How ADSDAQ Contextweb CPM Works on a Blog

How ADSDAQ Contextweb CPM Works

CPM (Cost Per Mile) is another way to monetize a blog or website. It doesn’t depend on your visitors’ clicks, so it’s a good and simple way, but suitable for decent daily traffic blogs. In my last monthly income report I made some money from ADSDAQ Contextweb CPM. It’s a pretty cool program and you get approve very quickly without any issues most of the time. If you are not sure what it is and how ADSDAQ contextweb CPM works, this post explains it.

How ADSDAQ Contextweb CPM Works

It’s a CPM program but works slightly different. The main two differences are,

1) Set your Ask Price (What eCPM you want)

2) Backup tags from other networks.

My last month earning was 120$ and before 85$. I’m hoping good amount in this November. It’s a good earning since I don’t need to do anything to get clicks or disturb my CPC programs such as Google adsense.

The Features I like

1) Ask Price.

You can set your ask price for particular ad slot. For example, $2 for 300*250 slot in your side bar. They will pay you that amount. But, here is the catch.

They will not fill your all page impressions with their ads.

Let’s say, when your blog is experiencing 5000 page views daily; they may fill the ads on 2000 pages only. Mainly it depends on traffic location (only US and near countries), unique view, niche and keywords.

In above example your fill rate is (2000/5000)*100 = 40%

(ADSAQ Impressions/Total Impressions)*100

Still, it’s a good feature that you can make good money because eCPM is guaranteed.

None of the CPM networks give this option or you can’t tell their exact eCPM rate.

So, next question is what will happen to your balance 3000 (60%) page views? How it will be filled?. Here comes the ‘backup tags’.

2) Backup Tags

This is another cool feature other CPM programs do not provide. You can provide a backup tag which means other programs’ ad codes; it can be adsense, Valueclick, Adbrite, Burst Media or any network. When ADSDAQ Contextweb can’t fill the ad slot for your ask price and location of traffic it will pass the slot to your backup tag ad network.

So, in this example balance 3000 (60%) page views will be filled by adsense or other network you mention.

This feature helps you to monetize the ad slot from other programs too.

Let’s say for example, you are making 1.5 $ eCPM from an ad network for specific slot. Now you can set  2 $ or 1.75 $ ask price from Contextweb for this slot. They will try to fill ads for 1.75$, if not, it will be pass it to 1.5 $ network which you were making already.

In this way, you can improve the earnings for specify slot.

When you create 2 to 3 ad slots like this on your blog, definitely it will make good money from each page view.

There are some techniques involved in setting ask price and improve the earnings from ADSDAQ Contextweb. Don’t worry, it’s not a rocket science, but I will be covering them in future articles.

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I will try my best to assist you.

    • krishna,
      I meant 2$ is a CPM rate that they will try to fill the ad slot. If Contextweb can’t find the ads for $2 CPM, then they will transfer to backup ad network
      So, somehow if you get 1000 impressions with Contextweb ads then you will earn $2 daily.
      Hope its clear now. 😉

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