I Crossed 10,000 Pageviews Per Day- What’s the lesson?

I started this blog to share my blogging lessons, experience, exciting achievements and disappointments too. Here is the exciting news, my main tech blog www.sysprobs.com crossed 10,000 Pageviews per day mark. This was one of my target to achieve before March 2011, I managed to achieve this by February end. I’m happy to share that with my readers and give some ideas to increase your blog’s traffic and pageviews.


Here is the screenshot of February traffic details.


283,962 PVs in 28 days which is 10,140 PVs daily. January daily PV was 9,060, so it improved.

I’m targeting to double these numbers (20,000 PVs per day) by end of this year. I don’t want to set unrealistic targets and break my head, so double in another 10 months should be fine.

I seriously started concentrating on my tech blog from March 2010 and I’m still a part time blogger who is managing two blogs, full time job,  (one) wife 🙂 , one kid and what ever a normal person do!!. Why I’m telling this? because if you are a part time blogger like me, it is very much possible to run a successful blog, drive more traffic and earn good money.

Do you want to see the last 12 months traffic from February 2010 to February 2011 end? here is the screenshot which can give clear picture how my blog grew up and nothing can happen in overnight in blogging. It takes time.



How I Increased the Traffic and Pageviews

1) Check my earlier  posthow I increased traffic 8 times more in 6 months

2) Be the First one to Publish

What ever you write in your blog, be the first one to publish new things on internet. Subscribe to the official websites of your niche products, famous news agencies, and top blogs in your niche to get the quick update about new changes and release.

3) Combine blogging with your day to day life.

Its simple, if you are chef, then run a recipe or cooking blog. Write about what you find, experiment and difficulties you face in your day to day life and how you solved them. There will be some more people like you from somewhere searching the same information on internet.

4) A post with ‘Here and There’

No one is genius in specific category. I work in tech field and I don’t know everything. If I need to fix one computer which is giving new trouble, I use Google. The search results will not solve the issue perfectly,  I have to open several pages and fix the issue from ‘here and there’ information.

How about combining these ‘here and there’ information in one guide in your blog? It works.

Do not always do keyword research and look for ‘Google Suggestion’ in search page. Just write what and how you wanted to write. Google is smart enough to redirect visitors who is searching the same issue to your blog posts.

5) Stick with the topic which is driving traffic.

You would have started a blog to cover several topics, but you can’t lead in search engines on  all topics. Just see which posts are getting good search engine traffic and receiving user comments. Then write about it very frequently. Though, you are not familiar  with the topic which is driving traffic, just study, experiment and learn about it to write on your blog.

6) Plan your Publishing Schedule

Do not publish your great, long, short, same topic and same type articles continuously. Plan well and maintain a good pattern of your articles in a month. You may have ideas to write 4 excellent and unique articles in a month, but do not publish them continuously next day after next. Publish each articles per week, next one is a  short article, another day different type (how to’s, news type..etc) like this maintain the publishing patterns. This will make sure your regular readers and search engines do not get bore by same type of content.


Need more ideas? Stay tuned with this blog.

Share your strategy which is working well for you to increase Pageviews and traffic?


How I’m going to Double this in 10 Months?


Its just my goal. I will be sticking with same methods mentioned above while looking for some new ways to increase the traffic.

Somehow, Social networking (Twitter, Facebook..etc), commenting on other blogs, guest blogging did not work for me.

Guest Bloggers at www.sysprobs.com may help to reach this goal very soon.


Do you like to write with me at sysprobs? I welcome you very much.


Check this Guest Bloggers welcome page to see the advantages of being a guest writer at sysprobs, Register your self now.


Share your blog’s this year trend, how it performed these two months? How is the traffic and earning?

Latest Google’s algorithm changes and Page rank update affected many blogs, how about yours?

  • Exactly the same story as Mine. the only difference is I am still unmarried. and studying MBA. I too have to blogs ( few more but they don’t get updated on a daily basis).

  • Wow, I only hope that someday I can hit that many pageviews or visitors per day. My blog is getting 200-300 and I am happy with it.

    Well, at least I was before I read THIS article, lol.

  • I am writing this comment after, i followed your tips on my blog and i am seeing the changes in my blog traffic and as you said stick to one type of the traffic post, just helped me a lot. My Blog traffic has been increased from 300 page views per day to 1200+ per day.

    Thanks. 🙂

  • hi dinesh,
    thanks for your valuable post.
    i want to ask something.
    what will i do if Google ad sense reject my application?
    where should i apply?
    i didn’t applied yet but last time my site was rejected for some reason don’t know what.
    and can i apply for google adsense,infolink etcs site at same time?

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