My Achievements and Lessons in 2011, and 2012 Goals. Set Your Target Now!

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope still you are celebrating the new year πŸ™‚ and Best wishes for your new goals. In this post I will be sharing my blogging achievements and learned lessons in 2011, also my new goals in 2012. I’m not exaggerating or proclaiming anything, but this post could be a real example how blogging can work for a part time blogger.

2011 was an excellent month for me, I feel happy and proud by several achievements done as single person. It would have been much better if I concentrated further more in 2011.

I expect you to draft a blogging plan and goals for the new year 2012 with time line. You must treat your blog or website as a business. I did set up goals for 2011 back in 2010 and I managed to achieve 80% of them. That is the main reason for my below achievements.


2011 Achievements

1) Daily Pageviews Approx 7,500 to 20,000. (Tech Blog – Sysprobs)

Around 300% increase was a great achievement for me. When I reached 10,000PVs daily on March 2011 (Check my previous post), I said I’m targeting to double the figure by end of this year. I almost reached that target by October 2011. Though traffic slightly dropped from that point, still December 2011 is not bad for me.

page view

2) Money

Financially 2011 was a better year for me by blogging income. Believe me!, I did not borrow money from others this year, which I had to do every previous years to face some unexpected or extra expenses in my life. I had tough and pain full years before 2011 and that pain was the main reason to start and stay on blogging.

OK, I have not become rich or millionaire yet (One day I will be), but the blogging changed my life. Thanks to all money making programs especially Google adsense, Contextweb CPM, Google Affiliate network, Amazon Associate, Infolinks, Technorati media CPM and Pixazza (Luminate now)

I have made around $17,578 this year which is almost increased by 380% compared to 2010 ( I started seriously from March 2010 only).

Check my previous 2010 post regarding this.


Xmas 2011 @ Dubai


3) Technical Changes

I feel its worth to list out here. Two major changes happened,

a) Migrated both blogs completely to VPS from Shared Hosting.

b) Changed the both blogs to Genesis framework theme.

I did these two major changes at first time in my life and most importantly without any downtime or losing the traffic.


4) Escaped From Google Panda

From February 2011 everyone started to hear and feel the Google Panda affect- the major algorithm change from Google. Luckily my blogs are not affected by that. I’m really happy about it compared to other blogs which got effected. I have not done anything specifically to prevent this, but the current SEO, quality and unique articles helped me a lot.


Learned Lessons in 2011

Last year I published a guest post on ShoutMeLoud about the lessons learned in 2010. Here are the major lessons in 2011


1) Update the Blog Regularly

This is one of the reasons for the slight drop in traffic. After reaching a specific figure (money for traffic), I lost the interest on publishing new articles (how I was doing initially). I need to change that habit.

2) Write for future dates and schedule them

When I felt sick by Chickenpox, I experienced it. It’s always better to write and keep ready posts for coming week. Scheduling them in WordPress dashboard will be even better.

3) Still there are people to read your blog

No matter how many popular blogs available on the topic you are thinking to start, but still you can stand out the crowed and get some traffic.

4) Your Favorite money making program will not work always better in same range.

Be ready for some drops. I think it is better to depend on more than two money making programs as main income source.

5) Do not promise if you can’t keep.

I struggled this by giving promises and dead lines for few of my clients. Even I failed in my self blogging tasks too.

6) Niche blogging (or posts ) can make good money.

The posts I published with targeted affiliate products made good money with very less traffic, but the articles received good traffic did not convert well with PPC or CPM programs.

7) Limitations as Part time blogger

After a certain level, you can’t increase or make money from blogging if you are a part time blogger.

8.) Failed Guest Blogging

You will not get guest bloggers to your blog if you are not active on other blogs and forums.

9) Still few bad people out there

Still some people can get jealous, leave negative comments and send bad emails about your growth on blogging.

10) Do not start new blogs or websites if you really can’t.

I registered three new websites this year, but nothing is up yet. Its simply waste of money and time I spent on them.


My Blogging Goals in 2012

1) Triple the current blog income by end of 2012.

2) Triple the current traffic of tech blog Sysprobs by end of 2012.

3) Start ‘n’ number of niche blogs/website to monetize with Adsense and Amazon.

4) Concentrate on Affiliate business. Promote products by giving some kind of free services.

5) Be active of social networking sites and drive traffic from them.

6) Few technical changes in blog, like theme customizations, move to dedicated server (if required), implement proper CDN services, blog security and blog speed improvements.

