Monthly Blog Income Report – December 2010 – 974 Dollars

This is another post to share my monthly blog income report of December 2010 with my readers. December was a unbelievable month for me. When I published my previous month (November) earnings, I said that I’ targeting 1000$ per month by end of March 2011, but things worked fast for me. I missed this target by 26$ in December 2010 itself.

I’m publishing these figures to motivate you in blogging. As always I say, ‘Making money from blog is still very much possible’.

This will be the my last monthly income report with figures to public. I’m stopping to post my monthly earnings in dollars due to some personal issues. I will be sharing these type of income reports to only with subscribed users in future.

At the same time, every month I will be publishing same monthly report without earning amounts, where you can see only the rate of changes.

I’m planning to create a members subscribed area in this blog through facebook or forum or mail lists, still I have not finalized. I highly suggest to subscribe this blogs RSS feed or Email subscription. I will be working closely with ‘members area’ bloggers to increase your traffic and earnings.

OK, lets go to the breakdown. My last month earning was 746$ and this December was 974$, which is with 30% growth rate. It is a  surprise hike for me since I don’t do anything much on my blog this December.

Google Adsense –                 643.41

Infolinks                –                    68.91

Contextweb CPM –                 167.42

Technorati CPM –                     84.82

Google Affiliate Network –       10

Total –                                       974.56

Things I wanted to Share

Google Adsense

Compare to previous month, earnings from adsense increased by 64%, it is unbelievable since December traffic is slightly dropped compare to November due to holiday seasons.

What could be the reason?

CTR remains same, but eCPM increased very well. It can be due to my niche selection. Desktop and server virtualization (which I cover more in keywords having high paying ads.

OR, Google would have served high paying ads because of year end,

OR my users coming through search engines are more relevant to my content and adsense ads on my blog. Anyhow, I’m waiting to see the next month result.

Two things excited me this month in Adsense.

1) I saw my ever top earning (from adsense) of a day, which is 66$

2) Several single clicks brought me 10$ per click 🙂

Contextweb CPM Network

As part of my theme change and due to low filling rate, I removed a ad slot from footer. Their fill rate slightly dropped in December which effected my Contextweb earnings. It dropped by 25% ( 210$ to 167$), but its OK with me, because backup tag (Technorati) took cover of these impressions. So, Technorati earnings increased.

You can Join Contextweb CPM here.

More information about how Contextweb (ADSDAQ) CPM works, read this post.

Technorati CPM

I thought to remove this CPM network if I don’t receive the payment, but luckily I received the Technorati CPM ad network check.

technorati_check (800x319) (640x255)

(This is not for December 2010 earnings, don’t confuse)

So I decided to give a try continuously. Because of Contextweb fill rate dropped, it passed the ad slots to Technorati. So Technorati earnings increased by 29% compare to November.

Google Affiliate Network

The earning 10$ can be a small amount, but I was so happy. Do you know why? This sale took place through my email list. I started capturing emails (by giving a free ebook, compiled by me) two months ago.

Initially I was sending several emails to keep a good relationship with my subscribers. This is the first email I sent to them with a discount coupon to purchase a product via my affiliate link.

The campaign was really failure for me, because the open rate is very low ( May be I titled it wrongly). But the conversion rate ( (action taken/opened readers) * 100 ) is very high. I’m happy about it, because they trust me.

What Do You Say?

Time for your comments. I do not get anything by displaying my earnings except your comments and encouragements.

Feel free to share your comments and difficulties you face to make money from blog. The main purpose of this blog is, helping new and part time bloggers.

Happy Blogging.

  • Are these stats for I’m using ContextWeb too, but the fill rate is quite low and AdSense is not performing well as its backup. What’s Technorati’s CPM rate?

    • Vincent, Yes its for
      From this month I started adsense as backup tag, earlier Technorati was my backup tag.

      Technorati CPM is very low ( .25 to .40 $), I can’t blame it, because most of the US traffic will be served with Contextweb.

    • Vijay, thanks and welcome to my blog.

      First time I’m hearing two types of adsense accounts.
      Since I’m not from India, really I don’t know the answer for your questions mate.

      As far as I know, blogging is tax free job. 😉

    • Thanks mate.
      December adsense earning was high for most of the bloggers, i guess.
      Increase your search engine traffic, one day you can make more than this.
      Good luck.

  • Sure. Just simply a smaller BSA alternative at the moment. We launched about 2 weeks ago into Beta. We are adding new features daily and will have a marketplace up in the next week. Best part is we don’t take any % commission or fee. It’s a free service. And super simple.

    Might I suggest with your Adsense earnings you A/B test a bit more with placement/sizes/colors etc. Tweaking can really inch those numbers up and I think it’s the most overlooked area. Don’t forget about the competitor removal tool.

  • Hi Dinesh, Awesome Statistics…
    I just wanted to know that I’m not seeing any google ads on this blog.
    I’m a first time visitor and this is my first comment on your blog… 🙂
    How many blogs do you own?

    • Hi Avi Singh,
      Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog.
      Yes, I have not started to monetize this blog yet.

      I have another tech blog called, which made this money.

      Keep visiting

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