Is Infolinks Really Bad? What’s Your Opinion?

I regularly follow some bloggers and their blogs for latest news, updates and lessons.  One post from famous blog  amitbhawani regarding ‘Why you should avoid Infolinks and other in text ads from a blog’ read the post here and another post from technicstoday made me to ask this question to my self. Is Infolinks really that much bad?, from my point of view the answer is ‘NO’. Keep reading for the reasons.


Infolinks is an in-text ad network which doesn’t take space from your blog like contextual ads or banner ads, like Google adsense and CPM. Therefore do not expect the same result from these two types of networks.

The answer for subjected question can be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ based on the purpose of your blogging.


For example,

If you are blogging to make some extra money, then Infolinks is a good choice to make additional income, at least to cover your hosting charges.

If you are not blogging for money or you are happy with the current earnings, then you can leave Infolinks. Because your purpose of blogging is different, may be an ads free blog, fast loading blog and non money making blog.


Is Infolinks really makes money?

Yes, it makes. but it can’t be your main income source or do not compare it with your main income source. Its just an additional ad network which can make few bucks.

It works well for good traffic sites. Since their pay out per click is very less compare to adsense, you will be making few cents only if your blog is getting less traffic and finally you will end up by hating Infolinks.

Other important fact is, Infolinks CTR (Click Through Rate) is higher than other contextual or banner ads, because they seem like links in your web pages. So, visitors clicks these ads and leave your pages which impacts your blog. But, again this depends on the traffic and purpose of a blog.

For example, if you need to make money, then obviously you should allow your visitors to click ads and leave your blog pages, because advertisers want your visitors.

Second, lets say that you get daily 50 visitors and 5 Infolinks clicks, so percentage of losing visitors is – (5/50)*100 = 10%

When you have more traffic, like 6500 daily visitors and 130 clicks (my current figures), then my rate is – (130/6500)*100= 2%

What I’m trying to say is , when you have good traffic, then this ratio will be less and not effect your blog much. In my case, I do not worry about 130 daily visitors out of 6500 who are leaving by Infolinks ads.

One more point !, a user searched something and reached your blog for particular content, then clicked the Infolinks ad and left your blog. Do you think he/she will forget your blog or the purpose reached your blog? No. If you content is great, useful and what he/she searched for, then definitely they will press the ‘Back’ button in internet browser and come back to your blog post again.  So, do not worry too much about losing visitors.


CPC (Cost Per Click) is very Low

Yes, the CPC in Infolinks is very low compare to Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best ad network pays well for bloggers according to my knowledge and experience. In my case, I’m getting $2.7 daily from 130 clicks, which means (2.7/130=0.021) 0.021 cents per click. Its really bad, but better than other in-text ad networks. Finally, at the end of each day I make $2.7 and monthly (30×2.7=81$) $81 which can pay my two months hosting bills (VPS – Virtual Private Server).

If I can get these 130 daily clicks on Google adsense, then I would be making huge money from Adsense. 😉


How about eCPM?

Its acceptable compare to other networks (except Google adsense). 0.30$ to 0.40$ eCPM globally is not bad at all. I have joined several ad networks including in text and CPM networks, compare to them Infolinks’ eCPM is OK. Again, do not compare with Adsense, they pay much better.


Page Loading Slow?

Its normal. The good thing is, if Infolinks cant load the ads on a page, then its not going to break your blog pages like how banner ads affect. Because its an in-text ad and a visitor can’t see the any distraction in a page.

Yes, it slows down the blog. Because like other ad networks you have add a java script in your blog theme files. When it loads, it make several http and DNS lookups which we can’t avoid in any ad networks.

Again it depends on your blogging purpose, if you want to make some extra bucks, then you should be ready to bear these all.


What you Get and Lose?

You get;

  • Additional income
  • Ad space in your blog because it doesn’t take any space
  • Reasonable Support from Infolinks support staff
  • Payments on time
  • Some new and additional ways to increase the earnings. They keep on promoting and introducing new methods.

You Lose

  • Visitors ( It will not effect if your blog is experiencing good traffic)
  • Page loading speed


What’s your Opinion?

Have you used Infolinks in your blog any time? how it performed? If you removed it after using this product, can you share the reason?

Is Infolinks Really Bad? What’s Your Opinion?

Don’t worry, I’m not working for Infolinks or this is their sponsored post, I’m just sharing my thoughts. Feel free to leave some comments.

A part-time blogger who makes enough money to leave the full-time job, but still enjoying both jobs :) . Sharing the knowledge here to help everyone to build better blog and make money online.

  • I just want to share what happened to me lately with infoLinks.

    I only have 1 website and last week (January, 17, 2013) I got an email from infolinks saying that some advertisers have reported my site as fraudulent so my account was cancelled.

    Seems legit, right?

    Funny thing of this is that I do not use infoLinks in my site since May 2012, so I emailed them saying this must be an error, please verify it.

    The response I got was the same, my site was making some fraudulent usage of the infolinks code blah blah blah, that is is IMPOSSIBLE as I do not have anywhere in my site any infolinks code…

    Be very careful with them, in my case there was no pending balance so I lost nothing.

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