Latest Google PR Update, I got PR 2, What is your PR?

No doubt, the Google PR is one of of the prestigious scaling factor for a blog or website as a blogger, but unfortunately it doesn’t have any direct connection with traffic or earning of a blog. In 2011, Google updated the public Page Rank (PR) on last January and now surprisingly by end of June.

My this DailyBlogMoney (DBM) got PR 2 from 0 and the main tech blog Sysprobs remains same in PR 2. I’m bit disappointed for Sysprobs PR, because it used to get few genuine back links from other blogs weekly, but not improved.  I leave comments on other blogs for DBM, but all are ‘nofollow’ blogs. I do this to get readers only, not for the PR juice, that’s why I don’t care about ‘nofollow’.

latest Google PR Update 2011


Then, how DBM PR went from 0 to PR 2?

Its just by all ‘dofollow’ backlinks from Sysprobs blog. I think this can be the main reason. Still, I can’t be 100% sure of it, since no one knows how Google calculates the PR exactly.

Anyhow, the important point I wanted to tell to new bloggers and who are checking their blog’s PR very regularly, “The Google PR is not having any connection with traffic or income of a blog, do not judge by PR”.

If you see my real world example, my both blogs are now PR 2 but in any way I can’t compare these two blogs’ earnings or traffic. The Sysprobs main blog with PR 2 is making around 1500$ and 375,000 page views monthly, but this DBM with same PR 2 is not making any money and the page views is less than 2% monthly. So, do you see any connection in Google Page Rank?

You can check your blog’s page rank here.

If you are interested in increasing your blog’s Page Rank, I can give only one suggestion; create some backlinks without ‘nofollow’ attribute from related websites. You have to find the high PR ‘dofollow’ blogs in your topics and leave comments or write guest posts with backlinks to your blog. When you have quality and killing articles on your blog, then you might get some good backlinks from other blogs without your interaction.

I’m just eager to hear your blogs’ PR update? was is good? as expected?. Please share your own experience and how importance you give to Google Page Rank?

    • Tuan,
      Thanks for the comment.
      0 to 2 is great Tuan. Great work.
      Yes, when it comes as a blogger, buyer or seller of a blog, then PR is very important.

  • Same happens to me. I have a website, ranks 2 with 50 visits/day, and a blog with 8000 visits/day ranks 0, and it’s located in first page of Google. I dont understand.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    Well my Linux blog went from PR-0 to PR2…. yep… has nothing to do with the traffic though :).

    • Its a good PR hike Gayan.
      When you target third party advertisers to your blog, then this PR matters much.
      One ad company reached me and they are ready to pay $10 for each single PR per month. For eg, for PR4 blog then will pay $40 per month. But I didn’t accept.

      Good luck and thanks for being touch with DailyBlogMoney.

  • Dinesh,

    One of my blog goes PR 0 to 1 and another 2 to 1.
    So, my net personal PR stays at 2. 😉

    Going down is really bad.
    Reason is obvious, not posting regularly, ignoring promotions, overall it was expected!

    Got to apply one of your previous posts regarding setting goals for blogs.


    • Kiran thanks for the input.
      Yes, going down is painful.

      My blog went from PR4 to PR1 once, can you imaging it? But, nothing got effected by it.

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