So, How Was The Year 2013 for You? Have You Experienced Good Q4 of 2013?

So, How Was The Year 2013 for You? Have You Experienced Good Q4 of 2013?

So, we are in the new year now. I’m sure you would have decided your new year resolutions in personal and blogging life, I have decided mine too. With positive thinking, I set my goals in 2014 little higher than previous years, I’m sure I will achieve them. I’m writing this post to share my blogging experience in 2013 and about Q4 of 2013 which might motivate you in blogging.

As most of you aware, I’m a part time blogger with two kids. In 2013 I have added couple of blogs to my network. So, I will be more busy in 2014.

Year 2013 was an another normal year for me, but so many positive things and lessons to carry with me. I started using outsourcing services to fulfill my online requirements. I bought an old domain from Flippa and currently working on it to make it profitable, also you must be knowing about my new Nexus 7 tips blog.


How Was The Year 2013 for Me.

Nothing so excited in blogging in this year. But few things I can share which I feel as considerable factors.

1) Recovered from Google hit.

My main blog Sysprobs has slightly recovered from last year (2012) Google Panda and Penguin updates. I went through my old posts and removed/modified them, also produced good content. Google has recognized my work and gave me some credits by increasing search engine traffic.


2) CPM network failed

I was using PulsePoint as my CPM ad network which used to bring around 120 to 200 $ monthly. But it did not work well in 2013. So, I have replaced it with epom which worked really well, I was impressed with it. But sadly, I got a call from Google Adsense team and said my site is violating Adsense TOS because of epom. epom asked me to continue their ad network instead of Google Adsense, but I’m a Google Adsense fan, so I stopped using epom. So, its like I do not have any CPM network currently, I’m looking for something now.


3) Started a new blog

I shared about it earlier in this post. If you want to know how it is doing, my answer is ‘pretty good’. Here is the screenshot of Adsense income from this brand new blog.

topnexux 7 earnings

I need to work more to get good stable income from this blog.

3) Outsourcing

Yes, I’m outsourcing some of the services to my new blogs from oDesk. I have planned to keep doing it in future that will definitely reduce my work load. Even I’m thinking to hire permanent content producers for my blog network.

If you are interested, contact me. I will give more priority to you.


4) Bought an old website

I bought a domain which was 3 years old from I’m mainly targeting Amazon affiliate products in this site. Currently doing some SEO and promotion to get good Google traffic.  Let me keep the further information secret, I will reveal it when time comes.

5) Bought some products

I have bought LongTailPro and Socialadr. I’m using these products to find proper keywords and promote my content in social networking sites. So far so good with them.


6) Earnings in 2013

Somehow I lost the interest in calculating monthly income and publish it here. Year 2013 was a normal year for me in terms of online income.

As I said earlier in this post to concentrate more on Q4 period of 2013, I have experienced good hike in income during this time. Below screenshots may give some ideas.

Q4 earning of Adsense

q4 adsense income

Q4 earnings of Vibrant media

vibrant media Q4

and some other little income from PulsePoint, BuySellAds, Shareasale and Amazon affiliate.


2014 Resolution

I will be working hardly and smarty in 2014 to increase the earnings. By doing outsourcing, I feel that I’m giving opportunities to others also to make some money.

I will be happy to help and answer your doubts.

Good luck in 2014, we will be in touch more regularly this year.


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