January 2012 Blog Income Report – 30% Drop As Expected

Here is the summary of my January 2012 blog income report. After I decided to not to publish exact figures of my future income reports, this post will give an idea of how much roughly I have earned this month as a part time blogger.

If you are following me and my blog to see only my monthly blogging earning report, then this post is for you. As you are aware I’m a part time blogger and main blog income comes from another tech blog called www.sysprobs.com.

January 2012 is started with less earning as expected. My January 2012 blog income dropped by 30% compared to last month December. 30% is really a big drop, but I expected it because same thing happened on last year 2011 January also. Still, I’m a happy customer of part time blogging!!!.  Also, the traffic of my tech blog increased slightly by recent Google’s two algorithm changes.

Most of the ad networks performed poorly compared to December. Last three months of a year (Q4), mainly the December works well for publishers as advertisers will be spending more money and there are few holiday sale offers during this period. But January is completely a new month in new year, advertisers will reduce their advertising costs mostly on Q1 of new year. I could see the drop on most the networks. I’m sure you would have felt the same.


Ad Networks performed very Poorly

Contextweb and Vibrantmedia performed very poorly on January 2012. The fill rate of Contextweb felt to very low level. Because of that I have removed the third ad slot which was getting very low fill rate of CPM ads. I faced the same issue on January 2011 and they conveyed this reason for that.

Vibrantmedia is also in lower side this time. Their CPC went down on new year. I’m hoping they are also experiencing the tight money spending by advertisers.

I hope these networks will start to perform at-least at normal level by March 2012.


Ad Networks performed below Normal Level

As expected, Google Adsense performed below normal level this time. The CPC and RPM went down, may be because of low paying ads. But, still the final earning is acceptable and it is not translating the 30% drop in full income.

Google Affiliate network also in lower side as people would have stopped buying things online compared to December holiday offers.


Ad Networks performed at Normal or Above it

BuySellAds and Amazon associate programs gave the stable and good income.



The February earning also will be in same range since it is having 3 days less, less spending on ads.

I have no plans to increase the earning this month by doing anything extra. I will be busy with customizing theme and publishing some quality articles on tech blog and here (also busy with full time job)

I like to hear about your January monthly earning and traffic status especially after recent algorithm updates from Google.

Please share, and good luck guys Smile

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