Contextweb CPM Fill Rate Drop in January 2011 – Here is the Possible Reason

I’m sure you would have noticed big fall in fill rate of Contextweb CPM in January 2011. It would be disappointed beginning of 2011. Do not worry, Everyone facing the ad revenue drop currently. I had a chance to chat with one of the support staff at Contextweb, the reason he said is acceptable. Here is the reason why Contextweb CPM fill rate dropped in January 2011.

Contextweb CPM Fill Rate Drop

I asked : Is there any reason for big fall in your fill rate from January 1 2011? I never experienced like this in last few months, but from January its very bad. Will it be OK in future?

He answered:
Normally at the start of any month, fill rates / earnings are lower because campaigns for the month are still getting started and ramping up. Q4 also is a higher fill rate / earnings time for publishers as advertisers are trying to spend all of their budget before the end of the year.
With the new year beginning, advertisers are not spending as much yet, which more than likely is the cause of the drop in fill rate. However, ad sales for January are scaling up, and February looks to trend the same way, so fill rates should start rising over the next coming weeks

The response makes sense. December 2010 was as excellent earning month for most of the bloggers.

Recently Darren from Problogger confirmed that he had ever best month December 2010

My December earnings went up unexpectedly.

Its all due to Christmas promotions and all advertisers spent their balance budgeted money for advertising.

The new year 2011 just started, therefore companies will be not spending more money on advertising right now. This factor is not only effecting Contexweb, but all other ad networks including Google adsense. Most of the bloggers experiencing less earnings with adsense in January 2011. Earnings are very less compare to December 2010, its proving the response from Contextweb support staff.

Need a Proof?

Here is the Fill rate of December 2010

Contextweb CPM Fill Rate Drop

Fill rate for January 2011 so far.

Contextweb CPM Fill Rate Drop

The January 2011 fill rate clearly shows the drop, which is by 50%.

Anyhow, since all bloggers and ad networks are facing same issue in this month, I decided to keep Contextweb CPM network in my blog for sometimes.

We can’t expect a great hike in February too, but March should be good for all.

By the way, there is a live webinar on How To Optimize Your Online Ad Earnings & Fill Rates on their Contextweb home page. Click here to register. Its not opening from here, please share if it works or not.

Do share your experience with ad networks revenue on your blog so far in January 2011.

I suggest to keep Contextweb on your website till all ad networks start picking up.

Join Contextweb CPM network here.

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