My Pixazza Review and Insert Pixazza Ad Code in to Genesis Child Theme

Pixazza is another way of monetizing your blog if you have pictures in it. Nowadays most the blogs have pictures in all articles, so why don’t you make extra money from it?. I have been using Pixazza for last few months and it influences my monthly blog income marginally. Here I’m sharing my experience and review of Pixazza and how to insert the ad code to genesis child theme.

You can make money from Pixazza in two ways,

1) Tag or mark a picture of your blog with available product in Pixazza selling area to sell. So, you make money by getting the commission of the sale.
For example, if you have a picture of complete set of computer, then you can tag the monitor, CD drive, keyboard and mouse. So, when a visitor moves the cursor top of the ‘monitor’ will see the pop up of product to buy (the product you selected (tagged) to sell).

Pixazza Review

2) By Google adsense ads on non-tagged pictures. By default Pixazza will serve Google adsense ads on all picture which you have not tagged to sell product as mentioned above. So, you earn money by adsense after Pixazza take their cut.


Is it Worth to Try?

It depends on your blog topic, traffic source countries and number of pictures in your blog. If you have a blog or website which is related to a niche that can sell things, yes then you can try this by tagging products in the pictures.

Also, make sure your main traffic source countries can get the shipping. For example, when my blog is having majority of traffic from South Asian countries, I can’t tag USA products to sell and wait for money. Because shipping can be difficult or not possible most of the time. In this case you can go with default adsense ads.

Therefore, the best way to make money with all websites is going with default adsense option.


How to Tag Pictures?

Once you add the Pixazza script to your blog,it will take some time to read and crawl the pictures from your blog. They follow some kind of system (may be by number of impressions) to give scores for each pictures.

Pixazza Review

You can select a picture and ‘Add Tags’ or ignore.

Add tags – to sell a product by this picture.

Ignore –  to not to tag or show adsense ads in this picture. Sometimes Pixazza will crawl your banner ads and show adsense ad on them. So, you can select these pictures and tell the system to ignore.

Leave without anything –  By default it will show adsense ads.


How About Earnings?

Earning is quite good compared to other money making programs. The CPC (Cost Per Click) is good, I get around 0.40$ to 0.60$ which is not bad at all.

I have reduced the number of adsense ads in my blog pages. For example, if there are 10 pictures in one article, I didn’t want to show ads on all 10 pictures because there are already 3 adsense blocks running. Even though using Adsense ad blocks with Pixazza is not against Google policies, but showing ads in all pictures will irritate my readers.

So, by showing 70% of ads, I get only few clicks on Pixazza adsense ads, I’m OK with current setup as long as I don’t lose my visitors by more clicks with less CPC.

I make around $100 monthly from Pixazza which allows me to pay my hosting and additional bills. Obviously, Pixazza earning is slightly connected to Google adsense ads also, because if your adsense revenue increased by high paying ads and good CPC, then Pixazza earnings also will increase because both are showing the same ad from same advertisers.



They have modified and improved the reporting system very well in past few months.

Insert Pixazza Ad Code in to Genesis Child Theme

The Problem:

You can’t run the report for particular dates  or months. Its only available or each month. I hope they will add this option very soon, otherwise you need a calculator to calculate your daily, weekly and monthly earnings 🙂 .



On time payment without any issues. PayPal and checks payment options are available. The minimum payment threshold is $10, so you do not need to wait till reach 100$ like adsense. Earlier they did not have option to change the payment threshold, so if you don’t have PayPal option to receive, then you should receive check for 10$ where your bank will charge for  deposit.

Now, Pixazza added threshold option which is a big relieve for all check payment users.

Payment cycle is 30 days, but most of the time they pay early. See my payment proof at last.

Insert Pixazza Ad Code in to Genesis Child Theme


The problem

You have no idea whether they have sent the payment or how much balance in your account or request the failed payment.
For these all, you have to contact their support team.


The Support

Pixazza support is like ‘community based support’, but you will find Pixazza employees answering your questions. Even you can contact them directly for any account and payment issues. Altogether the support is good and I’m happy with them.


Payment Proof

Luckily PayPal started supporting my current country to receive money. So, here are the last two payments I received without any issues or requests.

payment proofe


As a conclusion of Pixazza review, I must say its a good and different way of making money. Just remember, Pixazza is officially backed up by Google company, so do not worry about any violation or poor quality ads.

Here is the official conversation in adsense forum that one Google employee says about  showing adsense with Pixazza will not violate their policies.

Click here to read.

Since I’m running a tech blog where adsense CTR is already very less, so Pixazza also works similar with less CTR, but if you have different topic blog which gets good CTR, then go ahead and try Pixazza too. It will definitely make extra money for you.


How to Add Pixazza Code to Genesis Child Theme

Once you created an account and logged-in to dashboard, you will find a java scripts which should be added to your genesis child theme. This script should be available on all pages and posts in your blog for Pixazza to crawl pictures and show ads.


Make sure you have ‘simple hook’ plug-in installed in your genesis blog. Simple hook is a very important plug-in to any genesis wordpress theme to insert these type of codes to your theme files without modifying the original files. Since the plugin is from owner of this theme (Studiopress) you can download the plug-in here and install without worrying.

Once activated the plugin, go to ‘genesis_before’ Hook, insert the Pixazza ad code and save the settings. If you have a caching plugin, just clear the cache.



I’m sure this post would give some ideas on deciding about Pixazza after my review and working experience.

You can register for publishers account here.

If you have any experience with this product, please share your experience. It will be helpful for others and new bloggers.

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