How to Get Google Plus Invites? I will send it to you

After seeing demand for Google plus invitations and its been giving freely to readers in other blogs, then I thought, why I should not send Google Plus invitation to my readers?. Yes, I can send free Google plus invites to anyone who leaves comments for this post.

the google plus

Please make sure you are entering the correct email address while leaving the comment. I don’t need to say anything more about this new social networking site, I think three days ago Google confirmed that they have passed 10million users mark while its still working in invitation basis.

To make your life easy and to get this invitation freely, just leave a comment anything about DailyBlogMoney blog or Google + ( I meant, no need of tweeting or sharing in facebook). I will send the invitation as soon as possible.

This is not only for invitation purpose, but also to be in a circle with my readers to share the blogging and money making tips. I will be happy to have good discussions in Google+.

Welcome to my Circle!, Leave a comment below.

102 thoughts on “How to Get Google Plus Invites? I will send it to you”

    • Thanks for the comments.
      Sorry, I can’t confirm for everyone individually,

      BUT this message is to confirm that I have sent invitation to all of the readers left comment above this position.

  1. Ok Nice post bro .:)
    Your new site is working y not to put ads as it achieved nearly 100k rank???
    Your Money making tutorials are good And will be your regular visitor.Thanx

    • Hello friends,
      Invitation sent to all till this comment.

      Please let me know if I missed anyone. Leave the confirmation here or in my Google+

      See you there.

    • OK friends, invitation sent to all till here.

      I can’t guarantee further invitations as I’ll be away for few days.

      If others can invite the people who are leaving comments below this comment, it will be great and that’s called ‘Social networking’…….. πŸ™‚

  2. HI Dinesh

    Not only Google Plus – Anything offered by will be worthy for sure.Please send me one.

    With regards

  3. I’m not sure I like people calling Google+ the new Facebook. I left that sinking ship for a reason! An invite for Google+ would be much appreciated; I’d like the chance to make up my mind on it’s quality. Vielen Dank πŸ™‚

  4. I really like how you focus your posts… not too wordy, not too wandering. The SEO and strategy pointers are great, too, particularly when you point out how risky it is to try to game the ratings. And you’re pretty fair about what works and what doesn’t from the various vendors and folks-in-the-know. An invite, please? Thanks much.

  5. I want to try google plus so I can experience the circles feature and to have conversations with people about society, politics, etc. I would be greatly appreciate of an invite πŸ™‚ and converse with all!

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