Monthly Blog Income Report – January 2011 – $$$ Dollars

Time to publish one more monthly blog income report. I keep publishing for my readers and new bloggers who can get some ideas and encouragement. January 2011 earning was not very much impressive compare to last month December 2010. All advertisers spent their budgeted money with Christmas and year end promotions, so most of the bloggers had  great earning in December.

Daily-Income_12 (Pic Soure – Don’t believe these types of screen shots)

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Why January earnings are less

Though, I decided to not publishing exact figures from this month, but I changed my mind to continue with exact figures for some more time. I’m sure it will encourage you.

Few major changes done in my tech blog

1) Switched to Genesis theme

2) Got approval from BuySellAds

3) Sysprobs is a multi author blog now, I welcome you to write with me. (we can work together to make extra income from Sysprobs)

The total earning of January 2011 is 668 US Dollars, with 31% drop from last December income 974 dollars. This is my ever first drop in earnings. Its OK, I console my self by traffic increase for same blog :). Its just a beginning of new year, so things will come back to normal by end of February and advertisers will start promotions and campaigns very soon.

Here is the break down.

Google Adsense –                 429.88

Infolinks                –              78.48

Contextweb CPM –               69.39

Technorati CPM –                 72.78

Google Affiliate Network –     17.50

Total –                                   668.03

Things I wanted to Share

Google Adsense

Earning dropped by 200$ due to less paying ads. Also, I have moved one of ad slot slightly down to give importance to Buysellads ad slot.

I’m hoping to have good income in February.

Contextweb CPM

Its a totally disappointed month for me with Contextweb CPM. Also their ad slot gone little down in my blog, so it might have effected the fill rate.

I will be keeping them for some more time with few tweaks to increase the fill rate.

Technorati CPM and Infolinks

Not bad, Infolinks earnings slightly increased.Technorati CPM eCPM dropped little.

Google Affiliate Network

Without any campaign, I made two sales. 🙂

New Money Making Programs


Joined in January 2011. Check this post about how to get approval from BuySellAds. I have priced fairly after checked similar websites with same traffic. Unfortunately, No sales so far. Anyhow, I will be keeping it till February end.

Vibrent Media

Filled out their form to join this In-Text ad network for experiment purpose by replacing Infolinks. But, they have never come back to me. Poor network.

New Service at DailyBlogMoney

Do you believe that I can help you in blogging and make money online? then, there is a service coming up here. Its completely FREE with small catch 😉

Subscribe and stay tuned with me.

What Do You Say?

I need your comments, feedbacks and suggestion for this month. We can share our thoughts and experience to help other bloggers to make good income.

How was your earning in January 2011 compare to December 2010? Did you face the similar situation?

  • Hi Dinesh,

    So just out of curiosity, do you use backlinking strategies for the ?

    Or did you receive a PR-2 just my writing, writing …. and writing 😉



    • Hi Gayan,
      No backlink strategies for All by ‘writing writing’ method 😉

      You know what, when other bloggers point back to one of our article in his/her blog post, it makes ‘more happy’ than leaving comments in other blogs.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. If you need any help, shoot me an email.

  • Hi Dinesh!

    When i first saw the screenshot i was really shocked. After reading the post i got to know about that. Many of them have earned some great income in december due to purchases in Christmas and new year season, especially affiliate marketers. But now their income might be low.

    Any how keep going with your blog. ALL THE BEST!!!

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