Looking Back 2012 and Looking Forward for 2013

A post from me after long time, if you are still following up my this blog, thanks for that. This post should have been published much earlier, but again I had stuck with so many things with my laziness too. I’m just going to talk about how was the year 2012 for me and what are the possible future plans in 2013.

I hope you all had a great new year and January would have been good in terms of blogging and online money. Year 2012 was slightly a negative or the worst ever year for me in blogging. That doesn’t mean anything directly with money I earned online, but the time I spent and interest showed in blogging was very poor in 2012.

Earlier I wrote an article about why I stopped writing here at DBM and what are the reasons behind it. Those reasons remain same and, in fact, they all are getting tight day by day. So, I really feel difficult to manage everything as a single person. Anyhow, that’s a big story, let’s come to the point.

Before continue further, you can check similar post I published at beginning of 2012 about my 2012 plans and 2011 achievements & lessons.


How Much Money I earned online (mostly by blogging) in 2012?

I have earned around 21,860 US dollars in 2012. Compared to previous year (2011) earning 17,578 $, the 2012 earning was still in higher and growth side. I’m happy about it considering the time I spent on blogging. But the actual targets in 2012 were not achieved at all.

Even though I could not blog properly in 2012 like earlier years, but I still managed to increase the earnings. How?, I started concentrating on affiliate products rather than only Google adsense and also joined few new money making programs which helped to boost the earning.

I keep an MS Excel sheet to maintain my earnings, here is the screenshot from it (Red is for total monthly earning)


How About the Traffic?

Yearly page view dropped dramatically in 2012 compared to previous year. Mainly by November 2012 I saw a considerable drop in page views. Still I could not figure out the reasons for it, but I’m  hoping to fix it by publishing new articles and modifying old articles in couple of months.


Lessons Learned in 2012

I started feeling the heat of being a part time blogger, full time office employee and father of two kids. I struggled lot this year to maintain these all.

You must be crazy and even think about your blog for 24 hours per day to become a successful blogger, but I could not concentrate enough in this year.

Starting new projects, blogs and joining new money making programs will not work until you reached the top on what you are doing now.



Any Plans For 2013?

Not really this time, I failed most of my previous year targets. Therefore, I have not set any specific goals this time. I’m not going to start any new projects, blogs or concentrate on anything else.  The only main goal in this year is to increase the page view of my tech blog, I’m sure that will increase my online earning too.

I will be keep updating this blog regularly which will reflect my blogging life. Please stay tuned with DBM.


What You Can Take Away?

Being a part time blogger is really tough when you have a full time job and family commitments. So, if you are thinking to become a serious full time blogger, then plan everything properly from beginning itself.

You have to keep updating your blog regularly, it is not only about publishing posts daily but also editing your old posts and keep updating with latest trends.

Instead of publishing similar articles separately, try to merge them together. Because Google is going to think as ‘duplicate content’ even inside your blog.

Take blogging seriously and set higher targets every time when you reached the previous target. You must be thinking about blogging all the time to become success. Its not just publish and forget process.

It will be nice if I could hear from your about how was the 2012 for you, leave your comments.

I wish you guys all the best in 2013. Try harder, definitely you will see the positive results.

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