Happy New Year and Check My Blogging Diary 2010

Hello readers, ‘ Happy New Year ‘ and have a wonderful new year 2011.

2010 was a fantastic year for me in blogging, I’m sure you would have had a nice year too. I wish and pray for  the best new year 2011 for you, your blog and family.


I think, I can share my blogging journey of 2010, so it will be a real experience from a part time blogger. The below traffic stats from Google analytics for my main blog Sysprobs.com can give an idea how was 2010 for me .


My Blogging Diary 2010

When I started

I seriously started (Resumed) blogging in March 2010. Three facts motivated me to concentrate on blogging.

1) User comments and appreciations

2) Money – Everyone had a real bad time with money in 2010 due to global economy. I set target to earn 10$ daily from my blog.

3) Learning – Running a tech blog is not easy without learning and testing new things on live environment.  Blogging helped me to learn so many things new.

From that day, I blog at Sysprobs.com about desktop virtualization, Windows 7 and Hackitosh on virtualization platforms.

By end of October 2010 I started this DailyBlogMoney.com blog to share my experience and learning in blogging to help other new and part time bloggers.

How I Generated Traffic

In 2010 ‘Contents producing’ is my main traffic generating way. I have not involved in guest blogging, continues blog commenting and social networking to get traffic. I will be trying these methods in new year 2011.

I have explained the steps I used to increase traffic in my earlier post,

Top Ten Posts in 2010

There are some posts in my blog which lead the traffic all the time. One post is continuously producing more than 1000 page impressions daily. If you are interested to view the top ten blog posts in Sysprobs, visit the top ten articles of 2010

The Problems I Faced

To be honest, being a serious part time blogger is a tough job. You have to handle your full time job, blogging, family, friends and career development properly, otherwise you will be in trouble one day.

1) It was difficult for me to publish articles very regularly, because of time constrain with full time job and family activities. Sysprobs is mostly related to how to’s in desktop virtualization, so I had to test them physically and explain the steps in each posts.

2) Delay in replying comments and emails. Again, this is due to busy with other things, on the other hand, I have to admit that I was poor in time management.

3) I lost Google’s PR due to my big mistake.

4) Payment Issues. My home country and the country I’m living now, both not supported to receive money via paypal. I lost so many direct advertisers by this issue. One infolinks payment (around 70$) stuck with paypal. I changed the infolinks payment method to Payoneer card, there also my 60$ got stuck and I never received the Payoneer card.

5) Hosting Issues with DailyBlogMoney.com. This blog is hosted in Hostnine, really it sucks. I hosted here because I wanted to join Onlineprofits

How I Monetized My Blog

I started using following money making programs.

1) Adsense – Joined in 2007. So, its up and running from January 2010

2) Infolinks – From March 2010

3) Contextweb (ADSDAQ) CPM  Network – August 2010

4) Technorati CPM Network – August 2010

5) Google Affiliate Network – July 2010

Due to paypal issue and my blog design, I couldn’t get any direct ads, but I didn’t worry much.

How Much Money I Made in 2010 by Blogging

As you can see in earlier point, I joined most of the programs after June 2010 (already half year gone), the earning started to increase after August only. Anyhow, here is the breakdown in approx US dollars.

Adsense –                            2212

Infolinks –                               462

Contextweb –                          607

Technorati CPM –                  311

Google Affiliate Network –      17

Total –                                    3609

So, monthly average is 3609/12= 300 US Dollars. Its not bad ah..Winking smile

I maintain a Excel sheet with the earnings and graphs (I’m not good in Excel, but somehow managed).  I don’t mind to share that to my readers.


Don’t confuse, I have not added other programs such as Contextweb and Technorati, but the total earnings graph is included all.

I’m hoping to touch $1000 per month mark any time in 2011.

The Mistakes I Did in 2010

The terrible mistake I did was, splitting my domain and rejoining.  It effected my Google PR very much.

Earlier I was having a blog with virtualization and Windows contents. I thought both are different topics, so decided to start a sub domain for virtualization and moved the particular category contents.

Both was doing fine and I was so happy to receive PR4 and PR2 for my  blogs at the first Google PR update. Day by day I felt difficult to run both blogs and publish posts regularly, so again decided to combine them. I lost the valid incoming links and finally my blog got PR1 at the next update.

What I Learned

It’s more. I have to write them all in one post and publish separately. I’m thinking to publish it as a guest post in one of the famous blog. Stay tuned, I will update here too.

What You Can Get

If you read this post up to here, I’m thanking you for that. I’m hoping my these points would be an eye opener for you in a way. My traffic and earning graphs are not went up in a day or month, it took  time.

Blogging needs time, you can’t do any magic and follow short cuts to increase your traffic and earnings. Making money from blog is very much possible.

Understand the basics, realize the facts, estimate the competition and work according to it. 2011 will be excellent blogging life for you.

My journey started very slowly, but I’m happy with the outcome now. Still I will be trying to improve my blogging skills, traffic and of course earnings in coming 2011.

Plan your blogging ideas properly for 2011, make them realistic and achievable. Be patient, keep the money second in your mind and blog for passion and success.

Good Luck. You can always visit my this blog to get more updates.

Happy New Year again. Happy Blogging 2011.

  • Did you already write a post about how you “lost Google’s PR due to big mistake”? I would be very interested to read a post like that, and to learn from your mistakes. Thanks!

    • I have not published a post about it, but here is the summary,

      1) Do not change domain names after you established well with back links and PR.

      2) Google itself said that they do not guarantee the same PR for your new domain after you completed all requirements (301 redirect from old domain , etc)

      3) The only best way to keep your old PR or at least to catch that, contact the backlink owners to point to new blog.

      4) I’m not sure whether I have done all settings properly to keep the same PR4 at that time (because I was new). I would have made some technical mistakes.

      Hope these points would give some ideas to you.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi Dinesh, I have found real useful tips on your blog. I am having a slight problem with mine it would be great if you can help. Its my 6th month of running youthfrenzy.com an online magazine site that covers multiple niche topics.
    Despite constantly working and producing some good articles, I haven’t even touched $100 due to low CPC. I get almost 600 to 800 average daily visits now. But both CTR and CPC are low. Can you help me and tell where I am going wrong??
    I would really appreciate that.

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