I am Looking for 3 Clients I can Work for Free For One Month, Will You?

[Closed] I am Looking for 3 Clients I can Work for Free For One Month, Will You?

UPDATE: I have selected the three clients I can work for free. It is completely random selection with an online tool. I have added only my followers and long term readers of DailyBlogMoney.

Important Note: I have few readers in my mind who are not selected this time. Definitely I will contact them once I have finished this project with these 3 users. If you have not been selected this time, sorry for that. Keep reading my blog. I will be launching few products and services to help bloggers like you to generate traffic, more income with proper keyword research and SEO advice. So, stay tuned.

Here is the process and selection screen. I have used http://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/ to pick the winners. I will contact the winners shortly.

the dbm selection


Here is a surprise announcement, I’m looking for 3 clients from my readers and followers who want help in monetizing, increasing the traffic, keyword research and any other blogging advice you expect from me. It is completely free and I’m not expecting any money from you. We can work together for one month for free to bring your blog’s status up and good. I’m specially allocating all three slots to DBM readers only. You need to prove that you are a DBM reader by providing the link of DBM post where you have commented and your FB user name which should be fan of DBM.

This should be a great chance for anyone who needs help, support and advice from a 6 years experienced blogger for FREE.


Here is What I Can Do for You?

1) Adsense optimization tips for your blog

2) Check the SEO settings in your WordPress dashboard

3) Check, analyze and advice the traffic status and how you can possibly improve.

4) Suggest and give topics in your category with proper keyword research by using 2 professional keyword analyzing tools.

5) One month full email support, sometime text-chat too.


What I will Not Do

1) I will not fix any issues in your blog’s theme, design or coding.

2) I will not modify any of your posts or pages ( I can advice only).


It is not harm in trying my free service for one month. Hurry up.



This is valid till 28th December 2014 only

One reader for one website only

I will pick the 3 random users for this project


The Catch

There is no catch actually. You do not need to pay a single penny or buy something I refer.

I need only one favor from you, once the project has been completed successfully and happily, I need your testimonials about me, that’s it. I will be using this testimonials for self promotional purpose with your blog name and your picture.


How to Apply

Just send me an email to dinesh at sysprobs.com with following details.

1) Your Name

2) Your blog URL

3) Your Facebook account/ID (which should be fan of DBM FB page)

4) The URL of DBM post you have commented earlier.


Will be waiting for your emails.


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