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Monthly Blog Income Report – October 2010 – 637 Dollars

This is my first monthly blog money income report and may be this is the first post you will be reading at I’m publishing this amount I made from single blog called, to make you to believe me. 🙂

As I said in about page, this blog will be the my case study blog to make more money and get more traffic to your blog.

My September earning was 458 Dollars. October is $ 637, 179 Dollars increased in one month with 39% growth rate which is impressive. I’m just a part time blogger spend not much time on blogging.

This amount will be too little for pro bloggers, but still its worth of money and I can use for so many things. I will be positing and updating this blog how I earned this much and how I will be increasing in future.

OK here is the break down. I don’t have any affiliates and direct ads on my blog.

Adsense                                               $ 396.15 (Almost doubled in two months)

Infolinks                                               $ 56.60

ADSDAQ CPM                                      $ 120.93

Technorati CPM                                  $ 63.43 (Dropped from previous month)

TOTAL                                                   $ 637.11

Technorati earnings before auditing and finalizing. If you see ADSAQ CPM did well for me, yes, it’s a good CPM program. I will be publishing some articles how to use it and earn money from adsdaq.

I’m sure now you would think from how many page views I made this money. I will update the traffic report very soon.

What do you think about these earnings from a part time blogger? How much did you earn this October 2010?


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