Improved Google Adsense Support, Thanks to Them

Improved Google Adsense Support, Thanks to Them

I’m a Google Adsense publisher from 2008 and it’s one of my main income source. The major issue most of the publishers used to face in earlier time was support. We did not have proper support, we did not know the email address to contact or where to report or ask our issues and were completely not able to contact them directly. Things have changed now, I’m not sure about other all publishers regard this, but currently Google Adsense support has been improved very well. Few publishers got dedicated (kind of) account manager from Google Adsense regional office. We can email the account manager directly and they will also contact with suggestions and recommendations to increase traffic and earning of websites. You can find more available options to contact Adsense support here.

OK, the purpose of this blog post is to say thanks to Adsense support and show you how I said thanks to them ‘differently’. So what is special in their support which made me to write this post?. I was contacted by them few times and the experience was impressive and pleasant at all occasions. Also I contacted my account manager and she helped me to solve a payment related issue easily. In every occasion they helped me to solve major issues and boost the income.

Google cake

The most scary part in Google Adsense is termination of an account. There are plenty of users complain that their accounts got suspended for unknown or no reasons and most of them could not recover back. Usually when Adsense system detects anything violate (continuously) their TOS, the account would be suspended that was what used to happen earlier. Thanks to Adsense now, they have a system to notify the publishers or suspend the account temporarily until it got resolved by web master. But if you have a dedicated account manager,she/he will notify the violation and help you to resolve, don’t you think its great?

Why and When Google Adsense Contacted me?

1) They have contacted me with the suggestions to improve the earnings which helped me to boost the income.

2) This is really important – When there was an Adsense violation in my website, they contacted me to resolve it immediately with the suggestions. If it were like old time, my account might have been suspended.

3) They have contacted me to improve visitors experience of my website by doing few changes in theme.

These incidents and personal type of support increased my trust and relationship with Adsense and Google. I’m very much comfortable and feel safe by using Google Adsense while meeting their policies and TOS.

How I could say Thanks to Google?

Initially I thought to celebrate my birthday with my blog’s name (, then decided with Google.

My wife ( myself too) made a nice Google cake and I celebrated my this year birthday with my kids, wife and Google.

Google Adsense is doing great for me and I’m in the process of expanding my blog network and increase the earning.

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