Monthly Blog Income Report – February 2011 $$$, Not Bad!

Days are flying, another month has end and its the time to share blog income report with my readers. February was not bad in terms of traffic and earnings. It was a eventful month for me in blogging, here are are some major events;

1) Crossed average 10,000 pageviews daily

2) Moved my Tech blog ( to Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) server which is costing 40$ per month. Earlier shared hosted coasted me 6$ per month. 🙁

3) I got my first offline customer to create website with Hostgator, so I made some money.

4) Joined Amazon Associate program and made some money too.

5) My Free Service website is in final stage, it will be up this month.



OK, my February 2011  blog income (exclude offline website creation project) was 875 US dollars, which was with 30% growth rate compare to January $668 dollars. As I decided on November 2010, I’m targeting to cross 1000$ monthly income by March 2011 end.


Here is the break down.


Google Adsense –                  541.44

Infolinks                –                   79.90

Contextweb CPM –                100.70

Technorati CPM –                     73.48

Google Affiliate Network –     32.50

Amazon Associate –                  47.35

Total –                                       875.37


Things I wanted to Share


You can clearly see that revenue from ad networks stared to grow up compare to January,I’m sure this will be the same case for you too. Companies may start spending money on advertising in coming months.

Google Adsense and Contextweb CPM earnings (Fill rate) increased well compare to last month.

At the beginning of every month there will be slight drop in your ad revenue, do not worry. That’s the normal scene most of the time.


Infolinks Payment

I received my first infolinks payment ($415) via bank wire transfer. Earlier I lost two payments (around $140) via PayPal and Payoneer debit card which couldn’t be recovered. So, I changed the payment method to Bank wire transfer with $25 deduction, because I don’t have PayPal account to receive.

So, $415 is a big money!!! 🙂


Technorati CPM

This network stared very poorly in March 2011. Technorati is my backup ad tag for Contextweb CPM. Technorati’s eCPM is unbelievable and very worst this time.I will keep this for another one week, then decide. Probably, I will go for another CPM network which can be better  backup ad tag for Contextweb.



None of the slots have been sold yet.I have contacted their support team and they suggested to increase the price (because I priced very low for my pageviews). Anyhow, I have increased the price to meet their standard CPM rate for technology blogs category. I will wait till this month end, of nothing works, then remove from my site, at least to increase the page speed by reducing DNS look ups.


Amazon Associate


I registered with this program long time ago, but  never used. Now I realized how fool I was by not using this program. I made $47.35 within 7 days without adding any banners or ads. Its just by inserting affiliate links on related products in most popular articles in my blog.

I highly recommend to join Amazon Associate if your blog niche is having related products in Amazon and your audience can receive items by Amazon shipping.

I have added one banner to my blog since this program seems to be working well for me. I will monitor the performance and update you about making money from Amazon Associate program.


Free Service ( Coming Up!)

Its having bunch of free blog services including wordpress blog installation, keyword/niche selection, blog auditing, SEO tips and suggestion…more and more, with these all, I will work with you closely for THREE MONTHS FOR FREE to create a better blog which can generate good traffic and money.

Its completely free with a small catch. You have to register your new domain at Hostgator with DBMDISCOUNT ( start with 0.01$ first month) or GIVE25DISCOUNT (to get 25% discount) coupons.

If you think I’m capable of doing this, register your self for this free service.  Send me an email, I will contact you personally.

How about your earning in February 2011?

Good luck every one!

    • Suraj, sorry for late response.
      Thanks for your comment. I checked your blog home page and several blog posts.

      I think your posts are targeting your regular visitors only. I’m not sure whats the percentage of search engine traffic you get daily, but you have to increase the organic traffic.
      Since your blog is having PPC ads (adsense and infolinks), I’m sorry to say that your regular readers will not click them.

      Try to write some how to’s, fixing problems, step by step guides instead of reviews and news.
      I think you have good experience in blogging already, so you will not mistake me by these ideas.
      Open Air pallet with wrapped by post content works well in adsense.

      Try them. Good luck.

    • Fabrizio, sorry for the late response.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      Earning from blogging as a part time blogger is cool and like a bonus to current full time job. 🙂
      Good luck

  • i am working on amazon and not even having a single sale dude .. please can you just help me out with which post you have included the Amazon Associate affiliate links to your article ?? please help me with at least of top two article post that help you to earn with amazon .. thanks a lot ..

    • Hi Priyanka,
      This is the top post,
      and I have Snow Leopard DVD link to Amazon product, and where ever I mentioned about Snow Leopard DVD in other posts too.

      What I have noticed is, people clicking on Amazon banners and widgets do not buy products most of the time. But, the people click normal links in posts bringing the sales.
      Other good thing in Amazon is, they will convert the sales to other products too. for example, I sent them for SL DVD to Amazon, but they buy computer, download mp3 and other items which are not connected to my blog and topic at all. But, still I get the commission for the sale 😉

      Therefor, I prefer to integrate Amazon product links instead of banners and widgets. Its just my thought.
      Good luck

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