How to Join Vibrant Media In-Text Ads Network?, When You Do Not Get Response From Them

If you are interested in joining Vibrant media In-text ads, and fed up by not getting response for your application, then this post will be useful. I assume you already applied via this link, but not received any response, even an acknowledgement email. It happened to me also. There are few drawbacks in this network and I can’t comment much on them because still I’m new to Vibrant media. But, one thing I can say surely, you can make more income by in-text ads than your current ad network.

Getting approval from Vibrant media ad network is really tough if you go without any reference. Otherwise, you have to contact one of the representative directly by email. What ever you do, make sure your blog is meeting their site requirement.

Site requirement to join Vibrant media in-text ads is slightly higher. 500,000 page impressions per month required and primary language should be English.

Check this official link about site requirements.

report summary

Don’t you have this much traffic on single blog?, but do you have multiple blogs which all are generating 500,000 PVs monthly altogether?, in this case you have a chance to join their network. You should implement vibrant media in all of your blogs.

Vibrant media representative clearly said in one of the forum (sorry, I don’t have link now) that they will not respond to any application with a blog which is not getting 500,000 PVs monthly. My question is, can’t they inform this to applicant? or at least an acknowledgement of application?. No answers for these question.

When my blog crossed 500,000PV monthly mark, I applied, but no response. So, again applied and same story. Then while checking the similar issues in other forums , found out an direct email address. For may mad luck, I had re apply again two times to get the approval.

Vibrant media in-text ads contributed considerably in my last two months earnings, Check the;

October 2011 and November 2011 blog income reports.


OK, let’s come to the point,

If you want to join Vibrant media in-text ads without any waiting or hassles, then I can be your referrer. Normally they respond to these types of applications very quickly. I can inform my account manager about your traffic details, so he will contact you directly.

I need to see your traffic report. Obviously, I can’t recommend a blog without seeing the exact traffic. We can try even if the monthly page view is marginally less than 500,000, or the combination of your blogs make this much impressions. Also, make sure more than 50% traffic of your blog is from United Sates and Europe. The more traffic you have from these countries bring more income.


Why I’m Referring you.

To be frank, they have referral program which can help me to make extra money, but it depends on your blog’s page impressions with Vibrant media ads.

Note– Not your all blog pages will make impression with Vibrant media ads, they specifically target special countries only.

If you think your single blog or combination of blogs meet their site requirement and you are looking for an alternative in-text ad network, then contact me, or email me to dinesh at . I will come back to you as soon as possible.

Definitely you will make good money.

12 thoughts on “How to Join Vibrant Media In-Text Ads Network?, When You Do Not Get Response From Them”

  1. The overall pageview of all my blogs doesn’t qualify their requirement and that explain why they didn’t respond me. Thanks for providing your info, Dinesh.
    I’d better concentrate on developing my sites further. 🙂

  2. extraordinary post .. really i love your english and mainly the way u write .. u have inspired the most … meanwhile thinking to start update the blog soon .. . think will reach this in an year ..will see .. good luck … chake de ..

  3. Hi Dinesh,
    Thanks for informing us about this. I’ll patiently wait till I get 500000+ Page views and the time I get it, I will contact you 🙂

    BTW, Why have you disabled Adwords on this blog?

    • @Avadhut,
      That day should be soon. Try your best.
      Yes, I removed the main adsense unit. It did not perform well, since most the my readers are bloggers and webmasters. So, I can’t expect them to click on my ads.
      A blog’s visitors type mainly influence the adsense earning by impacting the CTR.

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    Happy blogging,


  5. I think this post is suitable for everyone who is interested in valuable resources, thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Dinesh,

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  7. hi
    how to get pop-up while a website is in that we can send a pdf book to the readers and get them subscribed as a reader.

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