Monthly Blog Income Report – March 2011 $$$ – Yeah I Did It

March was the well expected month for me, first time I set the 4 figures monthly income target and finally achieved it. Yes, I decided to earn my first $1000 and successfully did it.

I always like a sentence in blogging which is ‘Treat your blog like a business’, really it works for me. I have some forecasts, budgets, time managements, planning, Business (Blog) Continuity Plan and backup plans for my blogs. I’m sure this will work well if you streamline your blogs in this ‘Business Model’, always plan for long term.

When I look back the status exactly one year ago (March 2010), I feel happy and wonder about the growth of my blog and earnings. March 2010 was the month I started blogging seriously and I’m still a part time blogger.

Last year (I think February or March 2010) one of my friend asked ‘How much money you are making from this website?’ I answered ‘Around $30’ , he looked at me something differently and asked again ‘ Only this much?’, I answered ‘ Yes, only this much, but I will make more money later’.

Monthly Blog Income Report - March 2011

I did not have any plans to increase my earnings at that time, except producing valuable content and increase the traffic. Google Adsense was the only money making program I had that time.

Just remember, the more traffic you get the more money you earn.

I keep publishing my monthly earning reports and how I did it for motivate and encourage you in blogging. Though, I’m not a full time or pro blogger, but still my words will influence your blogging by knowing how a part time blogger can make some bucks from website mostly by displaying ads.

Feel boring ah..?

OK, here is the break down.

Google Adsense –                  589.78

Infolinks                –                    87.44

Contextweb CPM –                198.66

Technorati CPM –                    16.37

Google Affiliate Network –    25.00

Amazon Associate –                 59.83

Pixazza                      –                  25.26

Total                        –            1002.34


Things I wanted to Share


Google Adsense

This earning could have been better if I left it without doing some experiments. I did some A/B split testing, color changes, placement changes and even I pushed Adsense codes through Google’s DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP). It affected my adsense earning for around 10 days in mid of March 2011.

One day during the peak time (usually I get good clicks), my blog pages were not showing content or adsense ads because of the blunder I did. Next day I corrected it after one of my reader informed the issue. I checked it in Google Chrome only, but it was not working in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

So, whenever you do a major change, clear the cache in WordPress, your local browser and try in all three browsers.

Anyhow, I have learned few things with adsense and DFP, I will be sharing them here.


Contextweb CPM

I like this network very much. I have written more about Contextweb CPM under CPM Tips. Compare to last month ( $100.70) earning, this month $198.66 is great income with 97% increase.

After seeing the good fill rate, I have added one more slot to increase the earning and it worked well too.

Join Contextweb CPM now.


Amazon Associate

Little disappointed, because last month I earned $47.35 in 7 days, so I expected good income this time with full month, but it did not work how I expected. Anyhow, still it’s like a bonus income for me without adding big banners or writing recommended posts.



This is a new program I joined recently, it backed up and sponsored by Google. It shows Google Adsense ads on pictures in blog. I can tag each picture and select some of the products to sell too. Adsense will be shown in un-tagged pictures. Concept is good and worked little OK. I will keep them for some more time as long as it doesn’t affect my normal adsense earnings. I will share more information on Pixazza monetizing method here in this blog.

Monthly Blog Income Report - March 2011


At the end, I’m a happy part time blogger. Within a year my income went to $1000 from $30 with a great boost. Though its almost a 30% growth, but for the next year by March 2012, I’m targeting $ 3,000 with 3% growth. I can’t leave my full time job or spend more time to create more blogs, posts or do some promotions. So, to be in realistic side, my target should be achievable in next year.


How about your earning in March 2011? What are your targets and achievements?

Your comments always encourage me to share more, which can impact your blogging style and purpose, I guess.

Good luck friends.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    Cheers your success, I thing your success is put unique content into google SE everyday. Or you have lots of blog or website right now running from your hosting.

    May be i right !!

    Cheers again. and Love your blog

  • Thanks for reply me . How much your blog get visitor per day. I have a blog but can’t make money . Do i continue post my article or do i submit to good directories and seat back and watch the money comes into my account .

    What you recomend here .. Did your blog get listed in Yahoo or Demoz dir,

    Thanks if you provide me info .

    Cheers yaar
    Make lots of money in future . I prey

    • March 2011 traffic stats available here,
      I have not updated for April yet.

      No, my blog is not listed in yahoo or Dmoz directories.
      I don’t think getting listed by these directories will bring huge traffic. These directories will give good back links only.

      My suggestion is, if you have a blog, then always produce content which rarely available on internet. Write long and killer articles initially.
      If you have a niche website, then yes you can submit to directories and get some back links from authority sites. Now, you can sit back and watch the money.

      Good luck.

  • Good luck for you.
    I earn $300/month from Google Adsen.
    And I do not have any additional amounts.
    I’ll learn you to join more programs you are playing.
    Thanks !

  • Hello Dinesh! Well deserve for having an appropriate income for the month of March 2011, you really did a great job and well done! Keep going with this great success.

  • I am a year late here, but I’d really want to congratulate you. It took me 2 years to reach that level and the journey has been too good after that. Congrats once again 🙂

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