How To Increase Targeted Twitter Followers In 15 Minutes Everyday

If you’re a twitter marketer, this post is for you. The power of twitter can no longer be neglected in your business. The reason why I’m sharing these twitter tips is because I just got my first client from my followers. You may not believe this especially when internet marketing is filled with garbage and marketing B.S.

Every day, thousands of people join twitter. And unlike Facebook, twitter is solely business-oriented. And that’s what makes the adventure fun and profitable. The people you would be targeting are already pre-sold in some way.

Although, there is no overnight success with any worthy marketing system, but you can tour a definite path that yields results faster. I’m not saying you should neglect all your marketing activities and focus on twitter, far from it. In essence, I’m advising you to give twitter a shot.

Increase Targeted Twitter Followers

Follow the steps below to literally grow your following and attract the right people who would foster the realization of your goals.

Plan Your Tweets Weekly

In order to increase your twitter following, you need to plan your tweets weekly. I couldn’t say daily because everyone has his own schedule for the day. But as much as you can, ensure you know what’s going out there. Why people fail with social media marketing is because of “haste.”

They simply tweet, share or like a content that offers no benefits for the reader. A proper plan helps to direct your thoughts and attitude towards twitter. If your goal is to get 100 followers every day, then make that clear on a piece of paper and scale it through.

Where would I be if I neglected planning in my business? Don’t see blogging as fun like most people do, it’s a business that requires proper business plan and how to execute them for results.


How To Get 100 Followers Daily

Yes, anyone can add 100 responsive followers to her twitter account. The first thing you’ve to do is register with

This is a twitter app that has an interactive platform. With this application (a site actually), you can follow someone you like right from the dashboard. And the good news is that anyone you follow is already interested in your offer.

But there are other benefits of using

Apart from growing your list, you can easily tweet and schedule your future tweets. Bloggers are writers and writers are the busiest people in the blogosphere. We barely have enough time to attend to our families and build other business deals.

But when you schedule, your triple your success even while you’re fast asleep.

Follow Popular People Always

There are laws that govern the universe. Coming down to our daily living, there are laws too. The moment you buy the idea of a successful person, success begins to knock on your door.

Do you know any entrepreneur that commands attention? Why not seek them out at twitter and follow them. You’ve to know that this simple tip can multiply your efforts and send 50 – 100 followers to your account.

They usually have strong and responsive followership base. As you follow them, you would be seen from the positive perspective and others will follow you. And most importantly, you can get a retweet to over 10,000 responsive twitter users and that’s a plus.


Twitter Marketing Takeaway

It doesn’t matter where you’re right now in your marketing endeavors, you can still make a big difference by incorporating twitter and other social media networks. Above all, put on the armor of self confidence and patience. The real success you seek may not come at the weekend, but it will definitely come at the end. See you at the top!


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  • Alot of people from twiends have the tendency to get your seeds and unfollow you. Only about 20% of the people at twiends are real followers. But hey, something is better than nothing right?

  • Thank you for this post Michael. I still have a lot to learn about social media marketing, and this is valuable info. I just joined Twiends and got 4 followers in less than 5 minutes. How about that!

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