7) Respond to emails and comments as soon as quickly. I’m extremely sorry for not responding to your emails and comments in 2011, I was bad at it. May be I will go for a mobile connectivity device which enables quick access to emails, comments and chat with my clients.

8.) Build a solid foundation to become a full time blogger/online entrepreneur.

9) Optimize and concentrate on email lists on both blogs.

10) Join Traibalfusin CPM network.


Thanks everyone to stay with me on 2011, I’m expecting your support and contribution on 2012 too.

Please share your lessons, 2012 goals and new plans. That would be interested to read and give some suggestions.

Happy New Year again πŸ™‚

  • Hi Denish,
    Wish you the best in the new year.
    I am following every step and tutorial you are sharing here and that’s great as my earnings have increased significantly. Specifically, I finally reached the milestone of $1000 in revenue and will aim at $2000 this year. Thanks a lot for sharing all your valuable lessons.
    Btw, do you mean tribalfusion on the 10th goal?

    • @Tuan,
      Best of luck for 2012 and each steps you take.
      Really nice to hear your $1000 achievement, $2000 could be possible very soon. I know you are a hard working blogger and improved your blog very well.

      Yes, I meant Tribalfusion, it was a typo mistake.

  • Hey Dinesh,

    Happy new year to you too mate! :D. All the best. Though I may not comment all the time but heck, I read all of your articles πŸ˜‰ …

    • @Ceejay,
      Thanks for reading my blog interestingly.
      Good luck for your new projects.
      Yes, I will publish Dec 2011 income report, may be by Saturday (busy with my kid’s birthday)

  • Nice to see you creating a genuine report and a very useful info of your valuable past. Its almost like ” Living the dream ”
    Liked your point –> ” I didn’t borrow money from anyone this year “

  • Happy new year and all the best for your goals. BTW would you consider writing an article on how much aging of domain name has helped you ? My traffic increased a bit but I don’t know what to expect just by domain aging.

    • @Zack,
      Thanks and All the best to you.
      Domain aging comes to picture when you consider about back links, PR, other ranks, Sand box..etc. I don’t think its having any direct connection to earning and traffic. I do not consider it mainly and I don’t think I’m benefited by domain aging.
      My domain just passed 2 and half year which is very less compared to your domain name, but I’m not sure whether you are getting any extra benefits by having an older domain, do you?

      The content, SEO and back links matter for a domain, not the domain age (in my personal experience).
      Let me know if you need further information.

  • Thanks for the sharing, keep up good work. Nice to see you creating a genuine report and a very useful info of your valuable past.

  • My god. Its really a great work. I love your style of writing & really you motivated me to start a part time blog. However i need to spend lots of time before starting. …

    Congrats & wish you a very happy new year.

      • Finally, with your advise…I have purchased a domain name & think to start for blogging. A few day I’ll take for selecting a simple wordpress theme & hosting. I also build a facebook page & twitter page with the same name of the domain.

        Yes twiends help a lot to gather followers for new. In the twitter some one has written that success rate of twitends 20%. It can be optimized to 70-80% by selecting setting (called modify options) in twiends..

        1)Allow those with the lowest drop rates
        2)Allow those who joined over 2 days ago

        Thats also. Bingo πŸ™‚

        You’ll get ton of followers in a months. However twitter has some limitation to follow & unfollow people.

        This is the link of my facebook page.

        This is the link of twitter page

        And of course my website is

        It is not ready till now,it’ll be ready within a period of 1/2 week.

        Any more suggestion for me…..


        • It is a great achievement.
          I checked your both social networking profiles, it was great.
          You could have done this after your blog is ready, so your followers would have read something on the blog.
          Anyhow, it is still great. Make sure you are utilizing your followers to generate traffic.

          Good luck.

          • Thanks for checking my fb/twitter acc.

            Yes you are right,I could have create those pages after gathering some traffic & writing some posts.

            I’m a new comer, so mistake happens. Experienced person like you & other people’s advice are most important for me. I’ll try to fulfill all loopholes.

            I also need to learn about seo, link building for my blog. I dont want to spend lots of money for these thing.

            Will start my blog soon. πŸ™‚

  • I think blogging do not make much money, it can pay your fee and something similar, but I changed my mind when I come here. Thanks for sharing the goal and good tips.

  • I have set my goals to make more than $1000 plus monthly from blogging this year. And i have set the steps i will be following…
    Please share more info with us.

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