Monthly Blog Income Report – November 2010 – 746 Dollars

This is the total earnings from ( My tech blog) for November 2010.  The purpose of DailyBlogMoney blog is to share my experience, learning and monthly earnings to encourage and support my readers.

Before go to the breakdown of earnings, you can learn a really true fact about blogging from this November 2010. Here is the point,

“ Blogging can make money daily without your interaction, like Automated System”

Why I’m telling this? I’m writing this post from different country where I came for an emergency of family member. I couldn’t blog on DailyBlogmoneyMoney and Sysprobs for last 10 days in November, which is 1/3 month. I didn’t publish any new posts on both blogs, reply to comments and monitor traffic and earnings. But, all improved from last month report.

My October earning was $637 and now November is $746 with 17% growth rate which is great when I couldn’t concentrate on blogging last month. I’m just a part time blogger spend not much time on blogging.

OK here is the break down. I don’t have any direct ads on my blog.

Adsense                                               $ 392.05

Infolinks                                               $   70.58

ContextWeb ADSDAQ CPM                $ 210.48

Technorati CPM                                  $   65.68

Google Affiliate Network                   $     7.50

TOTAL                                                   $ 746.29

Let me give some more details about each program.

Google Adsense

Adsense earnings slightly dropped, in fact I expected more drop in November, but luckily it earned good amount at end of month.

I played around with adsense colors, sizes and locations in this month. After each attempt, I waited for few days for the result, unfortunately nothing worked well. I spoiled the earnings by wrong attempts.

Finally after settled with well working combinations, my daily earnings started to grow.

03-12-2010 10-59-48 AM


Not bad. Increased slightly without any modification. I sent an email to Infolinks support team to review my blog and current settings. They suggested something and I implemented them in this December. I will inform the result in December 2010 earnings.

Contextweb ADSDAQ CPM

I spent little time on this program after received their first check. Almost with similar traffic I managed to increase the earning by 90 Dollars. Its a good hike for a CPM network.

03-12-2010 11-04-41 AM

Read more here how ContextWeb ADSDAQ CPM works.

Technorati CPM

This is backup tags for Contextweb CPM. Somehow I’m not happy with this program. Their dashboard is useless, it doesn’t give any information except reporting. They usually pay after 60 days of earnings, So I’m eligible to receive my first payment now. If I don’t receive my first payment or get a proper response from them, then December will be the last month for Technorati CPM network. I will find out the alternative best CPM network,

Google Affiliate Network

The banner next to header made the first sale. Without any of my words and recommendation, one of visitor bought a product. This gave me the confident in affiliate product.

What is Next?

I can’t plan anything for December month, since it may take another one week to return to my normal life. The target for me after three months ( by end of March 2011) is earning US dollar 1000 from reliable ad networks only.

I don’t have idea to monetize this DailyBlogMoney blog currently till generate good traffic and readers.

Your Opinion and Thoughts?

OK, time for your opinion and thoughts about this earning as a part time blogger?

What do you get from this stats? You should get some motivation to continue the blogging. Definitely you will start gaining traffic and money one day, then your blog can be automated money making source.

Good Luck guys.

Keep visiting.

    • Praveen welcome to my blog.
      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, ADSDAQ is paying for me that much.
      I have three ad slots for them. They publish ads related to my blog based on my asked price.

  • Going good Dinesh.. We just signed up for ContextWeb (ADSDAQ) and are going to give it a shot with adsense as a backup for its slots. Nothing to lose, so why not give it a shot. Great job so far and I am sure you’ll be at 1k/month in no time at all!

    • Aaron,
      Thanks for your nice comment.
      Since my adsense CPM increases monthly, I don’t want to disturb it by putting as backup tag. Thats the reason.

      Good luck. Yes, I’m working on to cross 1K before my target date.

    • I started my first website three years ago, failed several times and learned lot. What I can say is, six months is enough to earn good income from a blog if you understand all and execute them well.

      I consider my self as a serious blogger from March 2010.

      Good luck mate.

    • Jagan,
      Google affiliate network works like other affiliate networks. Its easy for adsense users and integrated.
      Making money from Google Affiliate network is same as how to make money from other affiliate networks.
      Anyhow, stay tuned for more posts.

  • Hello dinesh nice article 🙂 keep it up^^^^^^ i also want to use infolinks for my blog but i m a bit concerned about its irrelevant results.

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