How Long Takes to Earn First 100 Dollars from Adsense – Simple Calculation

After we have successfully joined the Google Adsense program, the next target for most of us is to reach the payment threshold 100$. How long does it take? When I started blogging and joined Google Adsense program back in 2008, this was the question came to my mind. Searching on Google did not return much useful information. Let me explain and show the simple calculation it may help in identifying the time period you need to make your first 100 dollars from Adsense.

The truth is, it is not straight forward or valid for all blogs. It is difficult to predict and confirm the time-span to make your first 100 dollars from Adsense. Because the earning from Adsense is completely different for every blog, topic, traffic source and country of the visitors.

UPDATE: I’m updating this post almost after 9 years (from the original version) to reflect the current market.

Below was my first check from Google Adsense which took quite a long time.

How Long Takes to Earn First 100 Dollars from Adsense

In my experience, Google Adsense is one of the best programs to make money from blogs until you become a pro blogger to create your own product or start affiliate marketing. Getting the first payout 100 dollars is a very painful period for any bloggers. It took 29 months to reach 100 dollars in the year 2010 for me ( Yes, I had some gaps in my blogging life), but now things are much better.

Let’s go to the point. This is just an average calculation with assumption. None of the Adsense publishers are allowed to publish their exact details stats like RPM, CPC, and CTR publicly which is against Google Adsense TOS.

Important Factors

There are a few factors involved in deciding the time period to earn your first 100 dollars from Adsense. I’m not going to explain deeper, as a blogger you must be knowing about them well.

Page CPM (Cost Per Mile) directly impact the formula and your current CPM/RPM can say that when you will make your 100 dollars.

Few factors impact earning ultimately.

  • CTR ( Click Through Rate)
  • RPM is a new factor ( Revenue Per Mile)
  • Your blog niche (topic)
  • Type of visitors (whether they are your regular, or new visitors, coming from search engines, direct, social media…etc)
  • Page views
  • The number of Ads you show on your website.

Playing around with the above factors and tweaking them will lead you to make money quicker.

As said earlier, CPM (now it is RPM in Adsense) decides everything here. Adsense CPM indicates how much you earn from every 1000 page impressions with Adsense ads (no matter how many ads on them) from your blog.

If you earn 5$ from 2500 page impressions, your RPM is,

(5/2500)*1000 = 2$

You earn 2$ from every 1000 impressions.

How Long Does it Take to Earn First 100 Dollars From Google Adsense [Updated in 2019]

Here is the point, I can’t tell what is the best RPM at the moment, it completely depends on your blog niche and traffic source. If you and I have different blog topics and main visitors are coming from different countries, then our CPM/RPM will have a big difference.

Since the ad competition keeps increasing, the bidding prices from the advertisers keep rising. So, as publishers, we can get benefit from the higher competition among advertisers. The RPM is kept increasing compared to earlier years. When the advertiser pays the highest price for a click (which is CPC), our RPM goes up.

At the current market, anything between 2$ to 5$ RPM is a good rate. If it is less than 2$, then you must do something to improve it. If it is above 5$, you are doing a good job.

In this example, we will take 3$ as average RPM and to make the calculation easy, we will do it for the first 105 dollars.

So with 3$ eCPM/RPM to earn 105 dollars, you need 35,000 page impressions.

(1000/3)*105 = 35,000

This figure can be less or more for you because it depends on type visitors, the source of traffic and country of origin which make these impressions.

Let’s go to the next step.

When a visitor visits your blog, he or she checks average of 1.5 pages on your blog.

To get 35,000 page impressions, you need 23,340 visitors.

(1/1.5) * 35,000 = 23,340

Again, this 23,340 visitors can be from direct, referral, social networking, and search engines sources.

Mostly the search engine traffic users (who come from Google, Bing and Yahoo search) will be useful for any CPC programs including Google Adsense. Because they are the new users will probably click the ads on your website. Your regular visitors and social networking users may not be interested in the ads showing up in your blog.

65% to 75% search engine traffic will be healthy for a blog in my opinion. In this example, we will take 70%.

So, in 23,340 visitors, you need 70% of organic traffic, which is 16,338 visitors

(70/100)*23,340 = 16,338 visitors from Search Engines


It is around 16,400 real users you need from search engines to make the 100 dollars from Adsense.

Now you need to see your Google Analytics and find out how many real users you are getting from search engines (traffic source=search engines). That will give an idea that how long you should wait and work to get your first 100 dollars from Adsense.

Wow, that’s a big number.

Now you can get a rough idea based on your average CPM (Also called RPM) and daily search engine traffic to know when you will get the first 100 dollar Adsense check.

