[Answered] What Skills Required to Become a Successful Blogger?

I just decided to publish a post with added information on the answer, which I sent to one reader who asked a question as below,

Can you please tell me what all skills i should gain to be a successful blogger like you?


First of all, still I have long way to reach ‘successful blogger’ name. But, from my learning, real world examples and difficult times I had, here is the answer. I think there are no certain skills required or defined to become a successful blogger.

Most of the bloggers succeeded by different types of skills, for example; one can be good in writing, other in SEO or promotion or social networking or good is selling products, but one thing will be common for any successful blogger which is ‘hard working’.

No one succeeded ‘just like that’ in blogging.

Skills Required to become a Successful Blogger

In short answer, you need the all skills which required to run a successful business offline, because blog should be treated as business to get more traffic or earn money or become popular.

1) Good Research Skill

This is very important to become a successful blogger. Do a deep research; take your time to complete this, because this will be your foundation. Find out the potential niche and readers for specific topic which you are interested. Do a research about your future competitors, their weak and strong points.

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This skill is not only to start the new blog, but also to publish each article on your blog. Do a research deeply for minimum one article per week. Find out the low competition and high demanded content in internet, then write about it. You can be a successful blogger in no time by driving traffic with this skill.

2) Be good in planning

You must plan well before start a blog or entering in to blogging as a career. How you are going to run and promote your blog for another one year?. Will you start a business without planning?.

How you are going to drive traffic, monetize your blog, what is the long term plan..etc.  Don’t be a only planner, be a great executor.

3) Learning from everything

Learning skill is very important. Blogging changes everyday, Google and other big companies are changes their rules and working methods daily. You should be a good learner to learn these changes and adopt in your blogging from others. Read other blogs, books, forums, ebooks and suggestions. Learn from other bloggers’ success and failure stories, even from your readers. Learning makes you always better in blogging.

4) Improve your writing skills

I’m not good in this, but still I’m trying to improve my skills. I don’t mean only spelling and grammar errors here, but the way how you are presenting to your readers. Your articles should be understandable and readable quickly. You should write each article by keeping your very normal readers in mind. Do not assume and write anything, your readers will be clueless. Give all details from head to bottom 100%. Do not make it either too technical or theoretical.

Write something to solve others’ problem. Everyday people open Google and search their problems most of the time, therefore your articles should be enough to answer their doubts.

5) Learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

You know how much this is important. Learn about Google, Yahoo, Bing, robots, how they index, what are the factors they check while indexing and ranking, how to optimize your each post for better SEO, do’s and don’ts. This is the main factor going to run your blog always. So, invest some time for this and improve your SEO skills.

6) Technical Skills

If you don’t know anything about some technology which involve in blogging and webhosting, then better learn them. PHP, SQL database, WordPress, Unix file permissions, Managing Plugins, CSS Style sheets, WordPress themes, manage hosting plans, ftp accounts, backup and restore are some basic requirements. You do need to be an expert in these subjects, but improve your skills.

7) Creativeness and Dreaming

Be a good dreamer when your are awake 🙂 . If you are starting a blog now, then I’m sorry to say that “You are Late”. Internet is filled with millions of articles and blogs in almost every topic. You need to be something different and creative to attract visitors and search engines. Improve your skills on creativeness and uniqueness thinking by dreaming.

8.) Be Active, Patient and Stronger

I don’t know whether I can call these all as skills, but I highly recommend to build up your mindset in these areas. Blogging is not only about what you are writing and how you are promoting. Its about your mind and health too. Things will change very late in blogging how you expected, not the next day or next month, even not next year. Be patient, keep the same activeness and energy level all the time. In future you can face issues which stop you from blogging, don’t give up, take a breath and run with same speed in blogging.

9) Improve your Marketing and Promotion skills.

Keep on doing some promotions all the time to make your blog popular. There are thousands of ways available to promote your blog or product. Try them all, find new ways.do not stay with SEO only. Learn new online marketing techniques. Do not avoid social networking and bookmarking sites, learn about them too.

10) Improve you Communication Skills

This is very important to not only write articles in your blog, but also to communicate with other bloggers, readers, news agencies, advertisers and companies. When you and your blog becoming famous then this is essential to communicate with others in professional manner and approach.

As usual, I might have missed something here. What do you think? what skills must be learned to become a successful blogger?

Share something here from your experience and help others.

Happy Blogging

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