My September 2012 Blog Income Report – Still Hanging Around

I just thought to publish my September 2012 blog income report with my readers. Since I stopped publishing my monthly income stats, I calculate every quarter earnings only. Unfortunately I do not see much increase in the earnings due to very limited blogging activities. But things are still going smoothly. The income is hanging around at same amount for last few months.

I have joined Viglink, a new money making program (for me) and worked with it during entire September month. The new program affected my other affiliate links and in-text Vibrant media ads too. Viglink was removed from October for several reasons. I need to see how things are working now, so I can assess the impact of this program.

I have made 2113.26 $ in September 2012 and definitely there was an increase from previous month earning. Almost more than 95% of income has come from my main tech blog Traffic fluctuation affected my earnings very much.

One thing I understand, in current internet circumstances, demand from readers, daily changes in topics and Google’s demands, you must be active on your blogs to get even the same amount of income monthly. You can’t be quiet on blogging and expecting same level of income for several months. Definitely Google and your readers will understand your blog’s behavior and traffic will stop automatically which directly influences the income.

OK, lets come to the break down of my September 2012 blog income 2113.26 $.



Google Adsense


Contextweb CPM


Amazon Associate


Vibrant Media


Affiliate Sales







Things I Want to Share


In my last post I have mentioned that August 2012 was the ever top Adsense earning month, but September had been better than that. $ 1415 income from Adsense is really cool. Still I’m thinking about my earlier days I used to check Adesense earning daily and felt happy even with 2$ per day. But things have changed now with the same blog, because of content and traffic.



This program scans your blog pages and link to affiliate products. You do not need to join any of the affiliate programs like ebay, amazon, apple ..etc. Viglink is already partnered with more than 200 affiliate programs. They will match your blog content with selling affiliate products. From the earning they take their cut and pay the balance.

August was good for me with Viglink, but not the September. It did not convert well in my opinion. For example, from 18300 clicks I made only 164$ which is 0.009 CPC, that was very bad.

viglink dashboard

Also, the bounce rate is increased,average time on site reduced and I could see earning drop in Vibrant media and my Amazon affiliate links. It is not worth to have $164 after losing this much, so I removed Viglink from my blog.


Other programs did not work well as I expected. Anyhow, I should be happy with anything above $2000 monthly total income.


Final Words

You should be continuously working on your blogs to increase the earning and even to keep the same level. In long term it is not easy or automated system to earn money from blogs, because blogs are are completely depending on new content and updates.

I like to know about your progress on earning and traffic status. It will be fun and useful to discuss about it here 🙂

  • I just recently started blogging and have earned $2.68 for last 30 days. total earning is $4 since I got the Google pin and installed the Adsense. Seems like long way to go for me!

    Can you tell me how many posts and websites it took you to make what you’re making today?
    Thanks you Dinesh for the insight.
    Following you all the way………..

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