March 2012 Maximum Discount Coupon Code for Hostgator Shared Hosting – Get My Free Support Too

There are plenty of doubts and uncertainty decisions for anyone who enters into blogging. How to start or where to start? how much to pay and more….Few people think that they already made the mistake on blogging and waiting to start a new blog. I’m sure some of you have been reading this blog for long time and wondering how Dinesh is making money, but still you are not ready to start a new blog or website. Are you wondering why I’m telling these all under this heading?. If you are hesitating to start a new blog, I think this is the correct time to leave everything and start with confidence. Because you get my free support for one month with discount coupon for hosting plan. Here is the maximum discount coupon on Hostgator shared hosting package and if you use my coupon, I can support you for one month for FREE.

So, you get the best hosting with discount and best (I’m sure) service and support from me to clear your doubts, set up the new blog, basic SEO and WordPress settings and how to make money from it.


March 2012 Maximum Discount Coupon – Hostgator Shared Hosting

The following discount coupon gives 25% discount on shared hosting plan.

GIVE25DISCOUNT (Click here to get the discount)

The very basic package, Hatchling plan is much enough to start your new website with lower cost. Hostgator is one of the reliable hosting provider with great support and uptime of your blog.


To get the discount and register your new website,

Go to Hostgator

Select the very basic plan Hatchling plan,  and enter GIVE25DISCOUNT under discount coupon code field as shown below.

discount code

That’s it. You must be seeing 25% discount from the total amount. It depends on the Billing Cycle you selected.

applied discount coupon code


Not Only Discount, But Also…..

As I said earlier, if you use my discount code GIVE25DISCOUNT (which helps me to earn commission), I can support you for free to set up your new blog. I get emails on daily basis to support them on blogging, OK I do not mind to do it for free. But, to make the things professional or some kind of premium support service, I can guarantee a great support this time.

So, register your domain now with March 2012 Hostgator maximum discount coupon and send me an email with your new domain. We can start work together immediately. Even I can do the wordpress setup, plugins installation, required SEO modification and share all ideas (and knowledge) I have on blogging to generate traffic and make money with you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries before proceed the purchase.

Good luck.

  • Hi,

    i would like to know, if i buy .in domain. will i get ads from BSA i.e buysell ads. Advertisers looks for specific domains or content?

  • hi dinesh

    my funny indian picture blog receive 100,000 page view to 400 000page view per month currently earning between 60dollars to 120$ from adsense …getttng lot of click but cpc is very low…. can you suggest me any other ways to earn more from my blog.. like from affliate marketing or shall i add google affliate network.. if yes which advertiser shpold i choose.

    my blog

  • Many people on the internet are looking for more and more discount. I have seen that many people search for hostgator 50% discount code. So the question is whether 50% promo codes are there for hostgator? Yes, there are 50% off promotional codes. Even you can get as much as 80% discount for three years. That’s the best deal you can ever get.

  • I’ve been looking for a hostgator coupon and landed on your blog! This one looks promising will use it for my purchase. Thanks for the share 😉

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