If you are getting around 100 visitors via search engine daily, then it may take around 6 to 7 months to get your first 100 dollars from Adsense.

But one thing, Your blog will not be getting the same 100 daily search engine visitors for the next 6 months, it will gradually increase when you update your blog with unique content regularly. So, once you do blogging properly with correct techniques, then you can reach 16,500 search engine visitors quickly and get your 100 dollars.

Finally, it all depended on your Adsense optimization methods to get higher CTR, CPC and CPM, organic traffic and keyword selection. But to know these techniques, it will take some time for new bloggers.

I hope that I have thrown some lights in giving the direction and few ideas about making your first 100 dollars from Google Adsense.

If you find it useful, please share it.

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    • Praveen thanks for your comment.
      Yes, during the month end the pay varies after Google audited the clicks. But, I don’t think it will be much.

      Welcome to my blog.

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  2. Make money with Google Adsense is a hard progress that we should to patient and never give up. It’s depending most on your traffic source ( search engines are good ) and ad-placement !

  3. I still remember the days when I use to earn only $10 or less every month and it took me about an year to reach first $100 milestone. The things have gone much better as I have learned many new things but still its a long way to go.
    My earning heavily depend on traffic from google (about 80%) so if I beat my competitors on my mobiles site for google results I get huge earnings otehrwise my earnings remain normal.

    • Yes raybak,
      Search engine traffic will increase the adsense earning. If you can beat you competitor in famous keyword, then definitaly it will boost the earning.
      Good luck.

      • dear sir

        i am mehar i wanna eran money by adsne i dont have any good siurcees. i wanna do somthing for my family i realy need money i dont have much time to spent on internet. ve got accidant now i am not able to oprate copmuter more than 30 to 5o minuts.. can u do u do somthing for me.

        plz i have 75000 required for my back bone oprations. i wanna fast erning .plz help me

  4. But isn’t getting difficult to get as Adsense acoount for new bloggers in sub-continents. I had a year old blog but i didn’t get the approval. It rejects it everytime with a new reason.
    Do you know any way how could I get a Adsense account?

  5. hii first of all i saw your site and i got it very very good for new bloggers and i also learned so much from it thanks for your posts i want to ask u one thing , that the RPM earning witch is calculated in our adsense account will we get them? or only estimated earnings we will get? please tell thanks.

  6. Hi, I’m 3 months old blogger. I have a question. I have some important information which many peoples are looking on the SUB-PAGE.

    I advertise make advertisements on some website about this sub-page (using the link). I wants to know if someone come through this link and click on adsense ads – Will it be counted as valid click (ofcourse it is showing me clicks and earnings). But just to clear my doubt ???

    thanks for your time.

    • Ajaz,
      Yes, these clicks will be treated as valid.
      There are plenty of sites using adwords to advertise then use the same traffic to earn money from adsense ads in their sites.
      Google is against ‘paid to surf’ programs, so make sure your traffic generation method is not falling in this category.

  7. Thanks for this post! I own a few different websites and derive almost all of my traffic from organic search results. I installed adsense for the first time on one of my blogs and was curious how much traffic I would need to generate substantial revenue. I believe the potential is there but it will be something that will take much time and practice. Your post at least gives a person an idea whether they should try to monetize their blog or not.

  8. Hi! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing many months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any methods to stop hackers?

  9. Hi Dinesh,
    Can you please help me with my blog? I am getting 1 click=0.7,this is very low but I don’t have any knowledge how to increase it, please have a looks at my blog and please suggest me with the required changes that i should make.

    Thanks !

    • I looked at your blog, you are already using a good theme and ad placement. I suggest to change the ad color to blue and monitor the performance.

      You must target visitors in USA, Europe and surround countries, these areas bring good CPC. Also, frequently do a keyword research and include high paying keywords in your articles.

      You must increase the global traffic.

      Good luck

  10. plz sir i am waiting ur response. i wanna also enjoy my life .but now iam not able to do any think i cant walk,icant sit more than 3o to 4o minuts plz any one cn help me plzz i need fast erning for mine oprate plzzzzzzzzz help plzz save mine life plzzz

  11. The first 30 days you will make $100 dollars. Its totally depend on your ad placement, template, keywords and quality traffic . you can earn 10 usd per day with 5000 visitor or you can earn 10 usd in a single click with 50 visitor.

    • You are correct Shah,

      All depends on how you selected the keyword and traffic source too. But getting 10$ per click is not easy or you can’t expect that to happen every time.
      Thanks for your comment.

