Check Your Blog Speed Online with Google Page Speed

When it comes to check the speed of a Blog or website, there are several browser add-ons and online sites available for it, how about checking the blog speed with Google’s new online tool?. ‘Page Speed Online’ from Google labs does the job with good suggestions to improve the speed.

After Google started concentrating on page speed of a website, it affects the Page Rank and Search Result position very well. Already Google’s webmaster tools reports the average page speed, but I’m not sure how much its accurate. Yslow from yahoo and ‘Page Speed’ from Google extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers do the same job from internet browser. You need to install these extensions to check the blog speed and get suggestions.

How about if you have only Internet Explorer and you don’t want to try other browsers or extensions? in this case you can use online sites and tools to check blog speed. My favorite online site is web site optimization analyzer.  Another cool site is available to compare two website’ speed at a time, called Which loads faster.

As a blogger and webmaster, we believe and depend on Google than any other online companies, when they check and suggest something, then its like something worth to consider, correct?


Go to Google Page Speed online testing site and enter your blog address.

Blog Speed Online

You can get the score and suggestions for Desktop and Mobile versions if you are targeting mobile users also.

It gives the suggestion in priority order.

Blog Speed Online

I’m not sure whether this score is correct or accurate because same page speed extension in Chrome or Firefox is giving completely different score.  Small difference can be acceptable, but its slightly with larger number which is difficult to believe.

Here is the example, – 73/100

Blog Speed Online

and here 86/100


Again, I don’t understand the technology of both methods how these two are working. But, I can say its still worth to try the Blog Speed online checker from Google to compare your site with other sites or current speed with past or future speed after made some modifications.

This will defiantly save you from installing plugins and extensions on your browsers, and to be able to use Internet Explorer to check the Blog speed.


Have you tried Google Labs online site? is it matching with your earlier scores? What’s your favorite tool or online site to check your blog speed?

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