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DBM Reboot, What Do You Expect?

Hey, I’m planning to reboot this DailyBlogMoney blog and make it active in the New year 2016. As a regular or ‘interested’ reader of DBM (Daily Blog Money), I like to know your suggestions and expectations that you need from this blog (from me).

I know this blog is being idle for quite some time, I do not write new posts frequently or reply your comments. For example, I have published only 6 posts in 2015. I feel guilty and even shame of my silence on this blog. I’m going to make few changes and be active here. But as a reader of this site, I really appreciate your expectations and requirements from this blog.

Basically I started this blog back in 2010 to share my blogging knowledge and activities. It was an interesting time, because I was learning lots of new tips/tricks in blogging and growth of traffic and earnings were exciting. So, it used to be an interested period for me to share my experience through DBM. I got good response and almost built a great community around DBM. Unfortunately day by day things started changing when nothing interested or ‘worth to share’ happened in my blogging career recent years.


After seeing few emails from my readers and reading other blogs which teach about blogging, I understand that still there is need of blogging information exist. Still the new people in blogosphere are struggling to find the correct basic information, products and resources. That motivates me to spend some more time to reboot DBM and be active in New Year 2016. It has become one of my New Year resolution.

Anyhow, here is what you need to do for me, suggest me a one or more points/changes/requirements you need from DBM and me. It will be helpful to design the reboot process and prepare my future plans more useful for readers around DailyBlogMoney.

I’m hoping to see some constrictive inputs from you.


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