April 2011 – Blog Income Report $$$, Improving…

Every month I share my monthly blog income report to encourage and motivate you in blogging. This is my April 2011 blog income report and it was really good one for me. Just remember, this income report is completely from my another blog www.sysprobs.com. I have not started making any money from this DailyBlogMoney.com and these are the only two blogs I have as of now.

April started with little tense for me, because I need to maintain or increase my 1000$ per month target every month which I achieved in previous month. But, things went so smoothly and even better.

This is the month I left Adsense ads untouched without doing any experiments. The April 2011 blog income from Sysprobs.com is completely from ad networks. Compared to previous (March) month earning 1002.34 $, the April earning is 1496 $ with 49.25% growth rate 🙂 pretty good ah..? .

In fact, I was not so interested in publishing posts and other activities like commenting, replying emails..etc during April due to some issues in my full time job, IPL cricket and some personal pressures too. But, this April earning is really encouraging my blogging activities and I’m happy to share with my readers.

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Here is the breakdown,


Google Adsense –                  862.54

Infolinks                –                  81.02

Contextweb CPM –                 288.99

Technorati CPM –                     52.41

Google Affiliate Network –         10.62

Amazon Associate –               100.57

Pixazza                      –            99.85


Total                        –           1496.00




Things I Wanted to Share


Google Adsense

April 2011 Blog Income Report

Previous month adsense earning was 589.78$ and this time it increased to 862.54$ ( 46% increase) without any modifications.

As I said earlier, I have not done any changes on Adsense this month. As usual earning increased after 15th to 20th of month. I’m sure advertisers will be spending more money on PPC programs like Google Adsense in future since 1/3 of an business year already completed.

I suggest to concentrate on adsense ads in future, optimize them properly to maximize the earnings.

Check this article how to increase adsense CPC

More adsense tips are available under adsense tips category.


Contextweb (ADSDAQ) CPM

April 2011 Blog Income Report

This CPM network is really doing good job for me. Compared to last month (198.66 $), this month is good for me by 45% increase to 288.99 $.

I have three ad slots with Contextweb CPM and technorati CPM is my backup tags. I have given the importance to one main ad slot by placing it above the fold as first unit in side bar, which is performing well with good fill rate.

More CPM and Contextweb tips are available under CPM tips.

You can join Contextweb CPM network here.


Amazon Associate and Pixazza

I don’t do any affiliate business by promotions, recommended posts or emails, instead, I just added three affiliate links in my blog pages which brought 100 $. I’m happy with Amazon associate performance this month.

Pixazza also did a good job for me. The CPC of Pixazza is very reasonable compared to other ad networks. I thought to try for sometime and leave, but decided to keep it for some more time.

I don’t see any major affect in my Google Adsense CPC or CTR after adding Pixazza. Most of the people say Pixazza affects the Adsense, but I don’t think its a valid point.

If you have more pictures per post and normal adsense ads are not placed next to pictures, then I don’t think Pixazza will affect the normal Adsense ads. Yes, it slightly slows down the web pages, but acceptable when you make some money from it.


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April 2011 blog income report is really surprise for me with good hike rate. I’m sure this report will give some ideas, motivations and real world example of how blogging can generate money just by producing content. You can do much better than me if you are a full time blogger or flexible to spend more time in blogging.

I wish you all for better future in blogging. Share your earnings and traffic stats of April 2011. Your comments are always expected here.

  • Hi Dinesh,
    Kudos and great to see how you improved. I’ve been working on my site for past 4 years and nothing much improved. Honestly I used to put only 2-3 post a month . Earlier I fetched 100 to 200 USD per month.,but now it’s at 40 USD, really come down.
    Would like to get some tips from you on how I can improve the revenues.?

  • hi Dinesh, I am considering putting ad on my web when it’s getting mature to cover the yearly expenses, but as u know environmental issue correlated blog is hard to grab people’s eyes and I’m worry about the CPC for this field.

    • Yes,anything related to non selling products will have less cpc. But I suggest you to not to worry now. Add the ads and see the performance for 2 to 3 months. Good luck.

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