Big Difference in November Adsense Earning and Finalized Earning, What Could be the Issue?

This incident is another strong reason, why I’m not ready to change my profession as full time blogger. You could remember that I posted $1381.98 as adsense earning in November 2011 blog income report, but that was not the amount Google finalized to make the payment. Usually, every month earning will be finalized with marginally lesser amount, so I did not bother to worry or share with you here. But, this time, the amount is really big and I should share it here as a genuine blogger 😉

This can be a lesson for you and be ready to face anything like this in online business. Google finalized my November earning as $963.99.

finalayzed earning

But, for some strange reasons, the detailed earning report still shows the earlier amount.

normal earning

So, the difference is $1381.97-$963.99 = $417.98.  Therefore my final earning on November dropped from 2292.79 to $1874.81. Disappointing but manageable. In fact, it was lesser than October earning.

OK, why I said this was one of the reason why I can’t leave the full time job and become a full time blogger?

As you could see the potential risk in becoming a full time blogger by seeing the fluctuation in blog income.  Also, the blog income is not that higher to absorb these types of drops since my full time earning and blog income is in almost same range. It is better to stay on full time job little longer.

Also, fully depending on one main ad network or income source as the main source could be a risk in long term. $417.98 is a big amount, it never happened to me. I thought Google is finalizing daily earning correctly at end of each day.


While checking this problem on internet, I have seen several discussions on difference between estimated and finalized earnings in November 2011. So, it slightly makes me to feel comfortable that “I’m not alone with this issue”.

Here are the few interesting conversations in Google forum.

Significant difference between estimated and finalized earnings

Big difference between estimated and final earnings again for November

One more here


What Could be The Reasons

I guess there would be two reasons for it.

1) Invalid clicks

Normally Google return back any earning made from invalid clicks to advertisers by end of month. So, may be something would have happened in my site. But, I do not see any higher CTR rate in my blog.

But, I experienced good (almost doubled) CPC and RPM during black Friday and cyber Monday week. I thought that could be by direct ad placement from advertisers, because I have seen good earning in ‘placement’ ad type. I’m sure the CPC and RPM will not go higher by invalid clicks. Because who ever is making invalid clicks they do not know which ad is paying more, correct?


2) Error or Bug

There could be an adsense system error or bug in reporting higher CPC, RPM and earning during the peak week. Later, Google would have corrected and reduced the earning.

Somewhere I read that Google officially acknowledged the error on showing ‘Placement’ and ‘Interest-based’ ad type in November 2011. May be I’m one of the victim.


Learn to Live with It

As publishers, we do not have much choice to act or resolve these unexpected issues. Since I see the similar issues for most of the adsense publishers, I do not mind to digest this drop and look forward to work with adsense.

Google adsense is still my top and favorite ad network which I can’t ignore anytime. I accept  either my side error or Google side error and now waiting for the payment check 🙂


I will update if anything happen to this issue in future, if Google credited back my earnings. Also, I like to know you experience with Adsense in November 2011. Do you see the big difference like this?

  • Hi Dinesh,
    As you have been saying, how can one rely on something unpredictable and leave off the secured and dependable income?
    Anyhow, I hope it should not be a discouraging factor for the bloggers.

  • thats good post . this will help us to improve our adsense earning. you can also improve your adsense earning by this adsense rvenue sharing forum.

  • Also, some of the adsense associates say that if google finds a lot of those invalid clicks, probably results in a ban? i don’t agree. Because you’re not the cause of the people who click invalidly!

  • Hi Dinesh,

    I’ll like to comment on the variance in earnings.

    Let’s assume that it is the system error, that should be corrected in the report log as of the period or maintenance scheme.

    Option 1: There may be some system error or bug that significantly reduces click rates.

    Option 2: Repeated customers are deemed invalid 🙁

    Option 3: Some countries may not be associated or conflicts with respective advertisers thus reduction in amount.

    Option 4: Ip-address being reported as suspicious or/and blacklisted.

    Thanks for the article, much appreciated 🙂

    Warmest regards,
    5×5 Workout Idea Admin
    Hxxp://5x5workoutideas (dot) com

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