Contextweb Review in My Experience – Best CPM Ads

I think I have enough of working experience and earnings with Contextweb (ADSDAQ) to write a post about them. Here is the Contextweb review in my experience. It’s a best and reliable CPM network you can try. I have earned several hundreds dollars from them and they sent the payment check on time.


It is a CPM ( Cost Per Mile) network where you get pay for every impressions. Normally, joining with CPM networks is slightly tough job for bloggers with low traffic. Some CPM networks rejected my site when I met their requirements. Then I tried Contextweb CPM network and they approved my blog quickly.

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The Best part from Contextweb is, Ask price and backup tags. More information about these two unique features and how its working are mentioned in this post.

Do you want a payment prove? check this post.

When considering this post as Contextweb review, I have to mention good and bad points too.

Contextweb Review – What’s Good?

1) Ask Price

2) Backup tags

More information about these two options available here.

3) Good Support

Their support is good. I had to change my check delivery address, their system allows it, but still I wanted to make sure it will not create any issues. So, I contacted them through live chat, the person gave me full information and support, even he checked up with Finance department immediately and confirmed that address change will not create any issues. He sent the chat history and confirmation to my email after chatting.

4) Reasonable Paying CPM Network

Because of you can set your ask price for CPM, its a good way to earn good income. They fill the ad slots with backup tags when they can’t meet your ask price. Ask price should be reasonable to balance the Contextweb and backup tag ad fill rates.


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5) Payment on Time

I received two payments via check so far. 30 day payment circle. So, they sent the September earnings on before November 5th. Not bad. PayPal should be faster.

If you search on internet, you will not find much cases on payments issues with Contextweb.

6) Good Reporting System

Impressions and calculations are almost real time in reporting systems. Recently they have upgraded their dashboard with more informative graphs.


(Click on picture to enlarge)

7) Ad control and Block them

You have control on ads which should appear. You can block non relevant ads to your blog to make a better user experience.

8.) Connect with other ad networks

This is another cool feature in Contextweb. It allows you to connect other 450 CPM,CPA, CPC advertisers such as Tribal fusion, CPX etc. You can select advertisers depends on better ad quality and payout option.

Contextweb Review – What’s Bad?

1) Most of the time they fill ads for US and Europe traffic only.

If your major traffic source country is not US, then this is not suitable for you. They fill ads with ask price for US and Europe traffic only.

2) Slow Loading

Yes, it makes the page loading slow. I’m sure they do not have the world’s fasted ad serving server.  Each ad slot goes to their server, then verified the traffic source and ask price, if it can’t be filled, then goes to backup ad server such as adsense or technorati media CPM. This long process takes time and make your page loading slow.

Contextweb claims that this process takes place in milliseconds. 😉

Recently I have removed one ad slot due to slowness and low fill rate.

3) Several DNS Lookups

This point goes with above slowness issue. Each ads are loading after several DNS lookups.

4) Could be better Ad creating platform

If you are new to Contextweb and wants to create your first ad slot without checking their demos, then you would be in slight trouble. It could have been better with one sheet and view like adsense.

5) Is it 100% Revenue Sharing?

I doubt. If you get 100% what you asked, and other impressions transferred to backup tags, then how Contextweb making money and running their company?. There should be some catch, what you say?

This is the Contextweb review from my experience. Before I enter into CPM monetizing method, I have listed out few CPM networks that I wanted to join, Contextweb (ADSDAQ) is one of them.

I highly recommend to try Contextweb CPM network on your blog.

Share your good or bad working experience with Contextweb.

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31 thoughts on “Contextweb Review in My Experience – Best CPM Ads”

    • Hi Loyd,
      The country I’m living is not supported by PayPal to receive money.
      I had several bad attempts with PayPal and got my money stuck.

      Contextweb supports and pays well via PayPal. Nothing to worry.

  1. Contextweb is not a revshare model, so it’s not 100%. You get what you ask for. If your ask price is 0.50 for 1000 impressions, that’s what you’ll get (for the impressions they take, what they can’t buy at that price/category/demo they send to your backup tag)

    this means you should set the ask price higher than what you make with your backup to try to maximize revenue from both together.

    I find that you need to have a decent number of impressions to make money with contextweb, but if you set it up correctly you won’t lose money from your backup (adsense in my case)

    • Bear,
      Currently I have $1.50 and $1.25 for two slots.
      You have to set this nicely without effecting your backup tags impressions, so fill rates and earnings will be equally shared.

  2. Hi,

    I need some help of yours.

    1. What is CPM? Means Adsense pays in accordance to the clicks made on the ads, but what is CPM and how is ask price related to it? Is it cost per 1000 page impressions?

    2. I’ve registered, got my account as well as site approved. But I’m unable to generate ad tags.

    I might be a bit confusing in explaining my queries. Hope you will understand.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Vikram,

      CPM pays for each 1000 page impressions (with their ad), no matter how many clicks it receives. Most of the CPM companies have hidden CPM rates, where you can’t receive the exact and guaranteed CPM amount.

      with Contextweb, they pay the exact CPM amount you set via ‘Askprice’
      More information available here,

      I know creating first ad unit in Contextweb is a confusing job, I will write a post about it.
      Please stay tuned.

    • Yes.
      Some advertisers run PPC campaign for specific region or country.
      For example, my site will not show the same Google adsense ad in India and USA, it could be different due to traffic source.

  3. I did join through your link and setup the adzone but I am very confused in tax information page that is ‘My Money Setup’ because in the W-8 BEN form or any other form I have to choose ‘SSN or ITIN’ or ‘EIN’ I don’t have social security no. and I don’t know the rest of other option. Only I have my Indian Identification no. and my PAN card. what will I have to do? I will wait for your reply.

    • Hi, Sorry for late reply.
      You can enter Indian ID number in SSN or ITIN, they will accept it. I don’t know whats PAN card.

      Let me know the result. Thanks for joining via my link.

  4. Today i joined Contextweb but i am getting trouble while feeling the tax related information in My $$$ page as i don’t know much about it. so i am getting confused. Can u help me on this Please.

    • Nagesh,
      You just type your ID in tax number with selecting your country properly. They will accept. Or you can contact their support via Live chat, they will help you out nicely. Good luck.
      Your website is something different, good 🙂

  5. Dinesh Bro i have few questions to ask
    1. yesterday i got an account with Contextweb and till today i got 6000 page impressions from 3 different ad units. but my revenue or paid impression is still zero. plz tell me why ?? coz where as i know contextweb pay for each impression.
    2. how to set an ask price ??? plz explain with example. i will be greatful to u .

    3. and how to setup performance eprice ???

  6. Thanxx Dinesh. I Am from India Too…My Website is also Getting Traffic …I created the blog 2 days ago and my traffic is not bad……
    i also signed into contextweb but my account is still pending??? Do you know how much does it take to get approved ??

  7. Just sign up and place it on my site. The fact is the ads really slower your site speed (1-2 seconds) which I think is really bad. Looking for an alternative now.

  8. Hi,
    im from india.
    howz im fill tax form in contextweb.
    when i filled its saying to fill US taxpayer identification number..
    So may i know whta should i fill there?

  9. Hello.
    My website is a month to go from being finished but it will have a large content with almost 70.000 pages.
    I have quite a lot of fans from various countries on social media and forums, just talking about it, all of them anxiously waiting for the website to be available.
    I am very intrested in Contextweb, but i am not able to find the CPM rates for each particulr country, because my fans are from all around the world, especially from different european countries with lmost 30 percent from estern europe..

  10. great site and fast loading by the way… thanks for the great and comprehensive review of context web… going to try to sign up for it, it might work…

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