Monthly Blog Income Report – October 2010 – 637 Dollars

This is my first monthly blog money income report and may be this is the first post you will be reading at I’m publishing this amount I made from single blog called, to make you to believe me. 🙂

As I said in about page, this blog will be the my case study blog to make more money and get more traffic to your blog.

My September earning was 458 Dollars. October is $ 637, 179 Dollars increased in one month with 39% growth rate which is impressive. I’m just a part time blogger spend not much time on blogging.

This amount will be too little for pro bloggers, but still its worth of money and I can use for so many things. I will be positing and updating this blog how I earned this much and how I will be increasing in future.

OK here is the break down. I don’t have any affiliates and direct ads on my blog.

Adsense                                               $ 396.15 (Almost doubled in two months)

Infolinks                                               $ 56.60

ADSDAQ CPM                                      $ 120.93

Technorati CPM                                  $ 63.43 (Dropped from previous month)

TOTAL                                                   $ 637.11

Technorati earnings before auditing and finalizing. If you see ADSAQ CPM did well for me, yes, it’s a good CPM program. I will be publishing some articles how to use it and earn money from adsdaq.

I’m sure now you would think from how many page views I made this money. I will update the traffic report very soon.

What do you think about these earnings from a part time blogger? How much did you earn this October 2010?

35 thoughts on “Monthly Blog Income Report – October 2010 – 637 Dollars”

  1. Great income Dinesh 🙂
    Your new blog is really nice. But I liked more since I am master in Computer Science from BITS Pilani and I had interest in these areas only at that time. I started reading your blog from now 🙂

    • @Kimi,
      welcome and thanks for visiting my blog. You call your self ‘newbie’? I don’t think so. Your blog looks professional and useful.
      Keep visiting.

      Nice blogging.

  2. Congrats Dinesh.
    I visited your blog You’ve put a lot of hard work. Must say it’s a tech rich & useful blog. With a lot of buzz from Cloud Computing trend Virtualization & VMware are going to be the next big thing 🙂 I guess.
    Good Luck…

  3. Very impressive. I can see that you are also capturing leads from the visitors and with your amount of traffic I think you should a list of thousands.
    But you haven’t described about the money you made from your leads. I think if you utilise them properly you could easily making few thousands instead of hundreds.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      I started capturing them from this month only. I know I’m late.
      But, its growing fast 🙂

      Will use it properly in future. I will share my experience here.

    • Sanjeev,
      Thanks for your comment. I checked your blog, it reminds me the my first website (list all available jobs).

      First of all, define the purpose of your blog. It looks like a static website.
      I’m not sure how you are getting traffic. If you are getting search engine traffic for any specific top Indian jobs, then it will be fine.

      If you are thinking to make money, then place some ads above fold. I’m sure you will get good ads for job vacancies.

      Change your adbrite in-text ad color.

      Better do a keyword research and write something about jobs, interviews, resume…related to this.

      Create a two way communication blog, I mean better commenting area.
      Hope something will help you.

      Good luck

    • Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog.

      I clearly said ” Here is my October traffic report of which helped me to make 637 Dollars..

      May be you got wrong impression that I’m talking about this blog.
      Sorry for that.
      I don’t get anything by cheating others, just I’m trying to help and encourage other bloggers.

      Keep visiting.

  4. Thanks Dinesh. Can you Give a 25 Minutes Chat Session. Its will a biggest Gift From God to me. I have a lots of Questions about blogging.

    Please Tell me Time and Place Before 7-8 hours.

    Thanks Again.

    • nikitha

      Thanks for coming back.

      Yes, is managed by me and I’m the owner of it.
      The earnings, traffic stats and my blogging experience, all related to

      Keep visiting.

  5. Dinesh, this is truly impressive! You set a pretty good example for others throught your efforts and dedication

    Wish you luck for the future 🙂

    • Hi,
      What ever I have mentioned in my monthly report is a basic ad network list which should work for most of the bloggers.
      I suggest you to change your blog theme. Also, try to write something which will get global readers because currently you are targeting Indian users only.

      I do not see any ad networks on your blog except Infolinks. Making considerable money from Infolinks with your current traffic is very difficult.

  6. Hi,
    i am sekhar, i am also new to the google adsense,
    Give me some tricks to improve my blog & give me guidance to get $100 with in 2 months of time

    With what kind of google products we can earn money (Ex:Adsense for search,Adsense for feeds etc…)


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