you could not find correct details, feel free to contact me via email or contact form.
      Good luck.

    • @zack,
      Thanks for the comment and nice observation too.
      Yes, the home page may give that impression, but I will not move away from virtualization. I’m thinking to cover more topics which in suitable for ‘non technical people’ because that converts more. By covering too technical things (including virtualization) may generate good traffic but not money, because these people do not click ads and even I doubt they read my entire article. They just view the screenshots and solve their issues and quit so quickly.

      I will be covering both areas in future to balance the earnings and traffic.
      Hope I’m going to correct direction, whats your opinion as a blogger and reader of my blog?

      • My opinion is that a person would not know unless he would try. Having said that I usually go for virtualization info only. It has been helpful in selecting which solution to go for at my work. But when I saw info on Diablo it seemed out of place (Just an honest opinion). But if this gets more traffic and more money they why not!. I am hoping that it is beneficial to your bottom line. I have not achieved very high traffic for any of my articles so my judgement is suspect anyway! :o)

        • @zack,
          Thanks for your genuine opinion. Yes, like you, others also would have felt something different when see the post about Diablo. I like that game very much, so decided to share, also there is one more reason, the particular post already sold 7 kits worth of 99$ each. So I will get 6% commission of 7×99$. Good money ah…?

          Finally I made some money and as you said it would have distracted my regular and subscribed readers, but no choice. We need to balance somewhere everything.
          Good luck and get some traffic.

  7. THis change in Search latest update by google has affected badly to my website.Post for which i used to get 1000’s of visitor are no where to be seen now!!!
    U r stats are too impressive man! Wish I recover from this soon else i got to quit!

    • @shashank chinchli,
      1000 to nowhere is painful, even I felt that for few of my posts.
      Do not give up, you can write similar 1000 PVs articles in future.
      Good luck.

  8. What a successful Track .. I know This is not a Surprise case for you .. I read Most of the random Post in you blog .. i never seen this kind of explanation any other websites .. nice to here and motivate me for getting done .. I am also a part time blogger, from India . I was there in More than 2 year . Still learning learning Learning .. Each site having Diff Diff opinion . that’s why confused for getting more traffic and Earning path like this .. Even I was updated my log very frequently Like on daily Basis . Still now reached 150- 200 Visors per day only . My blog aging nearly 12 months .. Earning is only 0.15$ – 0.45$ Per day only . Please advice How to Get More Traffic and Page Rank for Blog ..

    Once again i wish you all the best your dreams comes true !!!


  9. Well. its really amazing to see how you make out so considerably well when it comes to making money online. a well established and a maintained blogs you’ve got must have made lots of sweat. I appreciate the initiative you have to reveal your income, which is really a great inspiration to the other money makers around the world. Keep up the good work.

    • @Mohsin,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comment.
      2000$ was never in my mind one year ago, but I achieved. So, when you already have that in your mind, I’m sure you will achieve it very quickly.
      Good luck and keep visiting.

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