How to Set Minimum Payment Threshold in Pixazza Money Making Program

Pixazza is the latest money making program I recently joined and still in experiment stage. Earning is not so impressive because of less CTR in technology topic which I write, but I’m sure it will work very well for other topics.Basically it shows Google adsense ads or products to sell by tagging on the images of your blog posts. Let me tell you how to set minimum payment threshold in Pixazza, so they will delay your payment to till reach specif amount, this will be very helpful if you do not have PayPal to receive money.

Minimum Payment Threshold in Pixazza


Why to set the Minimum Payment Threshold in Pixazza?

Pixazza pay via PayPal and paper check, no other alternative payment options are available as of today. But, their payment threshold is $10, which means if you don’t have PayPal to receive the money, then they will send you a check for $10. You can’t hold the payment too, just imaging how it would be?

I was so concern about this issues, because I was not having PayPal earlier and my bank charges me around $13 to deposit a check. In this case if I receive a check for $30 then they will deduct $13 from it. Its really painful to lose money like it which earned from blog.

While I was checking their forums and support systems, this was the main issue for most of the Pixazza users. Not all users are having PayPal to receive money and not all countries are allowing to cash a paper check without deducting any money.

Pixazza employees were telling that the option to setup minimum payment threshold will be added to publishers dashboard very soon, and it happened recently. Yes, you can set the minimum payment threshold in Pixazza now under profile settings.


How to Set?

1) Log in to your Pixazza dashboard and click on the user name.

Minimum Payment Threshold in Pixazza


2) Click on profile settings

click on profile settings

Set the minimum threshold,

Minimum Payment Threshold in Pixazza

3) Changes should be made before 15th of a month to take effect in next payment cycle.


That’s it ,you have done the change.

Pixazza is having good community support here. Employees and other users answer your questions which gives good and quick answers for any issues related to Pixazza.

Here is the question I asked to their support team and got this answer, just check it out if you are interested.


I think Pixazza will work better with non technology and blogging topics. The people related to these two topics are already know about ads and adsense, so they do not click.

If you have a blog or website about fashion, dressing, vehicles, home decoration, fun photos, and anything similar, your readers may intent to click these ads especially when they show inside images.

You can join Pixazza and try to make money.


Do you have any earlier experience with Pixazza?

5 thoughts on “How to Set Minimum Payment Threshold in Pixazza Money Making Program”

  1. Hi Dinesh,

    Interesting, so this is how “they” display adsense ads embedded into your pictures? right??. And oh, I was contacted by Adsense team and they said that the reason for that name “missing” issue was actually due to the name being too long.

    So they’ve manually changed the full name in the check. So I think it’s now fixed. Anyhow, I think I’m going to try this “Pixazza” on my tech blog 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  2. I have seen this on many blog, I don’t recommend this. but you can use it if you run a blog which is updating daily with 5 to 10 posts…raises issues with branding of a blog. It’s a distracting thing for bloggers.

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