How to Find Inner Pages Page Rank for Free

Recently Google rolled out long awaited public page rank update. This time it was a tough update for most of the bloggers and web site owners. My tech blog ( got PR 2 from PR1, which is not bad. Though, I’m not worrying too much about Page Rank, but it’s still a prestigious factor for all blog owners.  Page rank completely depends on quality dofollow backlinks. Most of us care about home page PR,  but your inner pages will be having higher PR than home page. I’m showing two simple and free methods to check inner pages page rank in this post.

Find Inner Pages Page Rank for Free

Why we have to find out inner pages page rank?

We can utilize this high PR  inner pages to pass the PR (Link) juice to home page. This will help to improve the home page’s PR in next major update.

1) SeoQuake Plugin

This is a simple and free plugin available for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Just download and install it. You can see a ‘SQ’ icon at top right side of browser, make sure its enabled.

Go to Google search engine and type; ( in this example,

It will display the all indexed pages in search result with lots of information including Page rank for each page.

Find Inner Pages Page Rank for Free

The problem with this method is, it can not be sorted.

For example, I do not want to press next and next to check the all pages’ PR in search result. Our main aim is to see the higher PR inner pages. It’s a difficult task here, therefore I prefer second method.

2) PaRaMeter Free Tool

This is a free tool developed by Cleverstat. This tool should be installed on local computer. You can download PaRaMeter here from official site.

First we need to extract the internal pages URL in order to check the inner pages page rank.

Open the software and go to ‘Extract Urls’ in Tools menu bar. Type the web address and you can select 2 or 3 Depth to extract Urls from home page. Click start, once its over press Save and Close button. This will pass the extracted Urls to main screen on PaRaMeter.

Find Inner Pages Page Rank for Free

Press Start button in main screen to get the Google Page Rank in inner pages.

Find Inner Pages Page Rank for Free

The feature I like in this method is, this can be sorted by ascending or descending order. My aim is to see the higher PR inner pages, so I can utilize these pages to increase my home page PR.

I’m sure this small guide would be helpful to find out the inner pages page rank of your blog or website.

What are the alternative methods you use for this purpose?

7 thoughts on “How to Find Inner Pages Page Rank for Free”

  1. Ah, this is a great tool! Thanks for pointing it out, I will definitely try it out.

    Did you get a pagerank for DailyBlogMoney yet? My blog is now officialy 4 months old, and I am still at PR 0.

    • Hi, Thanks for your comment.
      Mine also still PR0. I know it would not increase, because no quality backlinks or I have not done anything purposely to increase PR.

      You can find out some high PR sites in your niche with dofollow links. Leave some comments or publish some guest articles. It will definitely increase PR.

  2. thanks for the tools.. but i still curious how inner page is so important for the home page?
    should i put the link to home page on all high PR inner page?

    • Magz,
      I think it matters.
      As per Google, one page’s PR will be passed out to outbound (nofollow) links. Its not equal or applicable for all links, it depends on the link type (internal or external), related content, quality of destination link and more…
      So, when you have nofollow home link in your pages, I’m sure it will affect the home page PR. I think you do not need to add Home link manually, since it will be there in all pages and post already.
      But make sure you are not leaking the PR to non relevant external links.

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