How to Plan Blog- Plan Monthly and Work Towards

When you run a blog to make some money (most of us do), then you must treat it as a business. Planning and settings targets are always good habit to have a successful blog which can make some good money. In this article, let me share my experience on how to plan blog or your blogging activity and prepare a ‘things to do’ check list monthly.

In fact, I’m good in planning but fail sometimes in execution. At end of every month, I write down the things to do for my both blogs in coming month and try my best to archive them. There are some planning software available to do this professionally, but I always like my pen and diary. Later, I type my monthly blog plan and upload to internet cloud to make easy access.

How do you plan your blogging activities and set targets? or what are the areas you cover monthly to improve?

Here are the few tips from my working style and what are the factors I consider monthly while plan my blog. Before go further, make sure your targets are meeting the SMART requirements. What’s that?

How to Plan Blog

1) Traffic

In simple words, if the current month traffic is 300,000 pageviews, then I target for 325,000 pageviews in next month. I don’t set target for 400,000 or even 350,000, because I know it would be a tough task as a single part time blogger. So I know my ‘attainable’ target to achieve by publishing new or tweaking my existing articles which should bring 25,000 additional page views.

Identify your main or potential traffic source and work on them. Google search engine is the main one for me, so I make sure to get more traffic from Google for my new and existing articles.


2) Number of Posts

I don’t publish new posts daily, so my number is not 30 posts per month. I try my best to publish 3 to 4 articles per week in my tech blog. So, most of the time, I think, analyze the current trend and check my previous pending posts list to decide the 12 to 16 posts that I will be publishing in next month.

This planning helps me to concentrate on my full time job, DailyBlogMoney and other online activities. If you are a part time blogger without having plans on what to write in next month, then I’m sure you will have a tough time.


3) Any major blog design changes?

Plan it out properly in advance about your blog’s theme, header, color or any major changes. This will be helpful to work parallel with blog design and other activities.


4) Any major ad position changes?

I always do this in new month to compare the exact period with previous month. You can plan and adjust the ad size, location and color changes. Also, moving different types of ad networks in different places should be done properly with record. Its better to analyze the changes later.


5) Facebook page fans and Twitter followers.

If you are concentrating in these channels, then set the target for next month. Lets say you need to increase 200 fans more in facebook and 50 genuine twitter followers for coming month. When you write down these things, then it will be in your mind always to achieve them!


6) New Ad Networks?

If you want to try some new monetizing methods, then plan it properly and do a complete study before implement. Deciding about the ad network, placing them in your blog, combining them with existing networks need a good blog plan.


7) Any Major Blog changes?

Are you thinking to move to different hosting company or VPS? then plan it and write down the required steps should be done before preceding.  Installing caching plugins with third party CDN services, starting a email subscription list, launching a new ebook or product also can be added here. Set a deadline for each task in coming month and complete them one by one. Do not be very quick or very slow in these type of major blog changes. It will screw up your readers and you if something goes wrong without planning.


8.) Plan your other Blogging Activities

Blogging is not only about your blog and your readers. List out the new blogging activities you are going to try in next month, such as commenting on other blogs, finding new blogs/websites in your niche, writing some guest posts (decide on which blog and how many),  and anything similar to this to make yourself and blog popular.


9) Money Matters!!

This is a very important factor to plan, but I didn’t want to put this on top to concentrate only on this. Just write a small financial forecast for the next month. I set the expecting total income for my blogs and work towards it.  So I monitor the performance of all networks and change/work according to the ongoing earnings. End of 20th of each month I see the progress, if I can make out that I’m not going to reach the the target, then I play around to maximize the revenue in balance 10 days. It worked sometimes and failed too. If you do not have target in money, for example how much to earn from Google adsense in next month, then you can’t see the growth in your blogging, and finally you may end up with less earning than previous month. Plan your expenses also, do not spend your whole income in buying plugins, themes, registering new domains etc.


10) Forget Blog and Internet for Sometimes

As bloggers our mind always think about blogs, traffic report, earning stats and ideas for new posts 24 hours in a day, but we should not be like this. Do not addict to blogging and spend the whole 30 days in next month. Plan some rest days to not to touch the computer and go online, spend this time with your family, friends, God and anything you are interested. Short gap is always needed in blogging.


So, what’s your ideas or inputs on planning blogging activities? Do you have any monthly plans like this? what I’m missing in this?

I like to hear your inputs and comments, so I can get some ideas to make my blog plan better.

  • Thanks for sharing your tips, Dinesh.
    I don’t have any specific goal for each month, I am planning my goals each year and often takes a look at the whole year on the final days. It would be clearer to see how our blogs are progressing.
    Anyways, this is the time I forget about blogging and enjoy life now. 🙂

  • Dinesh,

    Good stuff as usual. You said,

    “Plan your expenses also, do not spend your whole income in buying plugins, themes, registering new domains etc.”

    But but…. 🙂 just kidding.

  • Really some useful tips. It will be difficult to implement these for the new bloggers. I do have some queries about blogging. I am new to blogging but i know the seo stuff and how it works. My question is that if i start a blog will it earn for me to continue further? I am not having enough courage face so any suggestion’s from you Dinesh?

    It will be helpful for me if you provide any suggestion.

    • Sorry to advice out but remember that like any new born baby, Blog also takes its time to start paying off. You need to nurture the blog well before reaping out the benefits.

      Persistence and Continuity in your effort can only result in benefit you dream of.

    • WpRack, (Leave your name next time, it makes our conversation real)
      That’s the purpose of this blog and why I’m sharing my experience with earnings. My blog is making money, so definitely your blog also will make. But, its not easy and short term plan. You need hard and smart working.
      You must be 200% sure and confident on your blog.
      Its like studying a diploma or degree where you will get a job with good pay after the completion of studies.
      Now imagine, how hard your will study and the time you spend on your course because of your dream job.

      Blogging is like that, keep the money in your mind but don’t expect it now. Build the blog with more readers and content like completing your studies.
      Good luck friend.

  • That’s perfect smart advice Dinesh.

    For me point no 10 is more prominent now a day. You last post of Google sandbox effect had thrown me in more comfort zone. Really I feel that there must be some medicine apart from self motivation to make blogger come out of their comfort zone.

  • Earning money from blogging is a function of your blog traffic. It’s useless to fill your site with ads when there’s no visitor to click on them. You won’t make a dime and you could become frustrated as a result and think blogging will not work for you.

  • nice article on” planning blog activities”. your all blogs are very useful.

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