Are You Really Making Money with Your Tech Blog? Join With Me. High Payout System

Making money with a new blog is really a tough job initially and some people will be having more ideas to write and make money but they do not want to invest money in starting a blog. Here is the opportunity to work with me and make money by well established tech blog. The good and truth factor is the payout mode. This is not 100% revenue sharing type but its more than that.

I don’t ask anyone to leave your existing blog, instead you can use this chance to make extra money. I want some bloggers and tech writers who can write new and useful topics related to my blog. I pay you 60% of entire blogs’s eCPM revenue.


There are 100% revenue sharing blogs available but they pay you for Google adsense only. You place your adsense codes in those blog pages and take the money from it. But here my model is different, I pay you the 60% of entire revenue eCPM. This is included all money making programs I’m using now and will be using in future (Except affiliate and own products sales). You can view my money making programs and monthly earning reports here.


How Much Money You can Make?

It is mainly depends on the page views of your posts. If your article pages are making high page views then you take more money home.

Simple Calculation.

Lets assume you can write 6 articles per month and each article can generate 100 page views daily.

So, total page impressions for the month : (6 x 100) x 30 = 18,000

For the particular month, Sysprobs made 4$ eCPM (with all money making networks)

You get 60% revenue of entire blog income, which is: 4$ x 60% = 2.4$

Your take is 2.4$ eCPM for your 18,000 page impressions, which is: 2.4$ x (18000/1000) = 43.2 $

So you make 43.2$ with 18,000 page impressions. Not completed yet…….

As a promotional bonus offer, I pay 5$ per your three articles.

In this case you get extra 10$ for your 6 articles (5$ per three articles)

Your final net income is; 43.2$ (Revenue share) + 10$ (Bonus Offer) = 53.2$


Is This Worth?

To make it simple and give an idea, here is the summary for you to decide,

You earn 53.2$ from 18000 page impressions, which means 2.96$ eCPM ( (53.2/18000)*1000).

2.96$ is a much much better eCPM rate you can’t have it in your new blog with only adsense and Infolinks.

Yes, if you can make more than this eCPM rate from your blog, then this system is not for you, but I’m seeing so many new bloggers spend lot of time to get their first 100$ from adsense and really struggling to make money. For them, this will a great chance. You make 100 dollars within two months here.


What You get?

1) More income

2) Great exposure for you and your blog.

3) I do offer two dofollow backlinks to your blog or products.


What I Get?

1) More Income

2) Regular updates on my tech blog

3) More topics on My Blog


What I Do for You?

1) I take care of on page SEO for your articles to generate more page views.

2) I review and format your articles before publish. All articles will be published after my approval.

3) I monitor your articles performance and impressions. At end of month I calculate entire blog’s income and inform you about your revenue. Please note, as a professional blogger and genuine person I will be transparent with you, though I can’t share my full account details.

4) I promote your articles and interlink in my future articles.


What You Have to Do?

1) Write quality articles with more than 500 words.

2) Write about gadgets (iPhone, Android, Tablet PCs, Mobile Phones), Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Linux,  iOS, VMware, VirtualBox, Windows Servers, PC Cleaning tools and computer programming.

3) Promote your blog articles. Tweet them, share in Facebook and other social networking sites, link back from your blog.


What You Should Not Do?

1) Do not submit non worthy articles.

2) Do not click ads in your articles or make bogus impressions.

3) Do not ask your friends to do the steps mentioned in above point.

4) Do not publish the same article in your blog or other blogs again. Also, do not submit the articles to my blog which is already covered in your blog or other blogs.


My Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal in this model is to find out great people who can work with me in long term. If you perform well for next three months with great and unique articles then I will contact you personally to go further with tech blogging. We can start working in different payment modeling and we both can be win-win bloggers at the end.


Payment Options

1) Payment will be done by PayPal. If you live in Sri Lanka then I can do the bank transfer.

2) Payments will be made after 30 days of closing a month. I need this time till my all money making programs finalize the earnings and monitor the performance of your articles.

3) Pending number of posts will be forward to next month. For example, if you managed to publish 5 articles in this month, then you will get only 5$ bonus for your first three articles. Other balance two articles will be forwarded to next month for the bonus payment.



1) I have full rights to approve or not approve your articles.

2) If I find any violations on your articles by fraud clicking and impressions, then you are out of the system. Your articles will be deleted from my blog immediately. Any pending payments will be paid if its more than 10$.


More Information and How to Join?

Contact me, I will come back you as soon as possible.


Expecting you to work with me. 🙂

  • Awesome technique dinesh. I will surely join you once I become completely free.
    Can i join after a month or 2? Will you close this system or is it open for long time to join. Let me know

    Thank you!

  • Looks very good, but at this moment I’m not free and I’m not a tech blogger.. Is there any training for that? wanted to earn extra income =)

  • Hi Dinesh ! I am interested in your offer……kindly contact me. Presently i am running a tech blog I am interested in writing tech news related with iphone, ipad, ipod. So, is this okay for you.
    Waiting for your response.


  • hi dear dinesh,

    great offer from you. I run a hindu niche blog. I wish if i would hav a tech blog to participate.

    Hope you allow to participate me, if i write tech posts to ur blog

    • @Palla Ramarao,
      Sorry, this model failed for me. I faced some issues on guest posts on this system by calculating particular percentage of total eCPM. I regret to inform that I can’t accept you.

      If you are still interested on guest blogging (without earning any money) on my blog with two do-follow links, let me know. I will be happy to post your article.

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