I Bought a Nexus 7 Tablet, So…. Started a New Blog

I realized something in recent times, if you want to make more money online, you have to try several ways. There is no point in stick with single method or single blog. I have seen people making good money with very brand new blogs, while we (including me) make less money with older blogs and hard work. Therefore, throw some extra money and your efforts on something new which can make extra money. I have decided to expand my blogs network and I’m in the initial stage of it.

OK, let’s come to the point. I bought a new Nexus 7 tablet. This is my first tablet, 7 inches and really awesome device. I did a small research and decided to buy a Google Nexus 7 which is not available at every shop in the market. But the packed of exciting features and the less price made me to purchase this device. Nexus 7 is almost the best 7-inch tablet in market right now, the closer competitor is Apple iPad mini 2.

You will find plenty of blogs and websites talking about Apple iPad, but not much about Nexus 7. So, why should I not start a new blog about Nexus 7?. I’m have been working on this blog aggressively, that means regular content update, SEO and back link generations. This time I’m investing some bucks on outsourcing some of the services. So,it’s another good experience to work with others online.

You can visit my new blog about Nexus 7 tips here

Also, the best free apps for tablets in this post

And how to screen capture Nexus 7


You could guess the major purpose of this blog post by now  🙂

This time I did make sure that my new blog was not caught by Google Sand box. One month has passed since I started this blog, and already my blog is in first page for couple of keywords I targeted. That was a great news and achievement for me within a month.

I will be monetizing Nexus 7 Tips blog mainly with Google adsense and may be later with Amazon associate. If traffic started to pick up, I will use Vibrant media in-text ads also.  As usual, I will be updating the improvements, learning and achievements of this new blog here in DBM.

Also, currently I’m busy with few  more projects too.

By the way, currently DailyBlogMoney is a PR 3 blog, if you like to get 2 back links to your blog (which should be related to blogging, websites and online earnings), you can send your guest post to me. I will be happy to publish on my blog with free 2 dofollow back links. How does this sound?

I just want to make sure this blog is getting updates regularly with your useful content too.

Stay tuned….

  • Hi Dinesh, I have tablet with 7 inch too, but I’m just blogging using my laptop, I don’t like to do blogging with tablet, without keyboard it seem it a little bit annoying to do touch screen 100% for bloggng, It just me, some people it ok using tablet for blogging

    • I think you didn’t understand what he is saying.. He is telling that, he will create a blog which is related to nexus 7 and monetize with Adsense. He is not going to blog with Table 🙂

      And Dinesh, Even I bought iPhone 4s when 4s was launched in India, but I dropped that idea later. Don’t know why I did this.. anyway, I wish to get success with that new blog.

      • @P.K.Arun,
        Thanks for getting my point. Blogging from 7-inch tablet is very difficult and I do not use it.
        Yes, iPhone topic is already well covered everywhere, so you would be struggling now if you have started a blog about 4S. But, you can narrow down it well and try something new. For example anything about famous or upcoming new games and others apps on iPhone. That could bring few number of traffic.
        Good luck.

  • hi dinesh sir,
    i m following ur all 3 blogs, specially DBM, now u have created ur 3rd blog, wich is new one! now everything is from zero, so Plz share tips and trick u will going to do on nexus7 blog.! as i started my 1st blog recently it must be helpfull to me and other also.!

    • @Akshay k,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes, its like building up a new fresh blog. It is full of challenges, never easy to get in to Google search results.
      I’m following a simple trick now and already benefited from it.
      Make some genuine back links without spamming….

      That will definitely will improve the ranking of new blog.
      Do not spam or get 10s of backlinks in a day, that will alert Google about your new blog. So, do it slowly. New blogs/websites need time to get recognized by Google.

      Good luck for your new blog.

  • Hi, i have some doubts related to wp robot.txt, i hope you will help me,
    When i do site:coderbridge.com in google, i get some robot.txt related error like “A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more”. i’m not sure why this is happening i disabled yost seo plugin and i’m using only xml sitemap generator. still this error is persisting. i switched 2 to 3 themes also, no clue why this is coming. can you help me.

  • I think you should have started a blog about tablet PCs in general, this way , you could have added more tips about other Tablet pcs.
    But it looks nice.

  • H Dinesh.

    I read your more article. and i appricate your work. I m new in this feald and i realy want these instractions.
    i realy thankx full to you.

    best regart
    dil shah

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