How to Modify Footer in Genesis WordPress Framework

Are you trying to modify the footer in genesis framework in wordpress, but cant find the footer.php file?, if so, this post will be useful for you. After I moved my two blogs to Genesis framework with lifestyle child theme, I had to modify the footer. Here are the steps involved in how to modify footer in genesis framework.

Modify Footer in Genesis WordPress Framework

As you are aware, genesis theme works with original frame work theme and child theme. It’s not recommended to modify any files or codes in original main framework, all modifications are acceptable in child theme only. In other wordpress themes. footer can be easily modified with footer.php file under theme appearance.

You can’t find the footer.php file in genesis child theme, therefore modifying is not straight forward. Modifying footer in genesis framework can be done easily by Simple Hooks plugin from Studio Press (Owner of Genesis frame work theme). Because of its from the owner, you can trust this plugin.This works nicely by inserting codes you provide to theme files. Simple Hooks plugin not only to edit the footer but it can be used to insert codes in several places in theme files.

How to Use Simple Hooks to Modify Footer in Genesis

1) Download the plugin here, upload and activate it.

2) Click on Simple Hooks under Genesis option, as shows below.

Modify Footer in Genesis WordPress Framework

3) Go to bottom of the page and look for genesis_footer Hook

Here you can type the codes to insert in footer. Make sure to select ‘Unhook’ check box to overwrite the default texts.


Enable PHP option to execute PHP commands. You can add adsense, CPM or any ad network codes here to display in footer.

I managed to modify my genesis lifestyle child theme’s footer with alexa button as shown below.


Do you face any difficulties? Ask them in comments area!

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  • I purchased a pre-made website and have to change the affiliate codes. The blog has the genesis platform. I followed your instructions for the infolinks. Thanks! After searching the blog for 24 hours, you are the only person who helped me.

  • @Rajesh Namase,
    I think you missed to read point -1.
    Simple hooks is an additional plugin from Studiopress, which should be downloaded and installed.

  • Dinesh, thank you very much, the studiopress website was down and your blog was the best one I could find that helped me out.


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