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  • Nice Blog Bro:)
    I think all your visitors are growing bloggers .However i am still sticked with Blogger as its nice but still i dont dont earn a penny What You say??

    • Navneet,
      Whether you run a blog on blogger or separate domain, the content and traffic is the key to make money. There are people make good money by running blog in blogger.
      But, in long term you need a separate domain to have a unique name and full control on your blog. Also, you can’t join some of the money making programs with free blogger domains.
      Hostgator is great and cheap to start your separate domain with my discount coupon (GIVE25DISCOUNT)

      The stuff you write currently in your blog do not look good or attract visitors globally. Think your content globally.
      Good luck, feel free to contact me.

  • Hi Dinesh! If Hostgator is that much of good why don’t you host your blog on Hostgator. The only reason people are promoting Hostgator is because it gives you 50 dollar commission on each new sign up.
    What why you are referring it. There are lot of hosting providers whol charge less and provide better service to customers. Bad thing is they don’t offer commission. So no one promotes them.

    Same thing is happening with Thesis theme. Of course you use it. Bloggers use to say it is a killer theme. Actually some free themes are there which can beat Thesis. But bloggers use to write false review to earn commission.

    No ethics in the world are observed nowadays. For a few dollars we use to recommend any thing to users whether it is good or bad. I don’t like these type of marketing tricks.

    Hope you will delete my comment.

    • No, I’m not deleting your comment. This is blog where I have to expect these types of comment too.
      Thanks for your comment, in fact, you should have not commented with Anonymous name, I would not have minded.

      I’m hosting my blogs in VPS, I have chosen Knowhost for VPS after compared with Hostgator’s cost and server configurations. But, here I’m recommending for shared hosting with maximum discount.
      Yes, I get commission for each sign up, but you are wrong about other companies and commissions. Almost all hosting companies pay commission, there are some companies pay more than 50$ (like dreamhost 97$) for each sign ups. But, I don’t recommend it here because of for more commission.
      I used Hostgator shared hosting for me and some of my clients, I’m happy with it and its having plenty of good feedbacks around the world.

      I’m using Genesis, not Thesis. If you ask me which is better in these two, I can’t tell the answer because I never used Thesis. But, if you asked me which is better in Genesis or free themes?, ‘Genesis’ is my answer. There are some good features and advantages on going for a premium theme. I don’t say free themes are bad, bu I recommend Genesis. I made 1000$ monthly income with free theme only.

      Finally, there are plenty of products available on internet which I can promote in my this or tech blog, but I never wanted to do it, because ‘I never used it’. Every one wants to make money in this world, so as a bloggers we are not exceptional. But, we do not make money by just promoting any or crap products and disappear from internet.

      I’m not sure whether you are my regular visitor or new visitor, but you can always contact me directly for personal opinions.

  • Sorry Dinesh I thought comments are moderated before appoved. Hence I posted some content which is especially personal. But I think you set the setting comment approval for everybody.

    Or may be anonymous user name already commented on your blog and hence second comment may not need any approval.

    Sorry for public commenting.

  • I visited this blog late. If i could see this i would have brought one as my account will expire soon. Hope to see the offer soon. 🙁

  • You are right at this point Dinesh that the content i write on my blog i.e.,indianexamonline is not at all good but do u know that i m 17 yrs. old and i am studying my last year of school thats why i hardly a hour to blog.
    I am focussing more on my studies because this year i will be having my 12TH Board Exams .Thanks for taking a look on my site.

    Navneet Arora

  • Dinesh,
    I saw your comment on hostgator. I have domain with them. its really good.
    also I read your comment on genesis framework. thanks for your input as a real user.

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