    • Auren,

      Thanks for the comment.
      The actual CPC of an ad is not connected to page views or CTR. Its only connected with the keyword, traffic country and quality of ads.

      Yes, at the end pageview will influence the average CPC of your website.

      I think the following post will give some ideas and how to increase the adsense CPC.

    • Then you need to write more and more than publishing just pictures. Write some thing that people are searching in internet and make sure your article is listed in first page of Google search results. That will help to get more visitors to your blog.

      Good luck.

  12. You’ve written very concise insights on adsense earning. Working to earn online money, also needs motivation. Without motivation, we’ll probably stop half way. And I can say that your blog that shares your experience is really useful to boost our motivation. Keep on moving everyone. Wish you all achieve your success soon!

    • @Auren, I’m fine and thanks for asking.

      First of all, do not say your RPM, CPC and CTR publicly, its against Google TOS.

      Google Adsense works on CPM base also, which means you get pay for ad impressions. The earning might be lower than clicks (CPC), but you get some extra earnings by showing advertisers ads too. In adsense advanced report, you can find the targeting type earning which will give clear idea.
      I can’t tell any solutions, because you do not need to do anything for that. In fact, its an advantage for publishers because we get pay without any clicks, that’s cool in adsense.

      Hope I cleared your doubt. Let me know.

    • You need to get new and search engine visitors, these people will have interest to click your ads. Also, increase the traffic globally. Do not target particular country people.
      Good luck.

  13. nice post…i like the way you calculate..

    but one thing… you see right now, my blog is ranked high in google first page but the keywords are not very popular…less than 50 searches monthly (because it is not in english..)

    So I planned to use google keyword and try to post about wider topics in my niche…I hope it works on me….

    Do you have any suggestion???

  14. ok..i have two question to ask..

    1) I have seen that you got your payment in us dollars. But i have chosen indian rupee as the payment currency in my adsense account. Does this confirms that i will be paid in Indian rupee form ?

    2) If yes, then what about the currency conversion charges/process ?

    Please do reply :))

    • @Abhishek,
      Thanks for your comments.
      I think you will be paid by Indian rupees and currency rate will be calculated everyday once they finalize the earnings. I’m not sure about this process. Because I’m an Sri Lankan and I have not heard anything about Indian adsense payments.

  15. Hey dinesh I want to ask you how can i increase my CPM. Its coming way less than $1. My blog is multi niche magazine blog. Is that the reason? or am I not using the right keywords?

  16. Dear admin, i just want to confirm one thing. Whenever i apply for ad sense approval they don’t approve it all and say that unfortunately we are not able to approve your ad sense account. Please check my site and let me know if there is something wrong with it and how can i get approved with it. Its already one year old blog. Plz reply soon.

  17. Hi dinesh,
    Information given by you is really cool and helpfull to new bloggers. I run a website which is a discussion forum for electronics and communication students and professionals.
    So whats your view about a discussion forum revenues from google adsense. We just got live on last sunday and on daily basses i am getting average 100 visits per day with 1000 page views. So now is it time to apply for google adsense???
    And ya CPM and CTR both runs togather??
    As if a visitor come on my website and clicks google adsense add than approx how much i will be paid?
    And CTR earning are added with CPM?

  18. This is really hard specially with the connection bills, hosting and domain bills to be paid every month, you really have to get some money from somewhere else besides adsense to keep up with all the monthly bills.

  19. Dear Dinesh,
    Please help me with my blog? I am not getting much visitors and I don’t know how to increase it, please have a looks at my blog and suggest me with the required changes and ad placement or corrections that i should make…….

  20. Excellent.!!!
    Very Well Described…:)
    I Started My Blog In Spetember 2012.Working Hard To get Organic Trrafic So I Can Apply For Adsense.(Now after 4 months getting little bit organic trrafic but still way to go) 😀
    Thanks For The Rough Idea how Much Will I Earn When I have Adsense On My Own Blog.

  21. Google adsense requires you to have enough contents for your adsense to be approved. That is always my problem when I started. I already gave up with adsense, but I don’t wanna give up blogging!

    So I signed up with WordPress. I was not aware before whether there is an opportunity to make money at WordPress but I got significant traffic. around 50 to 100 views a day. When I learned about WordAds, I signed up and fortunately approved. It’s my first month and I am having just 100+ visits a day so I am not sure how much will I earn. Do you have any idea?

    The problem with wordpress is just that you need your own domain to be able to run advertisements. You are not allowed to have affiliate links.

    • ‘Health’ is something big. You may need to narrow down your topic and see the competition. If you are confident, then take it to the next step.

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