How to Find Competition on a Keyword For Free For Your Next Post

When it comes to finalize the keyword we need to target in next article, we always get confused with doubts. In my opinion,writing an article by keeping a keyword in mind will always help in getting more search engine traffic and Google Adsense earnings. In this post let me show a simple and free way to find the competition on a keyword.

Once you select a topic, next thing is to find a relevant keyword which should bring good search engine traffic (so it must have less competition in Google search result) and higher Adsense earning (so it must have higher Adsense CPC). By following below method you can guess the competition of particular keyword in Google search result page for free, that will help in eliminating high competitive keywords. Nothing is 100% guaranteed in blogging, but this method will give an idea of a keyword.

Currently I’m using two paid software to find keyword competition, LongTailPro and Micro Niche Finder. But still after doing competition test on these two paid software, I do follow this free method to make sure that the results are perfect and paid software are working accurately. Most of the time paid software results match with this free method, so I can safely say this method will work for you too.

The Method to Find Competition on Keyword For Free

It’s just by a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers.

Go to SEOquake website and download the browser add-on for your internet browser.

SEOquake for free keyword check


Enable it from browser settings,

enable it

Now go to Google and type the keyword you want to check the competition. In this example I type ‘Windows 8 download’ to see the competition.

Let’s look at first 5 URLs in the result page.

first result

I can straightaway say that this keyword is difficult to target, you know why?

1) First 3 URLs are having higher PR

2) Most of them are aged domains (except last one which is 2005)

3) Alexa rank of these sites much higher than your or my blogs

4) If you see the number of Indexed links in Google and Bing, it’s very high compared to our blogs.


Here is my another attempt for different keyword, this time I tried ‘windows 8.1 crack download’ and the result is,

I think I can give a try for this keyword, which is not tough like earlier one, here are the reasons for it.

2nd result

1) Even though first two results are from Facebook (which is having more indexed links and good Alexa rank), I guess those are some Facebook pages which do not have any PR.

2) All results do not have any PR

3) Last three URL websites are mostly started on 2013 only,

4) Number of indexed links by Google and Bing do not look that much higher compared to previous result (except Facebook)

5) As a last test, I will visit these sites and see how they have written articles, covered on page SEO and how strong they are in social media networking.


As I said earlier, nothing is guaranteed in blogging. I do not say if you write a post about ‘windows 8.1 crack download’ today, your link will appear in Google’s first 5 results by tomorrow. But my point is, ‘windows 8.1 crack download’  keyword is having less competition than ‘Windows 8 download’ keyword.

This free method on how to find competition on a keyword will help you to eliminate high competitive keywords where you do not need to spend your time to write and promote them.

I hope this guide would be helpful in someway to finalize your keyword for your next article.

As usual I expect your comments and question about this method.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for this method.

    My question: Do these results match with Keyword Planner?

    Also how did you find out the next keyword -” windows 8.1 crack download”?


    • @Avadhut,
      Thanks for your comment and questions.
      We can’t compare SEOquake results with Google keyword planner, because both are completely different. Keyword planner will give ideas, bidding price, search numbers, competition (This is not the competition we discussed in this post for bloggers, keyword planner competition is for advertisers who want to bid on particular keyword. High demand keywords will have high competition and higher bid rate).

      I got the second keyword from Google suggestion. Here you can use same Google keyword planner to find good keywords and filter them by number of searches and bid rate. Then check the Google search result competition as shown in this guide.
      Let me know if you have further questions.

  • hiee dinesh,

    i am following your blog for last 3-4 months, as inspired i also want to make money online because i am jobless, but i dont know where to start, i am diploma student but no job, i want to start earning by blogging but i dont know even ABC of blogging and my english was also very poor,

    please help if you can.

      • @vinay rao,
        Blogging and make money online need patience, if you leave a such comment in this blog after a day posting your comment, I think you need to learn about basics on online, blogging and internet marketing.
        By the way, if you asked something specifically in blogging, I would have answered your question.But your question is something common, There are plenty of sources available on internet about how to start a blog, select a topic and make money out of it ( it will take minimum 6 months to start making money by blogging).
        After you have started, if you stuck with something specifically I will be happy to answer your questions.
        Good luck

  • hey dinesh sir….
    I m regular user of ur this site, but from last some days when i open ur site in my mobile it will automatically redirected some p0rn site,look for today mobile[DOT]instabang[DOT]com is open…. i m using java based mobile using opera mini latest version and bcoz java no virus in my phone…. so plz look in matter……

    • @Akshay k, Thanks a lot for your message. Yes, I could see something wrong in my site via mobile phone access. Currently I guess it has been stopped. I will be checking it thoroughly. Thanks again.

  • Hi Dinesh….

    Firstly, I would like to thank for sharing great tips which very straight forward and easy to understand. But, the problem is I always (atleast weekly once) visit your website to check new articles.Unfortunately, I see same old posts 🙂 Please add more articles. Once again thank you


    • Thanks for the message.

      But what to write? I expect some valuable questions from my readers.

      Keep visiting, I will be publishing articles. 🙂

  • I need 1 suggestion. I’ve started a new website and I’m writing on it slowly due to my busy schedule. Now I have a keyword which don’t have any advertisers in Google adwords. The keyword is a Tamil word in English alphabets which is related to my website and it has decent monthly search in Google. Now for how much the minimum CPC can I advertise my site with that keyword in Adwords? I’m going to use Tamil words in the ads for higher CTR and is it a smart idea? I hope that the incoming vistors will surf around 5 pages and will become regular visitors. My site will also have atleast $0.10 CPC ads (currently I’m not displaying Adsense ads). So I must advertise that competitor less keyword for below $0.10 and is this possible?

    • That looks a great idea, (even I’m a Tamil would like see the your ad 🙂 ). Start with minimum bid amount even 0.01$ see how many clicks you get daily. You have to convert the incoming visitors to your desired purpose. Let me know how it is going.

  • @ Dinesh,
    You can write articles on the following topics,
    1. Is Media.Net pays higher than Adsense?
    2. Earning with Adsense using Adwords.
    3. Earning with Adsense using other Advertising networks.
    4. Can submit your monthly earnings report without fail.
    5. Can publish interviews of some well known bloggers.
    6. Thinking……

  • Dear Sir,

    Thanks For Article , Your Article Is very Useful. I Have Created Web Site For 3D Exterior Rendering Work And I Have Started SEO On This Web Site. I try On Page SEO But How To Find Top Keyword About Web Site. I want to Find Proper about Business . So I get Best Hit On My Web Site. Please Suggest Me Proper Idea.


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