Beware of Things That May Distract Your Blogging Activities

I’m ready with my October blog income report, but decided to publish this post before it. Because my readers should not think I’m only publishing earning reports for self promotion. When I published my last month income report, I had a plan to publish around 2 to 3 articles weekly on my both blogs, but I could not do. My October blogging activities were affected by several factors, so I decided to share them with you. You may face the same issues (more too) now or later in your blogging life. Try to understand and tackle them well.

I could not publish posts as I planned, did not respond to comments and emails too. I was totally out of blogging mood, why was that?. When I think about what really affected me, I found out following reasons. The below list will be helpful to avoid these types of temporary  gaps in your professional blogging life.


The Things may Distract or Reduce Enthusiasm in Blogging

1) No money or Less Income

One of the reason affected me, It took some time to come out from this. As we are nearing end of the year, I hoped Q4 (Oct, Nov & Dec) earnings will be higher. But, October earning was lessor than September and I could not achieve what I targeted. I realized this within first two weeks earning of adsense. Adsense performed poorly in October compared to earlier month. The RPM and CPC went down dramatically. So, my mind was always thinking about the sudden drop, mistakes, or anything I should do to improve..etc. Also, I was busy with searching and checking others’ experience in October adsense earning drop.

We are just human, if we don’t get any money or less money or drop in earnings then defiantly it will affect our mind. The thing is, how quickly we recover from it and start work freshly again. Few people return quickly and work harder, few of them take longer time to recover and most of the others never recover and finally quit blogging.  May be I’m falling in middle category, what about you?


2) No traffic or Less traffic.

When I wrote an article about writing future products, I mentioned that my Windows 8 post is listed in top three in Google search result page. Even though it dropped after the sudden hike, but it was getting around 3000 visits daily.  All of the sudden on one day the particular page lost the traffic. When I checked in Google, it was listed in no man landing zone on 4th page in search result. It shocked me and slightly bothered me, because I lost around 3000 visits in a day.

Then I spent time on finding and analyzing  what might have happened against other competitors’ SEO power. While digging the internet, I found out the Google Panda update on October 28th or 29th which might have affected my blog too. But, luckily my entire blog was not affected by Google Panda.

Anyhow, it took some time to understand everything and realize the result. So, I was out of blogging during this time.

I understand the real difficulty and pain in blogging when you do not get expected traffic or any algorithm change affected your blog. The only advice I can tell is, do not give up. There are people and blogs recovered from these types of sudden changes by internet companies, Or understand the mistakes you did and avoid them in future posts. Things will change smoothly in your way.


3) Full Time Job (If you are a part time blogger)

Yes, I was too busy with my full time job in October. You can guess how it might have effected me. I’m a family man too, so during the weekends I can’t sit front of computer all the time to write posts, reply comments and emails.


4) Negative Comments and Emails

This is another factor which will be running in your mind all the time. When you put your full effort and spend time to publish an article, if you see a negative comment on it, really it will hurt you.

My bad time, I had to see few negative comments and emails about issues in technical aspect and my language skills in articles. I know I’m not perfect in either ways but really it hurts. When I already disturbed by above earlier three points, this issue also put me backward in blogging.


5) Personal Commitments and Pressures

As an ordinary human being, this can stress your mind all the time and feel some kind of fed up on all things including blogging. No matter whether you are bachelor or married person, you can’t escape from these personal commitments and pressures. In my opinion, the mind should be clear, fresh and motivated for blogging.


What else can distract or reduce the enthusiasm in blogging?

6) Any technical difficulties.

If your website is down or crashed for unknown reasons, or wordpress codes got hacked while you are not aware how to fix them, then really you will be in trouble.


7)  The well expected money making program banned you.

Again this is another painful period for any bloggers. It will be difficult to overcome this affect, but you have to.


How About You?

Have you any time thought to quit blogging? or kept silent for longer period due to some of these factors or anything more?

I’m very much interested to hear your opinion and experience. I shared this post with you to give a warning message that you may face these types of issues during your professional blogging life.

Take things easily, I can’t say that jut leave everything and concentrate on blogging, because I know how difficult it is while facing these issues. Be smart and try to forget bad and sad things quickly. If one door closes, another one opens. There is no end in blogging, there are plenty of money making and traffic generation methods available on internet.

Good luck guys.

  • Thanks for this great advice! This will definitely be the things I would not spend time with. Great and educational post! Have a great weekend!

  • Again a good article, Mr. Dinesh
    What ever you do,just see if that is what you feel.
    Do not worry about the negative comments. Your posts are enough to prove your intention and there are so many bloggers including myself who have learnt a lot from your articles.
    Some may express and some may not.
    Leave alone the domestic obligations, where nothing could be done. But never allow the negative comments hold you and never lose your identity!
    Waititng to share your joy for this month!
    We are all happy to share your joy in your receiving a good revenue from online sources ( which is after all the result of the sincere efforts).

    • Thanks,
      Your comments are so sensible and happy to read.
      I do not make much money by this blog, but do you know why I still share my experience?

      Its just to see these types of comments and get self satisfaction that I helped some new bloggers.
      Good luck.
      Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for writing this post. I will share my experience about the things that distracted me in last 2 weeks.

    1. PayPal India has restricted my account from receiving payments. Despite sending many mails, the customer support didn’t support me and I am not able to receive payments and hence do business for the last 2 months.

    2. I was on a holiday for the last 2 weeks and I didn’t even write a post during this period.

    I like your money making model and respect your words.

    I know this month was not good,. but we all will learn from these mistakes and go ahead, as you said ” Do not give up”.

    • @Avadhut,
      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      Paypal plays major role for bloggers.
      Are they requesting any documents to remove the restriction? or at least do you know why they restricted your account? By default after 6 months you can withdraw the money what ever they are holding now, but you can’t do any business with them.
      Either you have to find out a best alternative for Paypal or create a new ID and make sure you are using it properly.

    • That is a real issue for full time students.
      Taking time and even publishing two unique, valuable and long articles per week should be enough to become successful in blogging.

    • @zack,
      Yes, it was getting good traffic initially, but for some reasons it dropped and lowered in search result pages too.
      ‘Windows 8 virtualbox’ was the keyword drove good traffic earlier.

  • I faced some issues that you mentioned above and I am reading your articles in both blogs.Your articles are really excellent.Could you please share some tips to recover blog traffic after Google panda update?

  • I don’t get much time spent on writing posts on my blog as I am a full time student , and often exams hang out on my way . But , I try to give my best efforts in developing and taking my blog towards success .

  • Hi Dinesh!
    You are one of the best part time blogger,there is no doubt about it.All of your articles inspiring a number of novice & seasoned bloggers like me.

    Thank you so much for your valuable articles.


  • I really loved this post. You write about this topic very well. I really like your blog and I
    will definitely bookmark it! Keep up the super posts!

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