My December 2011 Blog Income Report, I May Stop This in Future

December is always a well expected month for bloggers and webmasters in terms of traffic and money. Most of the advertisers will be spending more money on ads and there would be holiday sales offers online which will lead bloggers to make good money. In this post I’m sharing my December 2011 blog income.

Compared to last year 2010 December earning increase rate, it was less at this time. I expected good increase in Google adsense as how it performed on December 2010. But, it did not as expected. Anyhow, the money I made is still very worth. I made $ 2077.46 income on December 2011 which is almost 11% growth rate from previous month earning.

Remember, I’m just making this amount from only two blogs as a part time blogger. If you are serious and enthusiasm on full time blogging, definitely you can make good money on internet. The only thing is, you need to work harder patiently.


Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense –  990.68

Contextweb CPM – 398.40

Amazon Associate – 91.56

Vibrant Media – 268.65

BuySellAds – 186

Hostgator Affiliate – 50

Google Affiliate – 92.17

Total – 2077.46


Things I wanted to Share

I removed Luminate from my site, its no longer showing adsense ads on picture. I do not want to use other image applications from Luminate. So, instead of running their script on my site for no use, I removed Luminate script.

Google Adsense

Nothing so excited as last year December. Last year the hike in December 2010 adsense earning was a buzz among bloggers, because really they had good time including problogger Darren Rowse. But this time I don’t see similar news on internet. Few adsense sites which made good money on November 2011 earned less in December 2011 including Pat’s niche sites.


The adsense earning was slightly higher than November ($963) earning.

Contextweb CPM

It worked very well, I experienced good fill rate which helped to get ever top Contextweb monthly earning figure.

Like happed in 2011 beginning, the fill rate dropped dramatically in beginning on 2012. So, I removed the third ad slot from my site which will affect my January 2012 earning. But, I do not mind that.



Amazon Associate

Ordinary earnings, nothing affected by holiday shopping offers.

amazon earning


Vibrant Media In-Text ad

Slight drop from previous month. I expected good increase on December moth by expecting more spending on ads, but the earning was just normal.

vibrant media


Not bad, performing well. Even after increasing the sidebar ad price, the advertiser bought it with new price. This month report includes the two payments of (Dec 2011 and Jan 2012) main ad slot.


Google Affiliate

Happy with the performance without any promotions.

Google affeliate


Hostgator Affiliate

One sale for $50.


That’s the end of my December 2011 blog income report.


Why I’m Stopping?

Yes, I have decided to not to publish my earning figures in 2012. If you think, only my earning reports are encouraging and motivating you on blogging, I apologize for this decision. I have been publishing my monthly blog income reports for more than last one year. You can find the all reports under monthly report tag (click here)

The blog income growth I had in last one year is very good, realistic and achievable by anyone. You do not need to be an expert on anything, just try your best. Making mistakes will make you perfect. If I can make this much money from two blogs (mainly from one only) as a part time blogger in less than two years of serious work, then you can quickly make more money if you are a full time blogger– that’s the message I can give you for whole 2012 year as motivation message.




1) Nothing excited.

The last 4 to 6 months are not so excited to share with you. You would have bored by seeing the similar earning reports and leaving the same comment 🙂 . So, nothing to take from my reports as big lesson.

2) Personal Issues.

In current world no one say their full time salary figure, then why should I give the exact figures of my part time earning?. I do not mind to share with my fellow bloggers who do not have any relationship with me. But, I do not want my relatives, friends and office workers to know how much I’m earning from internet. This is to avoid current and future personal issues.

3) Potential risk on my blogs

By saying the amount I earn from my blogs may put them in risk of hackers or someone wants to spoil my income.

4) Negative comments, mails and impressions.

I thank everyone who leave valuable and great comments, but still some people talk bad about my income. I do not edit the screenshots to make bogus reports which do not return anything to me. That’s the reason I shared my November and this December earning reports with screen shots of all money making programs.


I may share my income report randomly in future when I feel its worth and safe to share with you, like achieving some targets or making good money from new programs or any issues with money making programs.

I wish you all the best in 2012 for blogging and personal life.

I will be updating my blog regularly to help you in blogging by providing useful information. So, as usual, stay with me and leave comments. Your comments encourage me well 🙂

What do you think?

  • yes ,hackers may seize your website and demand for money but again these are the most discussed posts so better try to share some of your reports in future..Thanks

    • As I said earlier, I will do it randomly or without exact figures in future. If you follow my blog, definitely you can understand where I’m heading in terms of money and traffic.

      Thanks for reading my blog.

    • But, I have not made except (0.88$) in a month from this network. Yes, they show ads on specific countries you mentioned and my blog is getting most of the hits from these places. But, the earning is very poor.

      • Actually your monthly earning reports are giving great inspiration to many bloggers. Before I used to work in some revenue sharing website and I was earning about $100 in two months. But when I look into your post I understand that this earnings are very low when considering my effort. So I decided to start a blog . If you have any suggestions for this young blog then I will be grateful.

        • @Nijin,
          I’m sure you are already an experience blogger – which I can see from your blog.

          You can adjust the main adsense ad block to middle place and change the font color to Blue. Track the performance for another two weeks. One more ad block in side bar also will be helpful.
          Also, make sure you are writing something new and what people are searching on internet which is missed by other blogs.

          Good luck

  • Hi Dinesh,

    What is your view on recent google page layout algorithm update and personalized search update , do you see change in your traffic pattern ?


    • @Javin Paul,
      That is a good question at the right time. I’m preparing an article about it and it will be published tomorrow (30-01-2012).
      Please come back and check my blog.

  • You’ve done enough of info sharing, all readers of your blog should be able to deduce future earning estimates anyway, thanks for sharing (and retaining the posts) in the past.

    All the best!

  • You should not stop displaying the report. It really inspires bloggers like us work with more effort. And i would like to congratulate you for the earning you have made.

    • @Michael Aulia,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I know you are also sharing it openly on your blog. I could understand what you would feel as a blogger on this issue.
      Good luck mate.

  • Dear Dinesh, yours is a great site.
    I would like to know how to make money through Google Affiliate Network?
    I have signed up but no idea how to use it on my Humor site.
    Thanks in advance.

    • @Ali,
      You need to find out the advertisers or products which will match your humor site. Then you have to request for the approval, few products are already open for all.
      Once you get the approval, then you can use their affiliate codes, banners and promotion materials. Sounds easy, but you have to go though few screens on Google affiliate dashboard for this.

  • Wow, those are excellent earning to be honest!

    I get a ton of clicks on a couple of adsense websites of mine but the CPC varies too much with good days and bad days. I guess its just the fault of my niche…

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